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25 January 2019, Volume 21 Issue 1
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  • Problems Faced by Shipping Industry in Chaohu Basin in the Early Period of Nanjing National Government and Countermeasures
    TANG Chuan-bing
    2019, 21(1):  1-6.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.001
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    Chaohu Lake Basin has excellent shipping conditions, but it is also facing flood and drought disasters,frequent traffic accidents, suppression by foreign shipping companies, war damage and rampant banditry, and lowenthusiasm of shipping industry due to poor treatment of shipping workers. The government and enterprises have made some progress in the shipping industry in Chaohu Lake Basin by dredging rivers, cattle tugboats, introducing advanced power plants and pilotage technology, building lighthouses, providing interest -free loans, lowering transportation prices, strengthening ship management, cracking down on bandits on the water, establishing shipping trade unions, and improving the treatment of ship workers.
    Research on the Path of Industrial Transformation and Upgrading in Hefei under "the Belt and Road" Strategy
    CHEN Ji-lin, WANG Yun
    2019, 21(1):  7-14.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.002
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    The development strategy of "the Belt and Road" is of great significance to the transformation and upgrading of Hefei's industry. By comparing the relevant economic indicators of the four cities of Shanghai, Nanjing,Hangzhou and Hefei in the Yangtze River Delta region, this paper analyzes the present situation and main problems of Hefei's industrial transformation and upgrading: insufficient international cooperation, insufficient industrial input and small industrial scale. Then the paper explores the path of industrial transformation and upgrading in Hefei area under the "the Belt and Road" strategy: Hefei should strengthen international cooperation, especially cooperation with countries and regions along the "the Belt and Road" area; Hefei should increase industrial input; Hefei should enhance the scale of industrial development. Through the development of new industries, Hefei can realize the development of industrial agglomeration, optimize the allocation of resources, cultivate local feature industries,promote the docking of industries and establish an information-based intelligent city. It aims to promote Hefei's innovation management system, transform government functions, and better integrate into the development strategy
    of "the Belt and Road".
    The Succession and Relevance of Theory of Time Between Heidegger and Husserl——Based on Kant and the Problem of Metaphysics
    ZENG Yun
    2019, 21(1):  15-20.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.003
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    The purpose of Heidegger in Kant and the Problem of Metaphysics is affording a historical introduction of his fundamental-ontology through his interpretation of Kant by three stages. In the third stage, the Laying of the Ground for Metaphysics in Its Originality, Heidegger interprets Kant by the phenomenological way through succeeding and applying Husserl's phenomenological theory of time when he is founding the transcendental power of imagination as the basis and relating it to the finitude in human being. Compared to Husserl, it can be found that there are two points in this succession, the width of time and the division of time into three levels.The succession of these two points, especially the latter, is the basis and the key to Heidegger's phenomenological interpretation of Kant. 
    A Study on the Legal Transplantation Between Heterogeneous Legal Civilizations
    HAN Li-juan
    2019, 21(1):  21-26.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.004
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    Abstract:There is no denying that legal transplantation plays an important role in the law development of a country or a region. Through the study of the change of the concept of China's legal transplant and the comparison of Chinese and Western cultures, it is found in the process of legal transplant between heterogeneous legal civilizations, there are questions about what kind of legal transplant concept should be set up, how the legal transplant could integrate into the target culture, and how to conduct legal transplant against the background of legal globalization. Therefore, we need to improve the current concept of pragmatic legal transplantation, so as to better establish the direction of transplantation. When the law is transplanted, the subject consciousness and reference consciousness should be set up so that the law transplantation is merged with the culture. Under the trend of globalization, in order to protect the interests of the national community, the transplantation of informal system
    and the transplantation of formal system are carried out simultaneously, and the hegemony of great powers should be
    Transformation of Supervisory Evidence into Criminal Evidence under the State Supervisory System
    WANG Kang-hui
    2019, 21(1):  27-31+39.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.005
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    Abstract:Under the state supervision system, the conversion of supervision evidence to criminal evidence becomes the core content of the connection between the supervision procedure and the judicial procedure. Article 33 of the "Supervisory Law" regulates the use of evidence from three aspects: the transfer of evidence, the standard of evidence, and the exclusion of illegal evidence. But it is still insufficient. In the investigation activities, different levels of evidence standards are adopted according to the dual system of job violations and duty crimes. In addition,the supervision evidence is transferred to criminal proceedings using a differentiation model that follows physical evidence and verbal evidence. Physical evidence can be transferred directly, and verbal evidence needs to be strictly restricted. Finally, under the supervision law, it is necessary to refine the rules for the exclusion of illegal evidence and strengthen the legality review of the evidence by the procuratorial and judicial organs.
    Research on the Evaluation of Regional Innovation Capability and Spatial Distribution in Anhui Province
    WANG Cheng-jun, WANG Yong-hui, Hu Deng-feng
    2019, 21(1):  32-39.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.006
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    The comprehensive evaluation of regional innovation capacity and its spatial distribution balance play an extremely important role in achieving sustained and healthy regional economic development. On the basis of constructing the evaluation system of relevant regional innovation capabilities, this paper uses the factor analysis model to measure the innovation capacity of 16 cities in Anhui Province from 2010 to 2016. At the same time, through the cluster analysis and spatial distribution map of regional innovation capabilities, it analyzes the unbalanced spatial distribution of regional innovation capacity in cities of Anhui Province. Furthermore, it offers the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions in response to the specific problems in order to provide value guidance and theoretical reference for the continued promotion of regional innovation in Anhui Province.
    Research on Factors Influencing the Collaborative Innovation Performance of Electronic Information Industry in Anhui Province
    SUN Xiao-jian, SONG Hua
    2019, 21(1):  40-45+66.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.007
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    Abstract:Collaborative innovation of Anhui electronic information industry is an important force for its leapfrog development. Based on the practical basis of collaborative innovation performance of Anhui electronic information industry, this paper constructs a regression model to empirically test the factors that affect the collaborative innovation performance of Anhui electronic information industry. The test results show that when many factors work together, the factors that have more significant impact on collaborative innovation performance are production factors, demand factors, supporting industries and competition factors, while the government and related industry factors fail to pass the significance test. Finally, it makes corresponding suggestions on how to improve the collaborative innovation performance of Anhui electronic information industry.
    Study on the Influencing Factors of Hai Luo Group's Going-Out Strategy
    WEI Yu-fang
    2019, 21(1):  46-52.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.008
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    Abstract: Under the guidance of "the Belt and Road", Hai Luo Group has become one of the first "goingout" enterprises in Anhui province. Its business expansion in Southeast Asia and Russia has achieved good results,which has certain enlightenment for the follow-up "going -out" of Anhui enterprises. This paper analyses the influencing factors of the success of Hai Luo Group's "going -out" strategy in many aspects, and empirically analyses the main influencing factors of Hai Luo Group's "going -out" strategy by using principal component analysis and multiple linear regression model. The results show that Hai Luo group's choice of "going-out" to Southeast Asia and Russia is the result of many factors such as national policies, own factors, target market factors and natural factors. The "the Belt and Road" policy is the biggest driving force, and the target market factor is factor considered the most in the process of strategic choice, and its own factors also have a certain degree of influence. On this basis, the enlightenment to other enterprises in Anhui Province is summarized.
    Research on Innovative Talent Management Based on "Lazy Ant Effect"
    WANG Le-le, SI Jiao
    2019, 21(1):  53-58.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.009
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    Innovative talents are the core competitiveness of enterprise development, and enterprises compete fortalents. However, the management of innovative talents still has numerous problems. Although some scholars continue to study the management of innovative talents, most of them focus on a particular enterprise or region. They use a broad management theory to study the problems existing in the enterprise or region. The research results are not universal. There is still insufficient understanding of the management status and countermeasures in a broad sense. This study focuses on the "lazy ant effect" and uses this effect as a theoretical basis to label innovative talents. Firstly, it puts forward the concept of "lazy ant effect" and innovative talents, and then analyzes the importance of innovative talent management. Based on this effect, three main problems are summarized and the corresponding countermeasures are put forward.
    Study on the Construction of Pastoral Complex Based on the Rural Revitalization Strategy—Taking Anhui Provincial Pilot Project as an Example
    FANG Kai-feng, ZHOU Yi-min, ZHANG Cheng-tang
    2019, 21(1):  59-66.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.010
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    The construction of rural complex is the carrier of implementing the strategy of rural revitalization. The strategy of rural revitalization should create an upgraded version of beautiful countryside and provide policy guidance and theoretical support for the construction of rural complex. This paper is devoted to the study of policy guidance and strategic objectives of rural revitalization strategy, as well as the design dimension and construction path of rural complex construction. Through comparison and demonstration, it is concluded that there are many points of convergence between the two, and the theoretical guidance and path exploration are effectively docked. Based on the investigation of the Lantian Taoyuan Pastoral Complex Project of Shexian County, a pilot project of rural complex construction in Anhui Province in 2018, the paper aims to study the policy guidance and strategic objectives of rural revitalization strategy. This paper studies the present situation, methods, paths and effect prospects of the basic elements of the construction of pastoral complex, and studies the bottlenecks of the development of the construction of the current pastoral complex. It also explores the root causes from the three elements of human, money and land, and puts forward the solutions of land resources improvement, fund integration and efficiency improvement, and personnel quality upgrading. It hopes to provide reference for relevant research.
    A Comparison of Writing Styles Between Shen Congwen and Wang Zengqi
    DONG Ting-ting
    2019, 21(1):  67-72+89.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.011
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    Shen Congwen and Wang Zengqi are both obsessed with stories of country love. The reason why their names are mentioned at the same time in the history of modern and contemporary Chinese literature is not only that the two have the teacher-student relationship and have similar creative aims, but also that their works are different from each other in theme selection, characterization and lyrical style, showing different creative styles and both have achieved brilliant achievements. The paper will discuss from three aspects: theme selection, character description and expression mode. Studying these similarities and differences is due to the vitality contained in their writing style, which still has the function of attracting and enlightening today's readers and authors, and is of academic significance.
    On the Bidirectional Influence Between Native Literati and Expatriate Literati of Jiangdong Regions in the Southern Dynasties
    YANG Jian
    2019, 21(1):  73-77.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.012
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    There was a two-way relationship between native literati and expatriate literati of Jiangdong regions in the Southern Dynasties. The creation of native literati had an important influence on expatriate literati whose successful creation was actively imitated and absorbed by native literati at the same time. In the process of literary interaction, there was a multidimensional and two-way collision and fusion that jointly promoted the development of literature of the Southern Dynasties.
    Analysis and Research on Furniture "Imitation" and "Flat" Design Mode
    LI Dan, TIAN Hang
    2019, 21(1):  78-83.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.013
    Abstract ( 1106 )   PDF (2914KB) ( 596 )   Save
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    This paper tries to explore the logic of the connotation between the imitative behavior and flat appeal in the field of art and design in human society, and analyzes the changing trend of the relationship among people, ethnic groups and society. This paper divides human artistic design related behaviors into creative behaviors and popularizing behaviors, that is, imitation and flatness. Taking representative furniture design works as an example, this paper analyzes and summarizes the internal imitation behavior, and then extends to the theoretical description of the external interaction between imitation and flatness.
    Analysis on Believers of Wang Wang Deity in Huizhou — With Eulogy Recorded by Xin'an Wang Clan Genealogy Compiled inTongzhi Period as Research Object
    GUO Ji-hong
    2019, 21(1):  84-89.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.014
    Abstract ( 1158 )   PDF (1153KB) ( 888 )   Save
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    Wang Wang Deity's name was Wanghua. He protected the lives of the Huizhou people in the late Sui Dynasty. He surrendered to the Tang Dynasty after the establishment of the Tang Dynasty. After he died, He became a God to be praised by many people. Wanghua was also praised by his descendants for protection of family members; Huizhou officials also worshipped Wanghua because they needed political progress. The Huizhou ordinary people worshipped Wanghua for survival and hope. As the faithful followers of Wang Wang Deity, Huizhou officials and people wrote eulogies to pray for the protection of Wang Wang Deity when they were unable to solve their respective hardships and disasters. These eulogies inscribed in the genealogy are direct records of special events in special periods, reflecting Huizhou people's recognition and respect for Wang Wang Deity.
    A Probe into Anhui Rural Families in the Middle of Qing Dynasty from the View of Jiaqing Period Criminal Records
    HOU Jun-jie
    2019, 21(1):  90-99.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.015
    Abstract ( 1290 )   PDF (1296KB) ( 750 )   Save
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    The 83 cases of Anhui province's criminal records compiled by the “Qing Jiaqing Period's Criminal Records Collection of Social Historical Materials”record the family, marriage, members, professional livelihood and other information confessed by both parties. Through in-depth interpretation of these records, information can be found about Anhui families in the middle of the Qing dynasty: usually an ordinary family had 5-7 members, composed of parents, husband and wife and 1-2 children; if there was no children, they would adopt children from the clan or elsewhere to continue their blood; some widows would remarry for livelihood needs; for the men, no marriage or late marriage occurred from time to time; there were cases of late childbirth and even no child after a couple爷s marriage; people's livelihood was still mainly farming, and they also engaged in various ways of livelihood such as industry and commerce.
    Construction and Management of Dangtu Official Dike in the Late Qing Dynasty under the Influence of Floods—Taking "Dangyi Official Dike Maintenance Record" as an Example
    ZHU Chuan-wei
    2019, 21(1):  100-104.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.016
    Abstract ( 974 )   PDF (1244KB) ( 709 )   Save
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    In order to improve the flood-fighting ability of Dangtu official dyke, a set of its own construction mode was gradually formed, such as preparing materials in advance, dividing the work by sections and by task, following the rules and treating specific problems differently. The management and maintenance of official dykes not only used manpower, but also gave full play to biological forces, so that dikes could maintain a solid state for a long time to resist the impact of floods. It was the government's active leadership, the people's serious participation and the application of scientific methods that made the dike maintenance successful. The maintenance of the official dykes not only had an impact on that period, but also had a positive effect on later generations.
    Rural Land Reform in Northern Anhui from the View of Northern Anhui Daily
    DU Xian
    2019, 21(1):  105-110.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.017
    Abstract ( 998 )   PDF (1248KB) ( 675 )   Save
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    Rural Land Reform in Northern Anhui is a farmer's turn-over movement. With the gradual development of anti-banditry and anti-bully, rent reduction, production and disaster relief in this area, the land reform in the Northern Anhui Province can be divided into three stages: the typical experiment, the partial development, and the overall development according to the local conditions. After the reform of land, the rural area of Northern Anhui Province has realized the transformation of rural relations of production, consolidated the rural grass-roots regime, and improved the cultural life of rural areas.
    Carnival Perspective: Wedding Crying Custom and Wedding Crying Performance of Tujia Ethnic Group in Western Hubei
    WANG Xiao-yu
    2019, 21(1):  111-115.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.018
    Abstract ( 827 )   PDF (1228KB) ( 1173 )   Save
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    Crying for marriage, as one of Tujia folk customs, bears two kinds of substantial emotions: one is the grief of Tujia girls leaving home as adults, and the other is the carnival celebration triggered as part of the process of celebrating customs. This kind of revelry is often not expressed in the custom of crying for marriage, which is expressed through the spiritual resonance and unconscious participation of family groups. It is extremely difficult to find a traditional crying wedding. Crying wedding is more a folk performance to attract tourists to scenic spots. This article takes the wedding crying custom of Tujia people in western Hubei and the crying performance as the research objects, and compares their revelry characteristics in emotional sources, performance means and participation status, so as to further understand the complex emotions contained in the wedding crying of Tujia people in western Hubei.
    Hu Shih's Cultural Self-Confidence—A Study Based on His Practice of "Telling China to the World"
    LUO Ling
    2019, 21(1):  116-120.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.019
    Abstract ( 1167 )   PDF (1235KB) ( 774 )   Save
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    Hu Shih was once labeled as a national culture nihilist. But through the study of his practice of "telling China to the world", his confidence in Chinese culture can be verified. With million-word works in English, Hu introduced and defended Chinese traditional culture and its status in quo for the purpose of eliminating westerners' discrimination and prejudice against it, gaining deserved respect and better understanding from the world. The practice itself, his approval of the traditional and contemporary culture, his awareness of the progress of the culture, his faith in its bright future, his open-mindedness and selective acceptance of alien cultures are all embodiment of his cultural self-confidence.
    A Cognitive Approach to the Translation of Culture-Loaded Word "Taige"
    YANG Xiao-li
    2019, 21(1):  121-125.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.020
    Abstract ( 996 )   PDF (1184KB) ( 723 )   Save
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    "Taige" is a traditional folklore performance that combines painting, opera, acrobatics, and other arts. It contains rich traditional folk art and folk culture. It is regrettable that there is no unified English translation for the word at present. Within the framework of cognitive linguistics, the paper analyses and compares the "form" and "meaning" of translations of "Taige" in tourism promotion web pages of Anhui province in 2017—2018. It also puts forward some corresponding translation suggestions to inspire translators to comprehensively consider cognitive factors in the translation of cultural-loaded words, so as to better disseminate Chinese culture.
    News Translation Study from the Perspective of Prototype-Model Translation Theory
    ZHAO Lian-bin
    2019, 21(1):  126-129.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.021
    Abstract ( 1232 )   PDF (1232KB) ( 730 )   Save
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    The thesis aims to introduce the thought from the Prototype-Model Translation Theory-Reader-Centered theory into news translation study, which could fill the current theory blank in this area. News translation is also called global translation, whose readers are foreigners. The aim of global translation is to make the positive image of China known by the foreigners. So, news translator should both be faithful to the source-text, and be careful about the words and expressions used in the source-text. In the process of news translation, the translator should try his best to avoid using the words which could be misunderstood by the foreigners. The translator should always use the target-language and the translating strategies properly to ensure the foreigners' correct comprehension of the targettext and make the foreigners objectively accept the positive information from the source-text.
    The Construction of Emotional Elements in the Movie "The Parent Trap" from the Perspective of Violating the Cooperative Principle
    CHEN Miao-miao
    2019, 21(1):  130-133.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.022
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    What pragmatics explores is the rules of language application in different communication environments. On the basis of the cooperative principle of pragmatics, this paper analyzes the deep meaning of the relevant touching corpus in the English film “The Parent Trap” in violation of the cooperative principle, in order to explore the relationship between the use of language and emotion. With an in-depth analysis of the construction art of emotional elements in the film, it deeply analyzes the emotional meaning in the film context and accurately interpret the spirit conveyed by the film.

    Research on the Theoretical Characteristics and Construction Path of College Curriculum Ideological and Political Education
    GAO Lei-lei ZENG Dan-dan
    2019, 21(1):  134-138.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.023
    Abstract ( 1403 )   PDF (1301KB) ( 639 )   Save
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    The formulation of the curriculum ideological and political is not only the theoretical requirement of classroom teaching, but also the practical requirements of Chinese higher education in the new era. It is the product of the combination of theory and practice. The curriculum ideological policy itself contains the dual developmental characteristics of the dual developmental dimension of the theoretical innovation and the practice orientation, the dual teaching characteristics of the combination of explicit and implicit education, the universality of education and the specificity of the discipline, which constitute. the inner theoretical characteristics of the curriculum ideological and political. The logical necessity of the development of China's higher education and the actual needs of the reform of the ideological and political theory course constitute the realistic basis of the curriculum ideological and political. For construction and development of the curriculum ideological and political, adhering to the guidance of Marxism is the premise; building a professional teaching team is the key; using classroom teaching is the main channel, and adhering to the new development concept is the driving force.
    Research on Influencing Factors of Practical Teaching Effect for Economics and Management Major Based on Path Analysis
    YU Lei, ZHU Li-long, LUO Fa-hai
    2019, 21(1):  139-144.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.024
    Abstract ( 1024 )   PDF (1301KB) ( 685 )   Save
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    Practical teaching in Economics and Management major is the key to improve students' professional practice ability, so it is necessary to examine the influencing factors of practical teaching effect. In this paper, the path analysis method is used to investigate the direct and indirect effects of four variables, namely, the level of teachers' organization and management, the level of students' input, the level of cooperation between teachers and students, and the level of environmental protection, on the effectiveness of training. The results show that the effective organization and management of instructors play a major role in the level of students' involvement; the level of students' involvement and the level of cooperation between teachers and students have a greater impact on the effectiveness of training, and the effective coordination of a variety of influencing factors can help improve the effectiveness of training.
    Research and Practice of Teaching Model Reform Based on the Perspective of Education Return
    MU Lan , ZHANG Qian
    2019, 21(1):  145-152.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.025
    Abstract ( 1155 )   PDF (1889KB) ( 693 )   Save
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    According to previous studies and practical summary, there are serious problems in undergraduate education, such as exam-oriented education, single teaching method, teaching content emphasizing theory over practice, and too traditional assessment methods. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to explore and realize the return of education. Based on the analysis of the concept of educational return, Massive Open Online Course and Flipped Classroom, this paper attempts to design a Flipped Classroom teaching model against the background of Massive Open Online Course, focusing on the integration of teacher-led and student-centered classroom, and tests the effectiveness of this method in practical teaching. The practice results show that the teaching model of Massive Open Online Course and Flipped Classroom is helpful in promoting the return of education. At the end of the paper, some reasonable suggestions are put forward to further explore the way to realize the return of education.
    An Analysis of Entry Path of the "Three-Aspect All-Round Education" in University Subsidy Work
    CHEN Si LI Ben-xiang
    2019, 21(1):  153-158.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.026
    Abstract ( 1007 )   PDF (1375KB) ( 598 )   Save
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    Aiding and educating students is the fundamental purpose of college students subsidy work and an important part of the precise poverty alleviation work of education. Xi Jinping pointed out that the ideological and political work should run through the whole process of education and teaching, and realize the all-round education. Constructing the pattern of "Three-aspect All-round Education" is an innovative mode of talent cultivation in colleges and universities. It also provides new ideas and opportunities for the construction of a new system of subsidized education in colleges and universities. Colleges and universities must thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, clarify the great significance of studentaided education in the new era, innovate the ways and methods of student-aided education, actively explore the new ways of "Three-aspect All-round Education", and effectively improve the work of student-aided education. With better pertinence and effectiveness, we could further strengthen the joint force of funding and educating students.
    Frontier Thinking on the Inheritance Path of Native Quyi in Anhui Province
    GAO Xiang
    2019, 21(1):  159-164.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.01.027
    Abstract ( 1149 )   PDF (1370KB) ( 744 )   Save
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    Quyi is the most characteristic folk performing art of the Chinese nation. It tells stories, portrays characters, expresses thoughts and feelings, and reflects social life with. It is deeply rooted in the masses and tells Chinese stories in Chinese ways. Since ancient times, it has played a very important role in people's cultural life. The exploration of the inheritance path of Quyi need to be examined from a more rational perspective. Anhui's local Quyi is rich in varieties, and its development history and inheritance present situation are typical. While fully understanding the laws of Quyi "apprenticeship" and "oral transmission", it is an effective way to integrate Quyi education into the higher education system to meet the needs of cultural and artistic development in the new era. It is not only the key to the development of Anhui's local Quyi, but also the ardent expectation of society for the training of Quyi talents in art colleges.