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25 January 2024, Volume 26 Issue 1
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  • Order Construction: Artistic Characteristics and Cultural Roots of Folk Lantern Festivals in the Chaohu Lake Region
    LI Shu-qing, LIN Kai, HAN Rong-xun
    2024, 26(1):  1-7.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2024.01.001
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    Lantern festivals are popular folk activities in the Chaohu Lake region, characterized by their variety, wide distribution, and significant influence. From a macro perspective and through comparative research methods, this study explores the connection and rules between the explicit individual characteristics and implicit common essence of lantern festivals in the Chaohu region, constructing the order features that run through the visual art, activity procedures, and cultural origins of the lantern festivals. Based on rural spaces, the Chaohu lantern festivals indirectly construct a cross-border social spatial order with their unique ceremonial performances at traditional festivals. They have invisibly achieved the orderliness and standardization of local rural and town life, objectively reflecting the prominent features and good qualities of the Chaohu regional culture, which could help promote the protection and inheritance of the intangible cultural heritage in the Chaohu Lake region.
    Study on Modal Particles in Lujiang Dialect of Anhui Province
    SU Yao, GUO Hui
    2024, 26(1):  8-15+45.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2024.01.002
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    According to different grammatical meanings, modal particles in Lujiang dialect are divided into three categories: Event modal particles, attitudinal modal particles, and interrogative modal particles. The modal particles in Lujiang dialect have distinct characteristics, with four main features: the total number is more than that in Mandarin; the modal particles used in declarative sentences in Lujiang dialect are less than those in Mandarin, indicating that people in Lujiang do not like to express emotions in a flat tone, and are prone to use changing rising or falling tones to convey mood; there is not a one-to-one correspondence between modal particles and moods in Lujiang dialect. The same mood can be expressed by different modal particles, and different moods can be expressed by the same modal particle, showing great flexibility; the modal particles in Lujiang dialect maintain a high similarity with the Jianghuai Mandarin (the region in which Lujiang is located), but some modal particles are unique, showing relative independence. The origin of some modal particles in Lujiang dialect was examined, and their grammaticalization paths were pointed out.
    Exploration of Marx's Labor Theory of Value from the Perspective of Big History
    HU Zhe
    2024, 26(1):  16-23.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2024.01.003
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    The relationship between capital and labor, as a fundamental contradiction in Marxist political economy, runs through the production, circulation, and distribution of surplus value, symbolizing the changing development of capitalist productive forces and relations of production. Based on the timeline of the past, present, and future of the big history perspective, a comprehensive spatial exploration of the dialectical relationship between the labor theory of value and capital is conducted. The intertwining of time and space can not only fully highlight the truthfulness, practicality, and developmental characteristics of Marx's labor theory of value, but also realize a comprehensive and scientific critique and transcendence of capital. It is in the continuous advancement of Marxist political economy that scientific socialism can be finally established. In the new era, the rational application of Marx's scientific labor theory of value can provide theoretical and practical guidance for the economic development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and empower the construction of Chinese-style modernization.
    Internet Self-Mockery: Emotional Communication under the Self - Stigmatization of Youth Groups
    LI Xiao-mei, CHEN Min-jun
    2024, 26(1):  24-29.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2024.01.004
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    In recent years, against the backdrop of rapid social changes and intensified social competition, youth groups are increasingly facing new growth predicaments. Internet self-mockery, as a way for youth groups to resist mainstream values and relieve their own emotions, is continuously shaping the popular internet subculture. Through the unique perspective of emotional communication, this study finds that youth groups construct emotional communities seeking identity recognition and carry out self-stigmatization emotional communication through the emotional communication mechanism characterized by "imitation, induction, and coexistence" and through the expression of opposite emotions. Although internet self-mockery has become a new way for youth groups to self-adjust, it still reflects the psychological crisis of negative self-cognition among the youth, which necessitates social attention and reasonable guidance.
    Empirical Study on the Adjudication of Rights in Objection to Enforcement by Third Parties in Presale Housing Cases: Based on the Analysis of 91 Judgment Documents
    DONG Xiang-long, QI Zhi-cui
    2024, 26(1):  30-37.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2024.01.005
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    The lawsuit against the objection to enforcement by third parties of pre-sale housing refers to a legal action initiated by a third party after their objection to the enforcement of pre-sale housing has been rejected. The key issue in this lawsuit is whether the third party has the right to exclude the ongoing enforcement of pre-sale housing. Currently, the legal rules regarding the rights of third parties to object to enforcement of pre-sale housing are still unclear at the legislative level and face numerous challenges in judicial practice. This article examines 91 judgments from the Supreme People's Court to analyze the standards, review process, and legal basis in judicial practice, providing a comprehensive assessment of the current state of judicial rulings. It identifies issues such as the unclear types of pre-sale housing rights, the misuse of property rights expectations and the instability of pre-sale housing rights priority rules, as sources of disputes among parties. Through in-depth reflection, it proposes improvement strategies aimed at providing recommendations to legislative bodies to enhance pre-sale housing enforcement rules and serve as a reference for judicial authorities in the adjudication of pre-sale housing rights, with the ultimate goal of providing stronger legal protection for pre-sale housing rights holders.
    The Judicial Dilemma and Civil Law Approach to the Enforcement Exclusion Effect of Property Purchase Agreements under Borrowed Names
    QIAN Cheng
    2024, 26(1):  38-45.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2024.01.006
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    The principled provisions in judicial interpretations and the inconsistency in guiding opinions across regions have led to a judicial quandary regarding the exclusion of enforcement in executing agreements related to property purchases under borrowed names. Existing theories, namely the theories of factual property rights, appear to contradict substantive law. Meanwhile, the debt theory directly asserts, through the relative nature of contracts, that the person borrowing the name is entitled solely to a debt claim against the person providing the name, creating a logical gap. A clear theoretical approach to delineate the exclusion of enforcement in executing agreements related to property purchases under borrowed names should be established on the complex structure of these actions: firstly, the contractual parties in the property sales agreement should be discussed and the property rights of the property in question belong to the person providing the name should be explicitly affirmed. Subsequently, it should be clarified that when the agreement related to property purchases under borrowed names is valid, the person borrowing the name holds a debt claim to demand the transfer of property ownership from the person providing the name upon meeting certain conditions. In the case of the agreement related to property purchases under borrowed names being invalid, the person borrowing the name holds a debt claim to demand the return of the purchase price and associat-ed costs from the person providing the name. Finally, a comparison between the debt claim held by the person bor- rowing the name and the rights held by the applicant for execution should be made. If the agreement related to property purchases under borrowed names is invalid or the applicant for execution holds property rights, then this debt claim cannot be excluded from execution. If the agreement related to property purchases under borrowed names is deemed valid, a judge must conduct a comprehensive evaluation.
    From Upholding Orthodoxy to Embracing Eccentricity: A Study on the Transformation of Poetic Concepts in the Northern Song Dynasty Using Ouyang Xiu and Huang Tingjian as Examples
    BIAN Xue-yan
    2024, 26(1):  46-51.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2024.01.007
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    In order to analyse the process of change in Northern Song poetry, especially to explore how Ouyang Xiu and Huang Tingjian solved the dilemma of flamboyant poetic style and "previous poems have already been written", we will try to interpret Ouyang Xiu's and Huang Tingjian's poems in depth, analyse their respective theories of poetic method and creative practice, as well as how they influence each other and jointly promote the transformation of Northern Song poetic style. The two poems are analysed to see how they influence each other and jointly promote the change of poetic style in the Northern Song Dynasty. Ouyang Xiu and Huang Tingjian have their own strengths in poetic method. Ouyang Xiu advocated the "correctness and oddness", and he followed Han Yu's example, emphasising the pursuit of innovation and change on the basis of inheriting the traditions of his predecessors; whereas Huang Tingjian took Du Fu as his model and put forward the poetic concept of "correctness and oddness", focusing on making a breakthrough on the basis of the norms. The poetic concepts and practices of the two men not only promoted the transformation of the Northern Song poetic style, but also made Song poetry form a very different style from that of Tang poetry. A comparison of the two is not only helpful in deepening the understanding of the process of change in Northern Song poetry, but also important in recognising the formation mechanism of the unique style of Song poetry.
    The Implicit Expression of "Heterotopia" in Zai Sheng Yuan
    ZHU Kai-ying
    2024, 26(1):  52-59.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2024.01.008
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    The ballad opera Zai Sheng Yuan (Rebirth) is not merely a work of female fantasy set against a "fictitious" historical background and imaginary space. The author, Chen Duansheng, created a Yuan Dynasty setting that was based on history yet transcended historical reality, constructing a displaced time and space of wise rulers and virtuous ministers. Starting from herself, she created two protagonists, Meng Lijun and Huangfu Shaohua, who have distinct personalities and defy stereotypical social gender impressions, forming a unique mirror pattern. This "heterotopic" implicit expression hidden in the text was a bold self-expression and spatial breakthrough by Chen DuanSheng, a talented woman, utilizing the social and cultural background of the Qing Dynasty and her identity advantage.
    Study on the Group of Guest Teachers in the Song Dynasty: Centered on Yi Jian Zhi
    TANG Ye-lu
    2024, 26(1):  60-67.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2024.01.009
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    Guest teachers were family tutors in the Song Dynasty. On the one hand, guest teachers were poor and depended on their host families. Besides educational activities, they also participated in the cultural entertainment and social activities of the host families. On the other hand, scholars regarded guest teaching as a transitional profession; thus, they were a mobile group. The interpersonal communication of guest teachers was centered on the host families. They promoted the development of education for common people in the Song Dynasty, contributed to the spread of Confucian culture, and set an example for local moral education with their scholarly moral standards. Hong Mai's Yi Jian Zhi contains many records about guest teachers in the Song Dynasty, providing vivid materials for us to understand the group of guest teachers in the Song Dynasty in detail.
    The Huizhou War Disaster and Self Rescue Activities from 1926 to 1927
    XU Jun-wen
    2024, 26(1):  68-76.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2024.01.010
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    In 1926, after the "Five Provinces Alliance" led by Sun Chuanfang was defeated by the National Revolutionary Army, three remnants of the coalition army passed through or stationed in Huizhou for a period of up to three months, causing a significant impact on the local social order. Huizhou society has suffered the most severe damage since the Xiantong War, which not only has a significant impact on economic development and people's lives, but even the long-standing Huizhou culture has suffered significant setbacks. To this end, local and foreign residents of Huizhou are doing their best to carry out post disaster reconstruction work, while also calling on all parties to intervene in negotiations with Sun Chuanfang to minimize losses. The military disaster in Huizhou from 1926 to 1927 reflected the impact of the Beiyang warlords on traditional society under the changing social order, and also reflected that the Beiyang army, which could not protect the environment and the people, was inevitably eliminated by the revolutionary forces formed by the revolutionary army and the righteous people.
    Public Opinion and Judicial Trial of Zhu Shude's Suicide Case in 1931
    ZHANG Hang-hang
    2024, 26(1):  77-86.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2024.01.011
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    During the period of the Republic of China, there were numerous incidents of suicide due to love. The suicide case of Zhu Shude, which occurred in Jinan in the early 1930s, was originally an ordinary love tragedy. However, under the multiple effects of the historical context, media, and human factors, it attracted widespread emotional participation from the public, thereby generating public sympathy. The aroused public sympathy, like a sharp blade, often evokes powerful criticism of the social and political order. However, public emotions are sometimes irrational, easily manipulated and used to challenge the authority of the legal system, and thus posing potential risks.
    Building Multi-Dimensional Space with Irony: An Interpretation of A History of the World in 10½Chapters
    ZHAI Ya-di
    2024, 26(1):  87-93.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2024.01.012
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    With irony, Julian Barnes builds multi-dimensional space of A History of the World in 10?Chapters on four layers, and manifests its polyphonic meanings: It parodies official history on the layer of structure and narrative mode; by using repetitive images, it negates progressiveness of history; it presents inter-questionable and dialogical concepts in a single story through the insufficiency of language; in the metaphysical sense, it denies the possibility of resolving contradictions. By means of irony, in this work the author fights against mainstream authoritative discourse and shows his distaste of reality; at the same time, he questions ultimate truth and reveals his disbelief of the ideal world. Built multi-dimensionally, this novel metaphorizes and symbolizes the complexity of the world and the absurdity of human existence. Irony is the paintbrush for Barnes to draw the complexity and absurdity of the world, but also the weapon to fight against absurdity so to find the meaning of individual and community existence.
    Re-mapping Swahili's Space: Smellscape Writing in Gurnah's Paradise
    YAN Meng-meng, XU Qing-hong
    2024, 26(1):  94-100.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2024.01.013
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    Abdulrazak Gurnah remaps Swahili's geographic and political space through smellscapes in Paradise. Regional smellscapes, with the constant movement of Yusuf, the "smell catcher" in the novel, gradually evolve into marked smell coordinates, which ultimately form an olfactory map of Swahili. Olfaction is a spatial-emotional medium that connects places, societies, and emotions, functioning to string people together with events and things. Through smellscape writing, Gurnah presents the spatial geography of Swahili with the depiction of diverse smells, projects the micro politics hidden beneath the code of smells, and the unequal power relations as implied in the smell is resisted by the olfactory subject in a silent way. Gurnah's smellscape writing not only endows the narrative with spatial texture, but also reveals how literature explores and challenges the complex dimensions of socio-political power through the olfactory medium.
    Multimodality in Chinese-English Translation of Drama Dialogues: A Case Study of The Butterfly Lovers
    ZHONG Lin-ping
    2024, 26(1):  101-107.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2024.01.014
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    Multimodal discourse analysis reveals the dynamic interplay between different modalities, transcending the traditional language-centric approach of single-modal discourse analysis. Using multimodal discourse analysis, the study draws on the translation practice of dialogues in The Butterfly Lovers and clarifies the roles of and relationship between different modalities (i.e., verbal and non-verbal) in constructing meanings in audiovisual translation. The study shows that the relationship between different modalities is complex and dynamic, with one modality potentially complementing, reinforcing or interrupting another in conveying information. Hence, in addition to pure linguistic conversion, translating Chinese drama into English also entails harmonious coordination of visual and auditory modalities to captivate the audience's senses. Furthermore, translators should leverage the multimodal way of presenting messages and resolving translation problems more tactfully, so as to achieve optimal translation and cross-culture communication outcomes. Theoretically, this research contributes to the understanding of multimodal aspects in dialogue translation by describing specific translation phenomena, thus expanding research perspectives. On a practical level, it seeks to enhance translation quality from a multimodal standpoint, fostering the appreciation of Chinese drama in foreign lands.
    Research on Integrating Xi Jinping's Important Discussions on Family, Family Education and Family Values into the Ideological and Political Education for University Students
    WU Xiao-yun
    2024, 26(1):  108-113.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2024.01.015
    Abstract ( 27 )   PDF (464KB) ( 22 )   Save
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    Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, Xi Jinping has made a series of important discussions on family, family education and family values. This article interprets the profound connotation of Xi Jinping's important discussions on family, family education and family values. It explores the value guidance of integrating them into the ideological and political education of university students from three aspects: the nature of ideological and political courses, ideological and moral qualities, and life values and goals. It proposes constructive measures and paths from four aspects: emphasizing family education by reading classics, establishing family values through practice, building a platform for family-school cooperation, and enhancing university students' self-education. Xi Jinping's important discussions on the construction of family, family education, and family values hold significant guiding significance for the ideological and political education of university students. They can help students cultivate wellrounded personalities, and form good qualities, so they will nurture a new generation of socialist builders with both integrity and talent, who are positive, virtuous, and responsible, contributing to the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics.
    New Directions in the Cultivation of Journalism Ethics Talents in the AIGC Era: Inspiration from the Practice of Journalism Ethics Education in the United States for China
    WANG Juan
    2024, 26(1):  114-120.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2024.01.016
    Abstract ( 18 )   PDF (7450KB) ( 16 )   Save
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    In the AIGC era, facing frequent ethical issues such as fake news and privacy infringement, cultivating journalism ethics talents to rebuild and enhance public trust in journalism has become particularly important. This study attempts to analyze the experiences and dilemmas of journalism ethics talent cultivation in the United States, in order to provide a reference for journalism ethics education in China and achieve five "new" orientations: new content—promoting a comprehensive process of ethics education in large classrooms; new targets—providing ethical services to society; new methods—adopting platform dialogue-style learning and research; new professions—promoting the transformation of teachers into AI prompt engineers; and new talents—fostering talents with "three capabilities" and "dual integration". These recommendations are proposed based on the specific conditions in the context of China and have significant practical reference value for promoting innovation in China's journalism ethics education.
    Research on the Teaching Reform Path of First-Class Courses in Marketing Major in Applied Universities
    ZHANG Jie
    2024, 26(1):  121-128.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2024.01.017
    Abstract ( 14 )   PDF (8664KB) ( 17 )   Save
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    Applied universities with marketing majors are actively deepening educational teaching reform and talent training models. In response to pain points such as superficial ideological and political education, outdated teaching resources, difficulties in interactive teaching methods, and evaluation systems with few dimensions, the reform of first-class course teaching adheres to focusing on majors, courses, textbooks, and teachers, grasping the macro level of disciplines and majors, emphasizing teaching organization at the middle level, and expanding course resources at the micro level. Empirical exploration has created a "five-star" teaching model, namely, reshaping the system, structuring the model; exploring the process, innovating teaching; building a platform, teaching patiently; integrating ideological and political education, enhancing confidence; continuous improvement, morality education. Then, ac cording to the characteristics of students in applied undergraduate colleges, combined with simulation and other platforms, emphasizing practice, the path of curriculum teaching reform in marketing majors in applied universities has been summarized, effectively solving the problems in teaching reform, which is of reference significance for ap plied undergraduate colleges to comprehensively and continuously promote curriculum reform.