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25 March 2019, Volume 21 Issue 2
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    2019, 21(2):  0. 
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    Legal Issues and Countermeasures of Wetland Protection around Chaohu Lake——From the Perspective of Responsive Law
    JIANG Hai
    2019, 21(2):  1-7.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.001
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    Abstract:The development, utilization and protection of wetlands around Chaohu Lake in accordance with the law is a sign of the construction of ecological civilization under the rule of law around Chaohu Lake and a guarantee for the stable natural ecosystem and sustainable economic development. However, due to the weak concept of wetland protection under the rule of law and the lack of legal capacity, the area of the wetland around Chaohu Lake is shrinking with environmental pollution and ecological function degradation. In the new era of ecological civilization,the legal construction of wetland protection around Chaohu Lake should respond to the needs of wetland ecological function maintenance and people's increasing pursuit of a good ecological environment. It should make clear the scope of wetlands and the scope of main responsibilities, and implement comprehensive ecosystem management of wetlands around Chaohu Lake Basin, implement the principle of "three priorities" for wetland protection around Chaohu Lake, strictly place wetland development within ecological security, improve the incentive mechanism and give the public legal status and rights to participate in wetland protection and give full play to the role of environmental justice in protecting wetland resources and people's environmental rights and interests.
    A Probe into the New Path of the Development of Characteristic Columns of Local University Academic Journals——Taking "Chaohu Rim Research" as an Example#br#
    CHEN Feng
    2019, 21(2):  8-13.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.002
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    Abstract:The surrounding area of Chaohu Lake has its own unique cultural characteristics and has become an important part of the regional development of Anhui Province. In order to effectively integrate and utilize various resources in the region and promote the development of social, economic, and cultural fields in the region, it is necessary to make in -depth development of regional research. The characteristic column of "Chaohu Rim Research" should be created and adjusted. In recent years, it has been seeking new changes in regional research fields, integrating academic research with regional development, continuously innovating the depth and breadth of regional research and development, and searching for new development paths for characteristic columns. It not only
    promotes the development of academic journals themselves, but also contributes to the economic and social development and cultural resources inheritance of the Chaohu Rim region.
    Inheritance and Back-feeding院Rural Culture Leads the Rural Revitalization——Taking Xiaogang Village as an Example
    LI Qing-wen
    2019, 21(2):  14-19.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.003
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    Abstract:Rural culture is the root and soul of rural rejuvenation. It is the glue and direction sign of rural development. Culture leads the rural revitalization to become the proper meaning in the name. Under the guidance of rural culture, taking Xiaogang Village of Fengyang County as an example, from memory to inheritance, from inheritance to feeding back, the paper profoundly demonstrates the cultural deeds of Xiaogang Spirit leading Xiaogang's development, and provides a vivid model for Rural Re vitalization in the new era. The spirit of Xiaogang is a powerful spiritual impetus to promote China's realization of a socialist modern power in the new era, and also provides a feasible path for implementing the rural revitalization strategy. Therefore, in order to realize rural revitalization, we should cultivate innovative spirit and promote the revitalization of rural industry; adhere to the spirit of doing solid work to promote the development of rural economy; reshape the rules and regulations of the countryside, promote the development of rural culture; and enhance the awareness of virtue and promote the reform of rural governance
    Research on the Responsibility of Traffic Accidents Caused by Children Who Illegally Ride Shared Bicycles#br#
    FANG Rui-an, XUE Yu
    2019, 21(2):  20-26.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.004
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    Abstract:Recently, a traffic accident occurred in Shanghai where a child under 12 years of age illegally rode a shared bicycle. The child's guardian filed a lawsuit against the perpetrator and OFO company as defendants. The responsibility of the case and the specific division of responsibility have become a key point of the trial. If a child has the fault of using a loophole to unlock the bike and the fault of riding the bike illegally, the child should first assume more than 50% of the responsibility and the child's parents should bear the responsibility. Secondly, the motor vehicle driver, the OFO company and the former users of the bike should bear the tort liability from high to low in accordance with the "many reasons one result" liability.
    On Honesty Education for College Students in the New Era
    ZHANG Xiao-jiao
    2019, 21(2):  27-32.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.005
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    Abstract:It is the consensus of the times to conduct honesty education for college students. Since the founding of new China, especially since the reform and opening up, the party and government have attached great importance to honesty education for college students. Based on the general operating mechanism of honesty education for college students in the new era, this paper explains the connotation of honesty education and honesty education for college students, and analyzes the significance of honesty education for college students in the new era. Finally, it puts forward three ways to actively and effectively promote honesty education for college students in the new era. Firstly,improve the organization of college students' honesty education system; Secondly, pay attention to "three combinations" and innovate the method system of college students' honesty education; Thirdly, promote the "soft and hard cooperation" and optimize the cultural system of honesty education for college students.
    Research on the Relationship between Micro-finance and Regional Economic Development——An Empirical Analysis Based on Spatial Dubin Model
    ZHENG Lan-xiang, WANG Xin-ping
    2019, 21(2):  33-42.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.006
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    This paper uses the Moran index to test whether there is spatial correlation between micro-finance and regional economic development by combining the panel data of 30 provinces in China from 2009 to 2018. Combining the Spatial Doberman Model 渊SDM冤to infer the correlation between micro-finance and regional economic development, and decomposition of its effects and objectively and accurately reflect the specific relationship between micro-finance and regional economic development. The results show that there is significant spatial dependence between micro-finance and regional economic growth. Micro-financial efficiency has a positive effect on the economic development of the region. It also promotes neighboring regions under the geographic distance matrix and improves the level of social fixed investment. It can promote the development of the local economy. The financial scale has a certain degree of restraining effect on the economic development of the region. The government financial support has a strong negative spillover effect. If spatial factors are not taken into account, the relationship between microfinance and regional economic development will be miscalculated.
    On the Occupational Structure and Flow Orientation of Land-expropriated Farmers
    XU Nuo, WANG Dan, XU Ji-yi
    2019, 21(2):  43-53.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.007
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    At present, the increasing use of land in cities and towns has led to a sharp increase in the number of land-expropriated farmers. The contradiction between land expropriation and resettlement caused by the problem of employment and resettlement of land-expropriated farmers is becoming increasingly fierce. Solving the employment problem of land-expropriated farmers is in line with the actual needs; it can better promote the rationalization of the occupational structure of the land-expropriated farmers. Based on the field investigation data, this paper finds that the "pyramid" occupational structure has changed after land expropriation, and the trend of the transformation to the "olive" occupational structure is obvious. The occupational flow of land-expropriated farmers is frequent, and the occupational flow tends to some industries with low vocational skill and low entry threshold, and the employment quality is not high. Therefore, this paper holds that in order to solve the employment problems of land-expropriated
    farmers, it is necessary to improve the employment policy and employment information system, introduce higher vocational colleges to participate in skills training, encourage the special employment docking of market enterprises, establish the "Internet plus" entrepreneurial support mechanism and improve the employment investigation and evaluation mechanism of landxpropriated farmers.
    Supply Chain Integration: Implications, Impacts, Issues and Development Strategies——Review Based On English Articles
    FANG Yi-tao
    2019, 21(2):  53-58.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.008
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    Abstract:This study summarizes the relevant literature on supply chain integration, and further identifies the main consensus of existing research on the main body, method, goal and value pursuit of supply chain integration.Meanwhile, this study also systematically expounds that supply chain integration, as an effective way for enterprises to occupy competitive advantages and improve overall performance, has been recognized and valued by more and more enterprises. Supply chain integration has become the key to improving competitiveness. In addition, with the development and application of supply chain integration, it has ushered in unprecedented opportunities and challenges.
    A Comparison of Narrative Spirit between Snow in Summer and Hamlet
    LEI Jing-jing
    2019, 21(2):  59-66.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.009
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    Abstract:The differences of time and space consciousness and narrative structure have a profound influence on the aesthetic form of drama. The subjectivity and psychology of time consciousness and the imaginary connotation of space consciousness in Snow in Summer serve to reveal the characters' spiritual experience, and the narrative structure is linear and self -sufficient; the objectivity and physics of time consciousness in Hamlet and the architecture of space consciousness strengthen the reality of drama, and require the narrative structure of network.The narrative technique of "Heng Yun Duan Shan" is the common artistic pursuit of playwrights to arouse audience's aesthetic excitement. Pain and compassion, tragic and lofty emotional experience are different connotations of "sadness" in Snow in Summer and Hamlet, which reveal their different value pursuits of "kindness" and "truth".
    Continuation, Interruption and Contradiction——Wechat Red Envelope in the Mainstream Media
    GAO Shang
    2019, 21(2):  67-73.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.010
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    Abstract:The paper has collected the news reports of Wechat red envelope during the past 4 years through the database of People Daily by using Wechat red envelope as the retrieval phrase. The study finds that People Daily presents a multi-interwoven voice to the new emerging Wechat red envelope, and the tendencies and strategies of its reporting discourse are also revealed. On the one hand, People Daily associates it with the positive perpetuator of social energy. On the other hand, it is presented to the public as an interrupter of social order. Besides, in the special context of festivals, People Daily shows a contradictory tendency in its discourse about Wechat red envelope.This contradiction and conflict form cooperations and conflicts between explicit technical support and implicit cultural communication practice. Then the general picture of media discourse about Wechat red envelope is described.
    An Aesthetic Analysis of the Image of "Beauties Wearing Flowers" by Zhou Fang
    SHI Ru-ting
    2019, 21(2):  74-79.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.011
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    Abstract:"Beauties Wearing Flowers" presents the rich and beautiful artistic style of women in Tang Dynasty. The aesthetic image of "the plump" and the sorrowful expression not only reflects the universality of beauty and the aesthetic taste of the times, but also reflects the new aesthetic culture paradigm formed after the integration of Guanlong culture and Confucianism, Taoism, Zen thought, Hu culture and Buddhist culture. Aesthetic taste and aesthetic culture are the reflections of people's social culture based on aesthetic needs, and they indicate the constraints of social culture on aesthetic taste and aesthetic culture.
    Analysis of Schumann's Art Songs Harmony Technique——Taking Three Sets as an Example
    XU Tao
    2019, 21(2):  80-88.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.012
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    Abstract:Schumann is an outstanding German composer. In his short life, he created a lot of excellent vocal music works, in which he used a wealth of harmony techniques, both traditional and non-traditional harmony. This paper takes his three vocal songs "Love and Life of Women", "Love of the Poet" and "Myrtle" as examples to study the harmonic techniques of Schumann's art songs. Through the analysis and research of the harmony techniques of the three vocal songs and the application of the processing techniques in the harmonic progression in his works, this paper summarizes the characteristics of his application of harmony techniques in art song creation.
    The Further Study of Dr. Dewey's Visit to China——With His Path as the Center
    XU Lu
    2019, 21(2):  89-96.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.013
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    Abstract:On April 30, 1919, Dr. Dewey was invited to visit and speak in China. He stayed in China for more than two years. Through his travels and speeches, he was deeply impressed by the land of China and Eastern civilization.After reviewing Dr. Dewey's researches in China, we find that the route was the defect of previous studies. On the one hand, the provinces through which Dr. Dewey traveled were not complete; on the other hand, the order of his trip was not appropriate. In order to remedy the shortcomings of previous researches, this study not only clarified the 12 provinces and Beijing visited by Dr. Dewey, but also supplemented some historical information accordingly.
    Exposure of Ambition and Resistance——A Brief Analysis of the Dispute of Shanghai Rickshaw Drivers in 1930s
    TANG Min-wang
    2019, 21(2):  97-102.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.014
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    Abstract:The living conditions of rickshaw drivers in Shanghai in the 1930s were worrying. In view of this, the British and American Bureau of Public Concession Industry in Shanghai issued a report entitled "Recommendation 16". The report deals with rickshaw rental, working hours and other issues, which touches on the interests of stakeholders, including rickshaw dealers and rickshaw drivers, causing dissatisfaction and protest. After many mediations and negotiations, the dispute case was settled. The disputes exposed the foreign powers' economic aggression ambition. The dispute was not only a protest against the imperialist invasion of China's bridgehead, the
    public concession, but also a protest against the Shanghai municipal government. It was a microcosm of the struggle
    spirit of the lower classes of the Chinese people.
    Rethinking Translation Theory and Practice Research against the Background of Implementing the "Going Out" Strategy#br#
    YE Xiao-bao, LU An
    2019, 21(2):  103-108.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.015
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    Abstract:In the new era of advancing the "Going Out" of Chinese culture, if we will get out of the predicament facing the strategy and meet various challenges in the field of translation, we need to keep pace with the times in its theory and practice research so as to fulfill its new era忆s mission. In its theoretic research, it is necessary to constantly inquire into the essence of translation, to establish the concept of "translator忆s visibility" and to adhere to the principle of "translating for readers"; in its practice research, it is necessary to study translation strategies from multiple perspectives, strengthen the presence of its retrospective criticism, and further push forward its socialization.
    Identity Construction of Chinese Americans in Laurence Yep's Thief of Hearts
    TANG Yu, LI Xin-de
    2019, 21(2):  109-114.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.016
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    Abstract:Thief of Hearts is one of the Golden Mountain Chronicles written by Laurence Yep. The text tells a story that Stacy, a Chinese American girl, finds her identity of being a Chinese American by realizing her Chinese heritage. Compared to Chinese immigrants' original culture, the culture of dominant groups can be different or contradictory. In order to gain the sense of belonging, most of the Chinese immigrants have to experience the process of acculturation which may influence their identity construction. According to the theory of New Criticism and the concept of acculturation, it can be seen that the desire to integrate Chinese identity with American culture could be found in some Chinese immigrants in the story. They actively adapt to American culture without denying
    Chinese identity, which is of far-reaching significance for further exploring the diverse cultural identity of Chinese American groups in the field of American literature.
    On the Cohesion in History Teaching between Normal Universities and Middle Schools——A Case Study of Normal Universities and Basic Education in Anhui Province
    HE Ling, DONG Gen-ming
    2019, 21(2):  115-122.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.017
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    Abstract:The current curriculum setup and teaching of history major in normal universities lack the cohesion with history teaching in middle schools, and the form and content of teaching practice lag behind, which leads to the fact that the educational concept of normal students cannot keep up with the requirements of the curriculum reform in middle schools when they enter the profession, and that teaching design is impractical, professional knowledge is not solid, and classroom control ability is insufficient. Based on the requirements of the Ministry of Education in The National Standard for the Teaching Quality of Undergraduate Majors in General Institutions of Higher Learning,The General High School Program 2017 Edition, and The General High School History Curriculum Standard 2017 Edition, normal universities should establish a scientific outlook on education, based on the lifelong development of students, and reasonably construct the curriculum system of history specialty. The interactive mechanism of teachers should be established between universities and basic education institutions. Through the "double-entry project", the interaction of teaching and scientific research should be realized, the long-term mechanism of curriculum development and quality control should be established, and the teaching practice mode of normal students should be innovated. We will work hard to improve the training quality of history professionals.
    An Analysis of the Effect of Positive Psychological Capital on College Students' Comprehensive Quality of Innovation and Entrepreneurship#br#
    CHEN Hui-hui
    2019, 21(2):  123-130.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.018
    Abstract ( 1076 )   PDF (1341KB) ( 851 )   Save
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    Abstract:As an important psychological resource, positive psychological capital has important significance for promotion of comprehensive quality and all -round development of college students. Based on construction of mathematical model and data analysis, it is found that the supply effects of positive psychological capital on comprehensive quality of innovation and entrepreneurship from different dimensions are significant. Among many elements, self-efficacy is the most significant impact, and the effects from optimism and hope are also good, while the effects from resilience are special. In conclusion, the successful development and accumulation of positive psychological capital is important for college students' comprehensive development and their growth into high quality innovative talents.
    Examination of the Academic Innovation Ability of Postgraduates
    REN Jian-xin
    2019, 21(2):  131-138.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.019
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    Abstract:In the present era, higher education has unprecedented opportunities for development. In line with the rapid development of the economic situation, higher education has the soil and space for vigorous development.Academic innovation of postgraduates is of unique significance in the era of knowledge explosion and academic prosperity, and plays a vital role for individuals, society and the country. In recent years, a variety of undesirable phenomena, such as the lack of innovation ability and the serious accumulation of data, have emerged one after  another in the academic papers of postgraduates, which have seriously damaged the due quality of academic seriousness, preciseness, nobleness and purity. The lack of academic innovation ability of postgraduates is caused by insufficiency of research interest, lack of professional knowledge and low practical ability. In order to improve the academic innovation ability of postgraduates, it is necessary to make reasonable requirements for the theoretical depth of the thesis, strengthen the guidance and assistance of mentors, attach importance to the cultivation of students' practical ability, and arrange academic activities.
    Hotel Professional English Ability Training against the Background of "Internet +"——Construction of "Multimodal, Multimedia and Multi-environment" Teaching Model
    WU Ping, LEIRuo-xin
    2019, 21(2):  139-144.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.020
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    Abstract:Against the background of the rapid development of Internet and information technology, the educational environment of "multi-mode, multimedia and multi-environment" has gradually formed. With multimodal, multimedia, multi-environment teaching applied in hotel English teaching and with the help of the Internet, through the multimodal, multimedia, multi-environment teaching input (online micro class tutorship, offline flip practice, campus laboratory scenario simulation training, field training in off-campus practice base)and the multimodal, multimedia, multi-environment teaching output (role playing, PPT presentation, video production, class team drama competition), the learning mode is expanded greatly from a single classroom teaching so as to guide students to build knowledge system in multi-environment with multi-mode form, to improve students' professional English level, cross-cultural communication ability, and to meet the demand of hotel enterprises for professional talents.
    Research on the Construction of English and American Literature Teaching Model for Business English Majors Based on the Output-driven and Input-enabled Hypothesis
    GAO Yang
    2019, 21(2):  145-153.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.021
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    Abstract:A survey on the "application of English of the Business English graduates in workplaces" shows that equal attention should be paid to the receptive skills of English language and the productive skills as well. That means the input of English language is as important as its output, which corresponds to the requirements of the "Output-driven and Input-enabled Hypothesis" for English teaching. English and American literature courses have always played a pivotal role in consolidating students' language skills and cultivating students' humanistic qualities.Therefore, this paper proposes a "12345" literature teaching model based on the Output-driven and Input-enabled Hypothesis for Business English majors. This paper, through describing the connotation of this teaching model, analyzing its characteristics, explaining its design in actual teaching practice, predicting the difficulties in the  implementation of the model and proposing coping strategies, explores the feasibility and reliability of this model so as to stimulate its application and implementation in teaching practice, and eventually improve the teaching effect of English and American literature courses.
    Exploration on the Integration of Local Historical and Cultural Resources Around Chaohu Lake into the Teaching of Ideological and Political Courses in Colleges and Universities——Taking "Outline" Course as an Example
    SUN Hong-jie
    2019, 21(2):  154-159.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.022
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    Abstract:The area around Chaohu Lake has a long history and profound cultural heritage. In the ideological and political teaching in colleges and universities, developing local history, and absorbing the local historical and cultural resources around Chaohu Lake, have important application value for enriching the content of ideological and political course and enhancing the effectiveness of ideological and political education of college students. This paper, taking the teaching of "Outline of Modern Chinese History" as an example, explores the value of integrating the local historical and cultural resources around Chaohu Lake into the teaching of the "Outline" course and the practical dilemma, and then puts forward the effective integration path.
    Seeking a Coherent Understanding——Discussion of "The Study of the Construction of the Ruling Culture of the Communist Party of China" by Lu Shaoqiu
    LI Jun-ling
    2019, 21(2):  160-164.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.02.023
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    Abstract: In "The Study on the History of the Ruling Culture Construction of the Communist Party of China", Lu Shaoqiu interprets the ruling culture construction of the Communist Party of China from 1931 to 2011 more thoroughly. He has conscious problem awareness, seeks a coherent academic understanding actively, analyses its merits and demerits calmly, and promotes the research on this topic forward to a new height. Admittedly, individual assertions in the book still need further consideration. On the whole, the book plays a positive role in understanding and promoting the Party's ruling culture construction.