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What Is "University Governance": Meaning, Subject and Goal
TANG Guang-quan
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (4): 149-156.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.04.019
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The questions of what is "university governance", who "governs" the university, and what is "governed" in university, must be logically clarified. University governance is the respect for efficiency improvement and order maintenance. Its essence is to guide the university forward by respecting the law of teaching and academic development. Whether through agency or personal participation, teachers and students should become the leading force of university governance; Although the goal of university governance is inseparable from serving the development of social economy and the development and progress of science and technology, it must not stop there and forget or even deviate from the two main purposes of university governance: morality education and pursuit of truth.
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On Jan Assman's Cultural Memory Theory
LI Ke-xin
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (6): 81-88.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.009
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In recent years, the research on the concept of cultural memory and its carrier has become a hot topic in academia. The concept of "cultural memory" was first proposed by the German cultural scholar Jan Assmann. He drew the memory discourse into the theoretical framework of cultural studies, and expressed the cultural and identity function of memory from the external dimension of human memory. On this basis, he systematically explained the construction theory of cultural memory. In order to clarify the concept of cultural memory by Jan Assmann, this paper intends to examine the theoretical connotation of cultural memory from the spatial and temporal dimensions. It not only shows the profound space-time contained in cultural memory, witnesses the "inexhaustible visual explosive power in space" and "unweakened continuous ability in time" of cultural memory, and explains the healing power of cultural memory in time and space shuttle. At the same time, with the spatial return and time reconstruction of cultural memory as the breakthrough point, the dynamic process of the spatial and temporal construction of cultural memory is sketched out, and the meaning code of memory is broken, so as to explore the essence and significance of the theory of cultural memory theory.
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Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (6): 0-0.  
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Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (5): 0-0.  
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Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (4): 0-0.  
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Significance of China-Style Modernization to the World: From the Perspective of "The Third Historical Resolution"
WU Di, WU Duo-zhi
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (5): 1-7.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.05.001
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The unprecedented modernization of China not only promotes the great change of the Chinese society, but also has great significance to the world. The China-style modernization path has a profound impact on the world modernization in three aspects: development mode, road construction and theoretical innovation. From the historical perspective, the China-style modernization path is a new paradigm of the modernization path; From the perspective of practice, it is a new creation in the path of world modernization; From the perspective of theory, it is a new leap of Marxist modernization theory; It is unique in the existing modernization paths of mankind. It not only has a demonstration and leading effect on the modernization of emerging countries, but also promotes the Marxist modernization theory to a new level.
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Research on Fewer Arrests in Non-Prosecution Cases: Analysis Based on 207 Non-prosecution Decisions
WU Chen-kai
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (4): 20-31.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.04.004
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In the past 20 years, the proportion of serious crimes and violent crimes in China has been declining year after year. Starting in 2020, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate has promoted the concept of "fewer arrests, prosecutions and detentions", which has brought a significant decline in arrest and prosecution rates. In many cases where public prosecutions were finally filed, arrest measures were no longer applicable. Compared with prosecution cases, the nature of minor injury cases that are not prosecuted in the end is mostly milder, but the arrest rate is still relatively high. To further reduce the arrest rate, we need to start with such misdemeanor cases and abandon the concepts of "arrest upon conviction" and "prosecution upon conviction". Based on the analysis of 207 non-prosecution decisions for the crime of intentional injury, it is concluded that factors such as guilty plea, compensation, and victim’s understanding have a significant impact on the applicability of arrest measures, but the rationality of overemphasis on the influence of such compensation factors on arrest is questionable. We should increase the intensity of "fewer arrests" in guilty plea cases, timely change compulsory measures, rationally treat compensation factors, and eliminate misunderstanding of arrest requirements to achieve the implementation and improvement of the "fewer arrests, prosecutions and detentions" criminal justice policy.
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A Study on the Translation and Introduction of Lu Opera for Overseas Promotion: From the Perspective of Poly-system Theory
SHI Yu-rong
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (4): 1-8.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.04.001
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Under the background of "Going-out" strategy of Chinese culture, Lu Opera, as an important part of "Luzhou Culture", can’t truly go abroad without the research on its translation and introduction. Through field survey, it is found that the current translation and introduction of Lu Opera is faced with some problems, such as inadequate literature, insufficient translation practice, and limited promotion channels. On this basis, starting from the poly-system theory, the author suggests that in the translation and introduction of Lu Opera, we should choose the theme that fits the ideology and values of overseas audiences, adopt the translation and introduction strategy suitable for Lu Opera, and give full play to the promotion role of well-known publishers and new media, so as to promote the acceptance of Lu Opera overseas. It is concluded that the poly-system theory provides a feasible method for the translation and overseas promotion of Lu Opera.
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Research on Cultural Narrative Design of Sanhe Ancient Town from the Perspective of Regional Culture
ZHUANG De-hong, LIN Fei-hong, WANG Fei
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (6): 1-10.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.001
Abstract104)      PDF(pc) (2245KB)(113)       Save
From the perspective of regional culture, based on the correlation among narrative design, cultural symbols, and users, this paper discusses the narrative design method of cultural and creative products in Sanhe ancient town. By mining the cultural types of Sanhe ancient town, perceiving cultural connotations, and extracting cultural symbols, this paper conducts research and design practice on cultural and creative products in this area, explores narrative design strategies of cultural and creative products with local characteristics, and summarizes the general methods of narrative design for cultural and creative products in Sanhe ancient town. It is aimed at improving the innovation, connotation and aesthetic features of cultural and creative products in Sanhe ancient town from multiple perspectives and aspects.
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A Study of Benjamin’s Literature Memory
JIANG Zhou-qun
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (4): 57-63+84.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.04.008
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Based on the identity of Benjamin’s literary theorist and literary critic, the research tries to separate the memory from the complicated philosophical thoughts, and consider it as an independent research object, so as to explore the contents of literature memory. Benjamin believes that the prerequisite of memory is forgetting; the memory mainly draws nourishment from the past literary tradition and forms the star cluster structure by shuttling between the past, present and future. He not only outlines the main process and important factors of memory, but also divides memory dialectically into involuntary memory and conscious memory, which have no absolute boundary and can be converted to each other under certain conditions.
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On Ma Ruichen and the Academic Studies of Book of Songs in Late Qing Dynasty
YU Chun-li
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (4): 50-56.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.04.007
Abstract97)      PDF(pc) (1040KB)(138)       Save
Through combing the quotation and evaluation of Mao Shi Chuan Jian Tong Shi by the academic works in late Qing Dynasty, it is found that Ma Ruichen’s interpretation of characters by borrowing method not only was the inheritance of Qianlong and Jiaqing academic heritage, but also left scholars in late Qing dynasty with sufficient academic references. He proved Maoshi with three versions of Book of Songs, which laid a solid foundation for the scholars’ research on three versions of Book of Songs in the late Qing Dynasty. However, scholars in late Qing Dynasty did not pay enough attention to Ma Ruichen in their studies of Book of Songs. This paper analyzes the quotation and evaluation of Mao Shi Chuan Jian Tong Shi in the academic works of late Qing Dynasty, and discusses Ma Ruichen’s influence on the study of Book of Songs in late Qing Dynasty, so as to present a comprehensive understanding of the academic value of Ma’s Tong Shi in the history of studies on Book of Songs in Qing Dynasty, and supplement the academic research in this aspect.
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Research on the Development of Traditional Village Tourism in China and Its Impact
CHEN Xiao-hua, DENG Wei-long
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (5): 111-117.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.05.013
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In recent years, the traditional village tourism development has become a hot issue for scholars. Based on the combing of relevant research literature, this paper summarizes the research progress of tourism development of traditional villages and its impact. The existing research focuses on the protection and development of traditional village tourism resources, diversified tourism development models and the impact of tourism development on protection and development. Tourism, as the main way to protect and develop traditional villages, has effectively promoted the functional transformation and spatial activation of villages, and at the same time, it has brought pressure on the protection of rural landscape and the inheritance of traditional culture. Strengthening multi-disciplinary comprehensive research, and improving research theories and methods; giving full play to the characteristic tourism resources of traditional villages, and exploring the path and mode of traditional village tourism development to promote rural revitalization; cultivating the cultural ecosystem of traditional villages, and coordinating the relationship between protection and development from different dimensions, are the aspects that need to be strengthened urgently in the future research on tourism development of traditional villages.
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Research on the Historical Origin and Inheritance Path of Anhui Red Culture from the Perspective of New Development Concept
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (6): 33-38+97.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.004
Abstract94)      PDF(pc) (1212KB)(95)       Save
In accurately grasping the new development stage, implementing the new development concept, accelerating the construction of a new development pattern, and promoting the key step of high-quality development during the 14th Five Year Plan, summing up the major achievements and historical experience of the CPC in its hundred years of effort, red culture is an important spiritual pillar and source of strength to inherit the party's red blood and carry forward the party's fine tradition. We should take the "new development concept" of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing as the important guiding ideology, summarize the achievements and problems in the inheritance and dissemination of red culture in Anhui Province, explore the historical origin of Anhui's rich red culture, and explore effective ways to inherit and spread Anhui's red culture, so as to activate Anhui red gene, tell Anhui red stories well, and adhere to the self-confidence of red culture.
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Part of Speech Analysis of Kan
HOU Yu-ting
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (5): 118-126.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.05.014
Abstract92)      PDF(pc) (1335KB)(135)       Save
Kan "看" is a complementizer that can lead a clause. It can be located in a sentence or at the end of a sentence. It is located at the end of a sentence because the clause it leads has no phonetic realization due to oral omission, but in the process of meaning interpretation, potential subsequent sentences can be added. This omission causes Kan to look like a tentative auxiliary on the surface, but it is still a complementizer. This difference is related to the stylistic environment used in the grammaticalization process of Kan, which gradually occurs in the process of oral use, and thus has the characteristic of ellipsis in the use of oral language. According to the different syntactic positions of Kan, the paper will try to find out the common features in the use of kan in different positions, and further demonstrate the usage of Kan as a complementizer.
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The Land Estate Problem in Marx's Early Thoughts: From Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right to German Ideology
FENG De-chao
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (5): 39-48.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.05.005
Abstract91)      PDF(pc) (813KB)(133)       Save
The land estate problem is an important theoretical clue to understand the development of Marx's early thoughts and the formation process of historical materialism. In Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Law, Marx not only confirmed the reality that private property determines the state, but also exposed the feudal nature of Hegel's heredium by criticizing the heredium under Hegel's primogeniture. It started his thinking on land estate issues. In Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844, Marx further developed his understanding of the land estate problem. Based on the comparison of feudal land estate and capitalist land estate, he took capitalist land estate as an entry point, so as to improve his understanding of capitalist society from the superficial understanding in the first notebook to the essential knowledge in the second and third notebooks. In German Ideology, Marx no longer regarded land estate as an entry point for his understanding of the laws of social operation as before, but combined land estate with historical development. This is reflected in his expounding the dynamic role of land estate in the historical formation of capitalist society from the perspective of historical materialism and the contrast between urban and rural areas, thus scientifically answering the question of land estate. It was through the deepening of his understanding of real estate in his youth that Marx started his critique of bourgeois economists and theorists, and changed his theory from idealism to general materialism based on real history, and then constructed the historical materialism.
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The Impact of Information Infrastructure on Urban-Rural Income Gap: Based on the Threshold Effect Analysis of 260 Prefecture-Level Cities in China
LI Fan-fan
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (5): 66-76.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.05.008
Abstract90)      PDF(pc) (1090KB)(133)       Save
Information infrastructure connects various subjects in economic and social development, overcomes regional obstacles to a certain extent, and reduces the differences between urban and rural economic factors. With a 2005—2019 national sample of 260 prefecture-level cities and municipalities directly under the central government, the impact of information infrastructure on urban-rural income gap is investigated through bidirectional fixed effects model and the threshold model. The study found that: the impact of the information infrastructure scale on the income gap between urban and rural areas presents an "inverted U shape" nonlinear relationship—an increasing before declining trend. At present, most cities in China have crossed the inflection point and entered the stage of narrowing the income gap. There is a single threshold for information infrastructure, and double thresholds for economic development and education level; the impacts of information infrastructure in different threshold ranges on urban-rural income gap are different. The information infrastructure has different effects on the income level of urban and rural residents, showing a linear positive correlation for urban residents and a "U-shaped" nonlinear relationship for rural residents. The research results are basically sound, and targeted policy suggestions are put forward according to the conclusions.
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The Study on Land Transaction Contract Documents in Qing Dynasty: Based on the Documents in Anqing Archive and Museum
WANG Wen-xuan
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (5): 101-110.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.05.012
Abstract89)      PDF(pc) (1407KB)(124)       Save
The existing Qing Dynasty Anqing land contract documents in Anqing archive and museum reflect the involvement of Qing Dynasty laws in land transactions in Anqing and demonstrate that Anqing land transactions in Qing Dynasty focused on honesty, relatives and friends, and the unity of rights and obligations. The existing Qing Dynasty Anqing land contract documents also reflect the features that the land transactions in Anqing and southern Anhui happened frequently, the degree of land ownership concentration was lower, and the influences of kinships on the land transactions were more profound. The research on the contract documents will help to reveal the actual situation of national law intervention in land transactions that happened in Anqing and southern Anhui. On this basis, with land transactions in Anqing area as the representative of land transactions in southern Anhui, can help reflect the real processes of land transactions in southern Anhui and explore the regional characteristics of land transactions which happened in southern Anhui.
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Personal Witness and Reflection in "the Grey Zone": On the Nonfiction Writing of Primo Levi
ZHANG Li-yao
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (6): 73-80.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.008
Abstract86)      PDF(pc) (972KB)(87)       Save
Primo Levi initially chose a "nonfiction" writing method to face Auschwitz, faced up to the shame of being in "the Grey Zone", and wrote against deliberate forgetting and historical revision. In the process of writing for decades, Levi gradually pondered what is "truth", and constructed a new narrative space by combining nonfiction and fiction to a certain extent, bypassed or shelved his paradox that "the bottom victims who have died are the real witnesses, and the survivors, as exceptions, are only false witnesses in a sense". In the new narrative space, Levi used ironic rhetorical techniques and constructed a personal concise and accurate narrative style to make his works rise to the height of "workness", so he completed testimony at a higher level.
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Analysis of the Impact of COVID-19 Epidemic on the Network Attention to Huangshan Tourism
LI Xiao-xuan
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (6): 64-72.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.007
Abstract85)      PDF(pc) (2947KB)(90)       Save
Through the relevant data provided by the "Baidu Index", the paper analyzes the spatial-temporal characteristics of Huangshan Tourism's network attention in 2019 and 2020, the years chosen as the time frame before and after the outbreak of the epidemic. The results show that the peak of weekly attention arrived early, indicating that people are more cautious; the peak of tourism accommodation and travel search has been delayed, proving a significant impact of the epidemic on tourism. Monthly analysis shows that the attention has decreased significantly after the epidemic. People's spatial preferences for tourism in Huangshan have gradually shifted to the eastern region, and most of the areas with great changes in network attention to Huangshan tourism are the "hard-hit areas" and their surrounding areas. The results of this paper are helpful for the tourism industry to deal with public health incidents in a timely and reasonable manner, and are also of significance to the recovery and promotion of tourism after the epidemic.
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The VAT Rebate Policy and Enterprise Innovation: Based on the Test of the DID Model
ZHAO Zhi-wei, DING Hua
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (6): 39-50.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.005
Abstract83)      PDF(pc) (1012KB)(91)       Save
The study takes the implementation of "Notice on Tax Policies Concerning the Refund of Value-Added Tax Credits for Certain Industries in 2018" as a quasi-natural experiment, selects Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share listed companies in 2015—2020 as the research samples, and uses the DID model to study the effect of the implementation of this policy on enterprise innovation. It is found that compared with the enterprises in the control group, the implementation of the "VAT rebate" policy significantly increased the innovation level of the enterprises in the experimental group. The policy has a significant promoting effect on the innovation level of enterprises in the growth or maturity period, but has no significant impact on enterprises in the recession period. Compared with enterprises in the growth period, this policy can better improve the innovation level of enterprises in the maturity period. In the case of market competition, it is found that the "VAT rebate" policy has a significant effect on promoting the innovation level of enterprises with low product market competition. The research confirms the promotion effect of the "VAT rebate" policy on enterprise innovation, and provides insights for the new round of value-added tax reform.
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The Way to Improve Party History Study and Education for the Youth from the Perspective of Network Circle Group
ZHOU Wei-xiu
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (5): 8-15.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.05.002
Abstract83)      PDF(pc) (701KB)(123)       Save
The network circle group is young people's social mode which has risen with the development of Internet technology. The transformation of society has made the living state of young people show a trend of individualization. Contemporary young people connect with the society by showing themselves and pursuing individuality; their "anti-organization" tendency is more obvious than in the past; and their social communication shows the characteristics of enlargement and virtualization. The innovation of Internet technology has constructed a different social mode for the contemporary youth. The network circle group has become the platform for the youth to show themselves and the carrier of social communication. At the same time, the circle group culture and the mainstream culture also achieve integration and change in the interaction. The characteristics of "information cocoon" and "entertainment first" in network circles provide opportunities for the creation of nihilistic history, distorted history, and other wrong ideas, which seriously hinder the cultivation of correct historical views of young people. Under the background of the youth's network social circles, we should cultivate the youth's rational recognition by promoting the concretization of the theoretical knowledge of Party history, meet the needs of youth by changing the narrative mode of Party history, and enhance the authority of Party history by optimizing the content supply and work thought of Party history education.
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On the Idea, Meaning and Value of the Nobility Spirit of a Good Teacher with "Four Characteristics"
LIANG Xiu-de
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (6): 158-164.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.019
Abstract82)      PDF(pc) (1458KB)(77)       Save
Good teachers with the "four characteristics" are the hopes of developing our education, building China into a country with advanced education, a modern socialist state with Chinese characteristics, and realizing the Chinese nation's great rejuvenation. The "four characteristics" are good teachers' basic accomplishments. The nobility spirit that a good teacher should possess is the concentration of the "four characteristics". The nobility spirit is the first and primary standard and accomplishment, and is the core of teachers' morality. The questions a good teacher with nobility spirit should clarify are:"What is the nobility spirit? What kinds of nobility spirits should a good teacher possess? And how does a good teacher possess these kinds of nobility spirits?" So, it is necessary to explore the idea, meaning and value of a good teacher's nobility spirit.
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On Mao Zedong’s Thought of Dealing with the Relationship Between the Party and the Masses in the Early Days of PRC
ZHAO Guang-jun
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (4): 16-21.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.04.003
Abstract81)      PDF(pc) (712KB)(150)       Save
In the early days of People’s Republic of China, Mao Zedong attached great importance to dealing with the relationship with the masses. He put forward numerous new viewpoints: Addressing the relationship between the Party and the masses is of great significance to the Party and the country; the focus is to emphasize and rely on the masses; the key point is to contact the masses; the fundamental point is to benefit the masses; In dealing with the relationship between the Party and the masses, we should do a good job in publicity and education to the masses, make good use of the methods of criticism and self-criticism, and build a good team of Party members and cadres. The study of these thoughts can provide enlightenment and reference for the Party’s work with the masses under the new situation and building a harmonious relationship between the Party and the masses in the new period.
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Differentiation and Confluence of Refined and Popular Music from the Perspective of "Heaven and Man"
CHEN Xian-tao
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (5): 77-84.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.05.009
Abstract80)      PDF(pc) (917KB)(134)       Save
Under the influence of the idea of "heaven and man" in the pre-Qin and Han Dynasties, the aesthetic purpose, function and characteristics of refined music and popular music were "close but different". From the perspective of the differentiation process, the aesthetic pursuit of the "harmony of heaven and man" of refined music was different from that of the "happiness of heaven and man" of popular music, and the aesthetic subjects' choices of "divinity" or "humanity" were different, so the "orders of differing music" were completed in the differentiated scenes of "temples" and "the folks". From the perspective of confluence causes, refined and popular music were based on the identity of the feelings of heaven and man, and promoted the teaching of heaven and man with the help of aesthetic commonality, so as to realize the value unity of the beauty of heaven and man. Differentiation originated from the worship of "gods", while confluence witnessed the rise of "man".
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The Empirical Research on Judicial Referee for Income Distribution Disputes in Rural Collective Economic Organizations: Based on 155 Judgment Documents
SUN Yan-ping, ZHAO Xin-long
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (5): 49-55+76.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.05.006
Abstract80)      PDF(pc) (1014KB)(137)       Save
Under the background of the continuous promotion of the reform of the rural collective property right system and the rapid growth of the total assets of the collective economy, there are nearly 600 thousand village level collective economic organizations in China. The contradictions in income distribution within the organizations are prominent, and the number of disputes is increasing year by year. However, the judiciary has failed to give full play to its role in dealing with such disputes. In practice, it is faced with difficulties such as differences in the litigability of disputes, non-uniform standards for determining the eligibility to participate in distribution, fuzzy rules for determining the effectiveness of distribution schemes, and non-standard dispute handling methods. In order to solve the above difficulties, we should make it clear that such disputes belong to the scope of cases accepted by the court, give the court certain judicial review power, clarify the criteria for determining the membership and the effectiveness of the income distribution scheme, and standardize the handling methods of court disputes, so as to smooth the channels of judicial relief and effectively resolve the income distribution disputes of rural collective economic organizations.
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On Domestic Product Advertising from Shun Pao under the Discourse of Commemorating National Humiliation
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (5): 94-100+126.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.05.011
Abstract80)      PDF(pc) (1310KB)(124)       Save
The commemoration of national humiliation is a unique ceremony in modern China. Under the special background of China's poverty and weakness and repeated suffering from violations of its sovereignty, the commemoration reflects the people's anger and their desire for self-improvement. During the period of the Republic of China, national capitalist enterprises used the special ceremony of commemorating national humiliation to cater to the psychology of Chinese people, widely published domestic advertisements in newspapers and periodicals, publicized their products and brands, and formed a cultural phenomenon with both political and commercial nature. These advertisements, while bring profits to the enterprises, also had the function of achieving consensus and enhancing national identity, which could promote the recovery of economic rights and the development of political movements. At the same time, domestic products also improved quality and reduced prices, which benefited the consumers in the process.
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Research on Chongqing’s Donation Campaign in 1939
HUANG Rui-qi
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (4): 91-100.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.04.012
Abstract78)      PDF(pc) (1243KB)(134)       Save
In 1939, in order to mobilize the masses to participate in the second phase of the Anti-Japanese War, the New Life Movement Promotion Association hosted a donation contest in Chongqing in the name of celebrating the fifth anniversary of the New Life Movement. Under the guidance of publicity and action, all walks of life in Chongqing were actively mobilized and finally achieved excellent donation results. The 1939 Chongqing donation contest was the first large-scale donation campaign after the Kuomintang moved the capital. It not only started the mass mobilization on the home front under the rule of the Kuomintang, but also strengthened the Kuomintang’s control and influence over the home front. The 1939 Chongqing donation contest was not only an important part of the national donation movement during the Anti-Japanese War, but also a microcosm of the Kuomintang mass mobilization during the Anti-Japanese War. By examining the entire process with the reports and official letters at that time, we can understand the interaction between Kuomintang mass mobilization and mass response during the Anti-Japanese War, and reflect on the problem of the Kuomintang mass mobilization during the war.
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An OED- and COCA-assisted Analysis on Semantic Change and Discrimination of Synonyms: By the Case of English Synonymous Verbs Deceive and Cheat
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (4): 120-127.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.04.015
Abstract78)      PDF(pc) (1381KB)(138)       Save
Based on The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) and the Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA), this paper conducts a comparative study of English synonymous verbs deceive and cheat from five aspects: sense evolution, genre distribution, word frequency, collocation, and topics. The results reveal that deceive has more senses that became obsolete than cheat in the process of semantic shifts, so the word cheat has a wider semantic scope in modern English, but both verbs retain the meaning of "To cause to believe what is false" as the chief word sense; different from cheat which is frequently used in oral and informal genres, deceive always appears in formal contexts; the word frequency of cheat is much higher than that of deceive and their inflectional change tendencies are different; deceive often co-occur with topic words related to religion, while cheat is regularly involved in topics like honesty and morality, marriage and ethics. The study aims to clarify the similarities and differences between synonyms deceive and cheat, hoping to provide inspiration for English synonyms teaching and acquisition.
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Reconsidering the Formation of Separable Verb-Object Compounds and Their Semantic Change
ZHONG Lin-lin
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (4): 128-134.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.04.016
Abstract76)      PDF(pc) (1533KB)(153)       Save
The formation paths of separable verb-object compounds are variable. In addition to the two conventional paths of lexicalization and de-lexicalization, the separable verb-object compounds can be directly formed by word formation, such as xizao; or by re-analysis of the structure, such as shuijiao and xiyu. The separable form can trigger the semantic change of the morphemes. The latter morpheme of a separable word tends to become ane active noun morpheme, which can participate in word formation; the former morpheme may also evolve—the transitivity of shui is derived from shuijiao and the meaning of shui has also changed. Separable words are not the middle stage of lexicalization, and their separation might be gradually strengthened.
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Study on Evaluation Index System of Water Environment Performance Audit in Chaohu Lake Basin
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (5): 16-29.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.05.003
Abstract76)      PDF(pc) (1092KB)(130)       Save
In recent years, China's policies and regulations on ecological environment construction have been improved, and the capital investment has also been increased. However, audit is needed to verify and evaluate whether these policies and regulations are implemented, whether funds are reasonably used, and whether corresponding governance results are obtained. Taking the water environment governance of Chaohu Lake basin as an example, the study uses PSR model, analytic hierarchy process and environment merit model to realize the authentication and evaluation of water environment governance activities in Chaohu Lake basin. The study found that the water environment governance in Chaohu Lake basin has achieved certain results, but with the continuous progress of governance, relevant departments need to clarify their own responsibilities, promote the implementation of governance policies, and promote the establishment and implementation of accountability mechanism, so as to further improve the governance effect. This paper successfully constructed an evaluation index system for water environment performance audit in Chaohu Lake basin, which enriched the research on the evaluation index system of water environment performance audit and provided reference for other areas to carry out water environment performance audit.
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An Empirical Study on Influencing Factors of Female College Students' Employability
LIU Mei-ling, LI Cheng-lan
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (5): 141-148.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.05.017
Abstract76)      PDF(pc) (1436KB)(127)       Save
Taking female students in local colleges as the research object, this paper uses structural equation model to explore the structure of female college students' employability and its influencing factors. Through exploratory factor analysis, this paper obtains three potential variables: college employment training, college curriculum design and individual comprehensive quality. Through structural equation model, this paper explores the path load coefficient between potential variables and verifies the hypothesis. It is concluded that: College employment training has no significant impact on the improvement of female college students' employability; college curriculum design and individual comprehensive quality have a significant positive impact on the improvement of their employability. Based on the empirical research results, the paper puts forward relevant suggestions.
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The Establishment of "Public" Consciousness in Modern China from the Perspective of Articles on Parks in Late Qing Dynasty to Early Republic of China(1870—1920)
HU Die
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (4): 110-119.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.04.014
Abstract75)      PDF(pc) (1349KB)(157)       Save
The research on the relationship between park construction and public consciousness is an important aspect to explore the process of China’s modernization. The attitude of the public toward parks experienced the transformation from the late 19th century, demanding the same right to enter the public gardens as Westerners, to the early 20th century, urging the government to build public gardens and other public-owned leisure and entertainment places. This change reflects the gradual emergence of modern "public" consciousness and its interaction with the construction of parks. The emergence of new things is often accompanied by new concepts and ideas. The construction process of modern parks reflects the establishment process of "public" consciousness in modern China.
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Interpreter "Interpreting" Intent: On Ken Liu's English Translation of Gender in Si Shen Yong Sheng in the Light of the Patronage
HE Yu-fang
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (5): 127-133+164.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.05.015
Abstract75)      PDF(pc) (1481KB)(116)       Save
Death's End, the English version of Chinese science fiction Si Shen Yong Sheng, was published in foreign countries in 2016. The novel made it onto the New York Times Best-sellers List in its debut week, and was the winner of Locus Award and the nominee of Hugo Award in 2017. Apparently, such achievements prove that Ken Liu's translation of Si Shen Yong Sheng is successful. But some differences can be found in the content about gender between the Chinese version and the English version after close reading. In the light of the patronage, and with the help of text analysis and the answer from Ken Liu, the paper aims to analyze the English translation of gender in Si Shen Yong Sheng and research how the translator Ken Liu communicates and cooperates with the editor Liz, the representative of the publisher, and the author Liu Cixin in order to achieve the translation ecobalance in the translation community.
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“[Kəʔ]” question in Chaohu dialect
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (4): 9-15+31.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.04.002
Abstract75)      PDF(pc) (705KB)(135)       Save
"[K??]" question is a sentence pattern commonly used to express doubt in Chaohu dialect. "[K??]" questions in Chaohu dialect can be divided into three categories: "[K??]VP", "[K??] 是 NP" and "[K??] 是 VP". "[K??]" questions can also express different tenses by co-occurrence with different tense and aspect auxiliary words. As for the nature of "[K??]" questions, we conclude that, "[K??]VP" sentence pattern in Chaohu dialect has a double corresponding relationship with neutral repeated questions and neutral yes or no questions in Putonghua. "[K??]是NP" has a corresponding relationship with neutral repeated questions in Putonghua; "[K??]是 VP" has a double corresponding relationship with tendency repeated questions and "是不是"(yes or no)questions in Putonghua.
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Research on the Street Facade Reconstruction of Historical Blocks in the Context of "Urban Double Repair": Taking Yanhe Road in Yuncao Ancient Town as an Example
LI Lin-sen, LI Hong-yan, LI Xi-kun
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (6): 11-23.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.002
Abstract74)      PDF(pc) (8476KB)(83)       Save
In recent years, the protection and development design of historical blocks have been paid more attention, but at the same time, there are also problems such as the disorder of street space, the damage of building facades, and the lack of cultural characteristics, and the research on the riverside facade environment is relatively rare. "Urban double repair" is not only an effective way to improve the urban environment, upgrade the quality of human settlements and solve urban diseases, but also a necessary means to link the traditional historical blocks with the development of modern cities. Taking Yanhe Road of Yuncao ancient town as the research object, guided by the concept of "urban double repair", aiming at the existing problems such as buildings, building components and landscape sketches in its street facade, the paper puts forward four transformation principles and corresponding transformation countermeasures, namely, the principle of integrity, the principle of historical continuity, the principle of appropriate transformation, and the principle of aesthetic appreciation. It is hoped that the street view along the river and the revival of the ancient town can be reproduced, and the inheritance of the Yuncao culture can be promoted, which will be beneficial to the research on the reconstruction of the riverside street facade in the historical ancient town.
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A Study on the Implicitation of Logical Conjunctions Based on Business English-Chinese Parallel Corpus
LIU Yang
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (5): 134-140.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.05.016
Abstract70)      PDF(pc) (1347KB)(121)       Save
On the basis of a self-built English-Chinese parallel corpus of business texts, the present research makes a quantitative and qualitative study on interlingual implicitation, and its underlying motivations in the process of English-Chinese translation of business discourse, with conditional conjunctions and adversative conjunctions as examples. The results show that in business discourse, interlingual implicitation is not significant in conditional conjunctions or adversative conjunctions. The degree of implicitation of adversative conjunctions is slightly lower than that of conditional conjunctions. Besides, conjunctive implicitation is closely related to specific logical conjunctions. Through further analysis, it is found that translator factors, linguistic differences and communicative pragmatic factors affect conjunctive implicitation and its degree in the English-Chinese translation of business discourse. The research will, to a certain extent, provide translation strategies for improving the readability of business English-Chinese translation texts.
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Study on Temporal and Spatial Differentiation and Influencing Factors of Water Resources Utilization Efficiency in Anhui Province: Based on DEA-Malmquist Model
DING Tao, LI Hao, LIU Yi
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (4): 40-49.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.04.006
Abstract68)      PDF(pc) (2086KB)(147)       Save
Improving water resources utilization efficiency is of great significance to regional economic development. Based on the panel data of Anhui Province from 2011 to 2020, this paper uses Malmquist index and Tobit regression model to study the temporal and spatial differentiation and influencing factors of water resources utilization efficiency in Anhui Province. The results show that: the overall water resources utilization efficiency of Anhui Province showed a fluctuating downward trend from 2011 to 2020, from 0.939 in 2011 to 0.869 in 2020. The water resources utilization efficiency of Hefei, Huaibei, Bozhou, Suzhou and Huangshan was higher, while that of Huainan, Maanshan, Xuancheng and Chizhou was lower; The total factor productivity index of Anhui Province from 2011 to 2020 is 0.989, and the total factor productivity index of Hefei, Huaibei, Maanshan, Wuhu, Tongling, Anqing and Huangshan is greater than 1, with obvious technological progress; The increase of per capita GDP, the proportion of primary industry, and the proportion of agricultural water use, play a positive role in promoting the efficiency of water resources utilization, while the increase of per capita water consumption will hinder the improvement of water resources utilization efficiency. The results of this study can provide reference for government departments to formulate relevant policies.
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The Application of the Principle of Proportionality in Regulating the Disciplinary Power of Employers
LI Ying, XU Tian-zhu
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (6): 24-32.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.003
Abstract68)      PDF(pc) (1075KB)(94)       Save
The employer formulates internal labor discipline norms to manage the work behavior of the employee according to its industry, development requirements, and production and operation model, etc. When the employee has an act of undermining the order of production and operation, the employer may exercise the disciplinary power in accordance with these rules and regulations to achieve the stability of the production and operation order of the employer and the maintenance of the company's interests. However, in practice, due to the lack of corresponding regulation of the disciplinary power, and the fact that the degree words in the corresponding legal provisions are not clearly defined, the employer's disciplinary power is easily abused, becoming a weapon to infringe on the interests of employee. The contradiction between employers and workers is deepening. As the"imperial principle" in the field of administrative law, the proportional principle, whose purpose is to regulate discretion and protect the interests of the counterparts, is of great significance for determining the standard of degree. Therefore, the principle of proportionality is introduced into the labor laws and regulations to regulate the disciplinary power of employers, so as to alleviate the contradictions between employers and employees. The paper studies its value, application possibilities, and specific mechanisms for regulating the disciplinary power of employers, in order to put forward suggestions for improving the disciplinary power of employers.
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A Study on the Effect of College Students' L2 Motivational Self System in Mobile Learning
XU Hai-rong
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (5): 149-157.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.05.018
Abstract67)      PDF(pc) (1426KB)(133)       Save
Current studies on the effect of L2 Motivational Self System(L2MSS) on college students' motivational behaviors are rare. A mixed qualitative and quantitative analysis with 162 college students from a mobile learning course called Youlinyouke was conducted to explore the influence of L2MSS on students' motivational behaviors and its difference from offline learning context. The results indicate that, on the one hand, the L2MSS in the mobile context has an effect on college students' motivational behaviors, with the L2 learning experience having a significant positive effect, the ideal L2 self having a moderate positive effect, and the ought-to L2 self having no effect; on the other hand, different from the effect in offline learning context, the function of learners' L2 ideal self on motivational behaviors is weakened but the effect of L2 learning experience is reinforced. A thorough grasp of the effect of the L2MSS of college students in the context of mobile learning has significant implications for promoting mobile English course design, mobile English teaching practice, and educational equality.
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Assessment of China's Port Investment Risk in Countries along "The Belt and Road"
SHAO Yan-bo, YU Jing-wei
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (5): 56-65.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.05.007
Abstract67)      PDF(pc) (1346KB)(128)       Save
In order to study the port investment risk of countries along "the Belt and Road", this paper selects the panel data from 2010 to 2019 to build an index system from the five dimensions of political risk, economic risk, social risk, relations with China, and the development of the port industry, and evaluates the port investment risk based on the dynamic factor model. The results show that: From the country perspective, the country with the lowest investment risk is the Netherlands, and the highest is Nigeria. From the region perspective, the port investment risk in Europe is the lowest and that in Africa is the highest. From the time perspective, the port investment risk for most countries along the line shows a decreasing or stable trend, but the opposite is true for Australia and some countries in Western Asia. When Chinese enterprises invest in overseas ports in the future, they should reasonably select the investment area according to the risk level, and be alert to the threats and challenges brought by the epidemic to Chinese enterprises.
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Study on the Feasibility and Application Effects of TPRS Teaching Method in College Oral English Teaching
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (4): 157-164.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.04.020
Abstract67)      PDF(pc) (1447KB)(154)       Save
TPRS is a widely-used teaching method in foreign language teaching in the United States. The study on the feasibility of TPRS from the aspects of teachers, students and teaching facilities, along with its application effects with the empirical research of TPRS classroom teaching as demonstration, has significant enlightenment for college oral English teaching reform in China. The study shows TPRS is a beneficial attempt in college oral English teaching reform, and is of due significance and research value.
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Research on the Effect of Office Chit -chat on Knowledge Concealment: The Chain Mediating Effect of Interpersonal Trust and Psychological Disengagement
WANG Ping, WANG Yao-juan, WANG Xue-lian
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (4): 32-39.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.04.005
Abstract62)      PDF(pc) (838KB)(157)       Save
Office chit-chat, as an instant interaction ritual, has widely existed in Chinese organizations and its practical effectiveness has been tested. However, few studies explored the influence of office chit-chat on knowledge concealment and its mechanism. Based on affective event theory and resource preservation theory, we focused on the influence of office chit-chat on knowledge concealment and investigated the chain mediating effect of interpersonal trust—psychological disengagement. Regression analysis using 367 individual samples found that: Office chit-chat has a negative prediction effect on knowledge concealment; Interpersonal trust and psychological disengagement play a mediating role between office chit-chat and knowledge concealment; The chain relation of interpersonal trust—psychological disengagement has a significant mediating effect between office chit-chat and knowledge concealment. The conclusion not only expands the study on the outcome variables of office chit-chat, but also provides a practical reference for organizations to realize the positive effect of chit-chat and tackle employees’ knowledge concealment.
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Exploration on the Applied Teaching Reform of History Major Courses Under the Background of New Liberal Arts
SHEN Zhi-fu, BI Xian-ke
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (6): 151-157.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.018
Abstract62)      PDF(pc) (1268KB)(86)       Save
History is a traditional basic discipline with strong humanistic attributes, and the applied teaching of its curriculum has a large space for expansion. Under the new liberal arts concept, it is necessary to fully tap the internal curriculum resources of the major, mobilize external teaching methods, and integrate interdisciplinary methods to deepen the applied teaching reform. The applied teaching design of the curriculum should be reflected in many aspects: the design of teaching concept should show cultural confidence; the design of teaching methods should draw on others' advantages; the design of teaching content should highlight the social needs; and the design of teaching objectives should foster family and motherland feelings. In particular, attention should be paid to the excavation of ideological and political elements of teaching content, the integration of multiple disciplines and the multilevel application of teaching forms.
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Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (6): 165-168.  
Abstract61)      PDF(pc) (1482KB)(94)       Save
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On Female Violence in Modern Huaibei Rural Society
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (6): 106-112+164.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.012
Abstract61)      PDF(pc) (1336KB)(85)       Save
Although women's pain is rooted in the power patterns of patriarchal societies, female violence to other females is often concealed under male domination. Women who perpetrate violence to other females become strong defenders of patriarchal society, and to some extent, they also uphold and help reproduce patriarchy. Due to the decay of the social ecology, the alienation of the village administration, the change of the economic structure of the farming family, the high degree of feudalism, and the blockage of new ideas, the modern Huaibei countryside provided a context for the occurrence of violence against women. Whether it is the "intimate other" within the family, such as mother and daughter, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, or sisters-in-law, or the "strange other" without any blood relationship, they may become the "violent other". The real liberation of women should not only focus on how to get women liberated from the male-dominated society, but also on how to get women out of the predicament of mutual violence, so as to further promote the liberation of women.
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Research on Online Learning Path of Foreign Language Courses Based on Semantic Web
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (5): 158-164.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.05.019
Abstract60)      PDF(pc) (1407KB)(147)       Save
By sorting out the literature on the history of foreign language online teaching, we can get a clear perspective that foreign language teaching is closely related to information technology, of which the rapid development has greatly promoted the growth of the former, embodied in the full-scale electronization, datafication and convenient storage of foreign language curriculum. However, in-depth integration of the two is not satisfactory due to the following problems—the lack of online classroom management, students' off-task behaviors, limited functions of online learning platform, and low utilization of learning resources. These drawbacks can only be solved by constructing an effective interaction channel between teachers and students, the deep integration of information technology and foreign language learning, and the construction of foreign language learning platform based on the idea of semantic web, thus to find a path leading to significant development.
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A Study on Interrelations between Chinese EFL Undergraduates' Willingness to Communicate in English, Foreign Language Anxiety and Teacher Immediacy
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (6): 143-150.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.017
Abstract58)      PDF(pc) (1407KB)(84)       Save
Previous literature has demonstrated that the willingness to communicate(WTC) of second language(L2) learners is affected by a variety of factors, among which individual difference factors such as foreign language anxiety and classroom contextual factors such as teacher behavior have been the hot topic. This study aims to develop a hypothetical model to explore the correlations between L2 learners' WTC, foreign language anxiety and teacher immediacy. Questionnaire data was collected from 497 non-English-major college students in Anhui Province and processed in a hypothetical model through measurement and confirmation via AMOS 17.0. It was found that when the foreign language anxiety decreases or the immediate teacher behavior increases, learners' WTC, correspondingly, increases. However, teacher immediacy had no direct effect on foreign language anxiety, which means the immediate teacher behavior failed to alleviate learners' anxiety. This finding, to some degree, bridges the research gap by providing statistical testimony on the factors influencing WTC and sheds pedagogical insights for college English teaching.
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On Construction of National Images in the Technology-Themed Front Covers from the Perspective of Visual Grammar: A Case Study of Beijing Review
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (4): 135-141+148.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.04.017
Abstract58)      PDF(pc) (3357KB)(133)       Save
Journal covers are usually the kind of multimodal discourses combining images and text symbols, which play active roles in the construction and communication of national images. Based on the framework of visual grammar theory, this paper conducts a meaning analysis of multimodal symbols of technology-themed front covers of Beijing Review published from 2012 to 2021, and examines the visual framing of image symbols, so as to reveal the meaning presentation and construction of China’s technological images with the integration of linguistic texts. The result shows that the technology-themed front covers of Beijing Review mainly employ three kinds of visual frameworks including innovation, driving and empowerment. Through the three meta-meanings of representation, interaction and composition in visual grammar, the front covers present the real scenes of Chinas technological images, innovate the visual symbols for the international communication of Chinas technological images, and construct the technological images of China in harmony with the era.
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A Study on the Coupling Coordination and Prediction of Ecological Economy and Tourism Economy in Hefei Metropolitan Area
LU Ju, FU Wei, WU Jie-fang
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (5): 30-38.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.05.004
Abstract58)      PDF(pc) (1009KB)(123)       Save
Taking Hefei metropolitan area as the research area, the evaluation index systems of ecological economy and tourism economy are constructed respectively. The development index and coupling coordination degree of the two systems from 2016 to 2020 are measured and analyzed by global entropy method, comprehensive index evaluat ion model and coupling coordination degree model, and then the development trend of coupling coordination degree is predicted by GM(1,1)model. The results show that from 2016 to 2019, the growth trends of the average development indices of the two systems in Hefei metropolitan area are similar, while those of the average development indices of the two systems are opposite in 2020, but the regional differences of the two systems are both shrinking. In spatial and temporal dimensions, the eight cities(counties) in Hefei metropolitan area generally show an upward trend with fluctuations, and the coupling level evolves from being on the verge of imbalance to intermediate coordination. The specific spatial evolution law is "convex"— "high in the middle, low in the north and south"— "concave"; The coupling coordination degree of each member of Hefei metropolitan area is dynamically simulated. The simulation results of all cities(counties) are good except Hefei, which reflects that the coupling coordination degree will develop to a high level in the future. The research results of this paper can provide reference for Hefei metropolitan area to promote sustainable tourism development and ecological civilization construction.
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On the Contradiction of the Frontier Poets’ Thought of Pursuing Official Career in Early Tang Dynasty
REN Zhi-hong
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (4): 64-70.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.04.009
Abstract57)      PDF(pc) (1069KB)(152)       Save
In early Tang Dynasty(618—766 CE), there were many lines in frontier poems that "advocated military over Confucianism", which derived from the unconscious inheritance of historical tradition, and self-mockery and anger from personal experience of talent being neglected. This kind of cultural inertia and temporary mood cannot fully and accurately prove that the frontier poets had a distinct custom that "advocated military over Confucianism". In fact, although the frontier poets in the early Tang Dynasty advocated military, they also positively pursued official career by academic study, which were mainly reflected in identifying with the literati, praising and sympathizing with scholars, having experience of being officials, and thought of civil administration. To make military achievements and pursue an official career was the aspiration of the frontier poets in early Tang Dynasty. The complexity of this aspiration reflects the profound contradiction between ideal and reality.
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