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A Study on the Evolution of Economic Spatial Network Structure in Hefei–Nanjing Metropolitan Area
WANG Qi-hui, WANG Shu-chao
Journal of Chaohu University    2023, 25 (6): 1-9.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.06.001
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A gravity model was constructed based on the comprehensive city quality and the bidirectional time distance to analyze the spatial and temporal pattern of the economic relations between Hefei and Nanjing two cities. The spatial structure of the urban economic network was explored by social network analysis. The findings are as follows: The economic connection strength of Hefei–Nanjing metropolitan area is led by two cores, with a "strong east, weak west" and "strong central, weak north and south" pattern; The interaction among circles is weak, and the potential for coordinated development in the intersection area is huge; The positive externality of economic network connection in Hefei has not been fully developed. The economic network is getting more closely connected, but not to a high level, and the structural stability is weak; The resource radiation capacity of the metropolitan area is stronger than its resource agglomeration capacity on the whole; The situation of the core city being "dominant" has changed, and the imbalance of regional economic connections has been improved. The geographical proximity of the cohesive subgroups is strong, but the composition of the cities is unstable, and the cohesion of the subgroups within the Nanjing metropolitan area is relatively strong. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the inter-circle connection, create integrated transportation, build a scientific and technological innovation community, and jointly promote the city-industry integration.
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Use of New Media and Local Identity Recognition of Urban New Immigrants: A Chain Mediation Mode
Journal of Chaohu University    2023, 25 (6): 16-25.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.06.003
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The issue of identity recognition in the social integration process of urban new immigrants is related to social stability and development. It is of great significance to explore the influencing factors, process, and mechanism of this group's identity recognition in the context of a media society. This study uses questionnaire survey data from four cities in the Yangtze River Delta region and employs a structural equation model to investigate urban new immigrants' use of new media and explore the relationship path of its impact on their local identity recognition through the two mediating factors of psychological capital and social distance. The results show that the degree of new media use by urban new immigrants can enhance their psychological capital and reduce their social distance with local residents, and the reduction of social distance with local residents can enhance their local identity recognition. Although the degree of new media use cannot directly affect the local identity recognition of urban new immigrants, it can indirectly affect their identity recognition with social distance as a mediator and psychological capital—social distance as a chain mediator. The revelation of this mechanism can help inspire urban new immigrants to empower themselves through the use of new media, and can also provide reference for communities to use new media to build platforms conducive to the social integration of this group.
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Malaria Epidemic in Guangxi in the Early Days of New China and Social Countermeasures
WANG Wei-zhen
Journal of Chaohu University    2023, 25 (5): 1-10.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.05.001
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In the early days of the People's Republic of China, various diseases, including malaria, were rampant in Guangxi, posing a serious threat to the health of local people, and affecting Guangxi's economic and social development and people's livelihoods. Under the correct leadership of the Party and the government, the central health administration department formulated scientific and effective epidemic prevention measures and gave special guidance to provinces with severe malaria epidemics. Under the guidance of the central policy on health and epidemic prevention, on the basis of the epidemiological investigation of malaria, Guangxi formulated prevention and control plans, established epidemic prevention institutions, trained medical personnel, adopted comprehensive prevention and control measures, and carried out health publicity as well as education on malaria prevention and control to the general public, in an effort to fundamentally control and eliminate the spread of malaria. After active prevention and control, certain achievements were made in malaria control in Guangxi, and experience was accumulated for malaria control in the future.
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Disease Epidemic and Social Response in Ethnic Minority Areas in the Early Days of New China
JIA Ji-qing
Journal of Chaohu University    2023, 25 (5): 11-18.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.05.002
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Health care for ethnic minorities has a bearing on the health of the people of all nationalities and the development of various undertakings in minority areas. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, in the face of the grim medical situation in minority areas, the new regime under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) not only enabled the rapid development of public health service in minority areas, but also achieved great progress in disease prevention and treatment through the means of improving grassroots health organizations, setting up roving medical teams, carrying out health education, and mass sanitation campaigns. Smallpox, bubonic plague and venereal diseases that endangered the health of all ethnic groups were basically eliminated, and the malaria pandemic was controlled; other diseases were also markedly reduced. The situation of lack of medical care and medicine, rampant diseases, and population decline in minority areas has been greatly improved. Moreover, the development of public health service has to a great extent united the people of minority nationalities and strengthened solidarity of New China, thus promoting the cause of social progress in minority areas.
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The Writing of the Southern Ming and the Changes of Tai Jingnong's Thought in The Demise of the Ming: An Examination of the Conceptual History of "Southern Ming"
WANG Kai-xuan
Journal of Chaohu University    2023, 25 (4): 80-85+142.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.04.010
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"Southern Ming"(Nanming) is more than a mere dynastic concept. In the course of its evolution, due to the speaker's stance and purpose, the connotation of "concept" changed many times, and behind the changes were implied the atmosphere of the times, the social value orientation, and the spiritual orientation of the speaker. During the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, facing the hardships of his family and the country, Tai Jingnong echoed the "Southern Ming fever" with the title "Zhang Cangshui, the National Hero". But Tai Jingnong's life experience, full of party disputes and betrayals, prompted him to redefine the concept of "Southern Ming" through frequent textual "surgeries". The conceptual evolution history from "Southern Ming" to "Late Ming" to "Demise of Ming" reflects Tai Jingnong's real-life experience of "divergent paths". It also reflects Tai Jingnong's identity anxiety as an intellectual and his fears about the reoccurrence of history. Therefore, the discovery and framing of the historical concept "Southern Ming" in literature from the perspective of conceptual history not only facilitates understanding the narrative choices and technique structures of the writers' creations, but also helps to shed light on the spiritual aspirations and ideological orientations of literati such as Tai Jingnong during the turbulent times.
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Research on the Development Strategy of Anhui Rural Tourism in the Context of the Yangtze River Delta Integration
QI Xian-wen, LI Xiao-meng
Journal of Chaohu University    2023, 25 (4): 70-79.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.04.009
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The Yangtze River Delta(YRD) integration strategy has brought new opportunities for the development of rural tourism in Anhui Province, and the development strategy for rural tourism in Anhui Province has been widely discussed during this new development stage. The Delphi-SWOT-AHP model was used to conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis on the strategic positioning of rural tourism development in Anhui Province. 16 factors influencing the development of rural tourism in Anhui Province were identified using the SWOT model. The analytic hierarchy process (AHP) structure model was then built with the Yaahp software to calculate the SWOT development strategic strength and type orientation angles, and the strategic type strength map was drawn. The results show that the development of rural tourism in Anhui Province should adopt a proactive growth-oriented development strategy (S-O strategy). While seizing the opportunity of integrated development of the YRD and promoting multilateral cooperation in rural tourism regions, we should also strengthen the construction of the rural tourism governance system and create distinctive brands of rural cultural tourism to promote the high-quality development of rural tourism in Anhui Province.
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Research on Governance Status, Problem Review and Optimization Strategies for Rural Elderly Sports Public Service from the Perspective of WSR Methodology
ZHANG Bin, MA Long
Journal of Chaohu University    2023, 25 (3): 120-129+157.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.016
Abstract232)      PDF(pc) (1656KB)(632)       Save
In the new era, people's demand for a better life is increasing, and they have a deeper understanding of physical exercise and physical health. Their desire to improve their health has reached an unprecedented level. With the research methods of literature review, saturated experience, questionnaire survey and case analysis, the study surveyed 842 rural elderly people and 163 township cadres in Anhui Province, and the results show that: There are problems in the governance of sports public service for rural elderly people, such as equalization imbalance, lack of basic guarantee, and lack of people-oriented services. Based on this, this paper puts forward relevant suggestions: balancing the supply of rural elderly sports public service, consolidating the basic guarantee of rural elderly sports public service, and clarifying the people-orientation subject of rural elderly sports public service. To comprehensively improve the development concept of sports promoting health, implement the system of balancing the supply and demand of elderly sports public service, strengthen the support and implementation of elderly sports public service policies, improve the matching of various human resources, and build a higher-level rural elderly sports public service system, are the primary task to carry out the national fitness strategy and meet the health needs of all the people.
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The Origin and Implementation Effect of River and Lake Chief System: Taking Anhui Province as an Example
DING Tao, JIE Hong-lin, LI Hao
Journal of Chaohu University    2023, 25 (3): 1-7.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.001
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The river and lake chief system, a new system that the state values, is helpful in encouraging the management of river and lake pollution, which is crucial in promoting environmental protection. With the increasingly active research on the river and lake chief system and its development, this paper sorts out and evaluates the literature and policies of the definition, construction process and main tasks of this system. Then, based on the panel data of Anhui Province from 2011 to 2021, the relationship between the implementation of the river and lake chief system and the efficiency of water resource utilization is analyzed by SBM model. The results show that the efficiency of water resource utilization in Anhui Province has been significantly improved with the implementation of the river and lake chief system. However, there are still areas worthy of improvement in the implementation of the system. In view of these problems, Anhui should improve the legal construction, pay attention to the preliminary investigation work, and perform well in publicity work to increase the effectiveness of the river and lake chief system.
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A Civilized and Healthy Family is the Cornerstone of a Healthy China
PANC Chu-yang, XU Jun
Journal of Chaohu University    2023, 25 (2): 1-6.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.001
Abstract623)      PDF(pc) (525KB)(819)       Save
The Healthy China strategy is a vivid practice of Chinese modernization in the field of health. A healthy family is the social foundation of a healthy China. The fundamental goal of building a healthy family is to cultivate a civilized and healthy lifestyle, and to promote a civilized and healthy family as the starting point of a healthy China. The practice requirement of family civility enabling family health is to pay attention to the building of family tradition: to carry out healthy family education, and let the healthy China strategy and the patriotic health movement carry forward in all families; to promote healthy family traditions and make a civilized and healthy lifestyle a daily habit of families; relying on the strength of the family, we should promote the establishment of civilized families and healthy families at the same time, so that family civility and family health can develop in the same direction.
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Research on the Path of Young People's Historical Initiative in the New Era
ZHOU Li-qiong, WANG Min
Journal of Chaohu University    2023, 25 (2): 7-13+29.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.002
Abstract827)      PDF(pc) (768KB)(886)       Save
The historical initiative spirit is the character refined in various historical periods when the CPC led the people to work tirelessly to change the destiny of the nation and the country, is the spiritual key to continue the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and is the logical starting point that conforms to the core values of socialism for the new era youth. The historical initiative of young people in the new era is based on the theory of critically inheriting historical materialism, nurtured on the cultural keynote of China's excellent traditional culture, and born in the historical endurance struggle. The historical initiative spirit and the unique value of ideological and political education of young people in the new era are explored, which are mainly manifested in the cognitive aspect of deepening the quality of historical materialism, the belief aspect of casting historical confidence, and the practice aspect of enhancing historical initiative. In view of this, young people in the new era must strengthen their theoretical abilities and promote the unity of knowledge and practice, learn from models and establish lofty ideals, adhere to the original mission and enhance responsibility, and make good use of historical methods to promote integrity and innovation.
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The Change from the Ming to the Qing Dynasty and Gu Zhenli's Changes in Ci-poetry Style
Journal of Chaohu University    2023, 25 (2): 78-83.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.010
Abstract214)      PDF(pc) (1095KB)(591)       Save
The drastic change from the Ming to the Qing dynasty profoundly affected Gu Zhenli's Ci-poetry creation, which were delicate words at the end of the Ming Dynasty, and gradually changed from expressing the severe pain of losing the country in the early Qing Dynasty to encouraging brothers and nephews to seek an official rank, reflecting the complex and subtle mental journey of female writers in the early Qing Dynasty. In addition, unlike other female writers who mostly follow the tradition of feminine Ci-poems, Gu Zhenli was more closely connected with the early Qing Ci-poetry circles. She was a member of the Liangxi Ci-poet group, and was influenced by the Huajian Caotang group; her refreshing style also echoed the "Jiaxuan Feng" group and Yangxian school, showing the uniqueness of Gu Zhenli忆s mentality and creation as a female Ci poetess.
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Review and Improvement of Criminal Justice Protection of the Ecological Environment of the Chaohu Lake after the Complete Ban on Fishing: From the Perspective of Applying Ecological Restoration Measures
LI Ling-xu
Journal of Chaohu University    2023, 25 (1): 1-7.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.01.001
Abstract478)      PDF(pc) (455KB)(584)       Save
Since the ten-year ban on fishing in Chaohu Lake, the court applies the crime of illegal fishing of aquatic products to the perpetrators, which provides the criminal justice protection for the ecological environment of Chaohu Lake. However, as far as the criminal justice protection is concerned, due to the facts that the judges have not sufficiently understood the protection purpose of the crime of illegal fishing of aquatic products, the relationship between ecological restoration measures and criminal punishment has not been clarified, the scope of criminal responsibility is unclear, and the scope of application of ecological restoration measures is not clear, the ecological restoration measures have not been applied in the criminal justice protection of the ecological environment of the Chaohu Lake, resulting in insufficient criminal justice protection. Therefore, in the process of criminal justice protection of the Chaohu Lake, it is appropriate to continuously enhance the application of ecological restoration measures.
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On Han Yu's Conception of Ghosts and Spirits: Starting from "Likes to Talk About Miscellaneous and Fictitious Things"
TANG Qiu-nan
Journal of Chaohu University    2023, 25 (1): 80-85.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.01.010
Abstract302)      PDF(pc) (971KB)(574)       Save
Zhang Ji pointed out Han Yu "likes to talk about miscellaneous and fictitious things". The text analysis of Han Yu's collection shows that this statement is true. Han Yu's writings do show the feature of "miscellaneousness and fiction", which reflects Han Yu's belief in the concepts of ghosts and spirits. This belief is the result of the influence of the ancient concept of ghosts and spirits, Han Yu's own consciousness to combine Confucianism and Mohism, and his early experience. The belief was shown in his early prose works, and was strengthened by the custom of worshiping ghosts and spirits in southern Lingnan when he was demoted to Chaozhou in the 14th year of Yuanhe(819). His belief was more prominent in his god-worshipping articles and inscriptions for the god-worshipping activities in Chaozhou, which did not deviate from the Confucian tradition of "respecting ghosts and spirits at a distance", but became the auxiliary means to realize the political rule of Confucianism.
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Personal Witness and Reflection in "the Grey Zone": On the Nonfiction Writing of Primo Levi
ZHANG Li-yao
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (6): 73-80.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.008
Abstract395)      PDF(pc) (972KB)(495)       Save
Primo Levi initially chose a "nonfiction" writing method to face Auschwitz, faced up to the shame of being in "the Grey Zone", and wrote against deliberate forgetting and historical revision. In the process of writing for decades, Levi gradually pondered what is "truth", and constructed a new narrative space by combining nonfiction and fiction to a certain extent, bypassed or shelved his paradox that "the bottom victims who have died are the real witnesses, and the survivors, as exceptions, are only false witnesses in a sense". In the new narrative space, Levi used ironic rhetorical techniques and constructed a personal concise and accurate narrative style to make his works rise to the height of "workness", so he completed testimony at a higher level.
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On Female Violence in Modern Huaibei Rural Society
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (6): 106-112+164.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.012
Abstract208)      PDF(pc) (1336KB)(739)       Save
Although women's pain is rooted in the power patterns of patriarchal societies, female violence to other females is often concealed under male domination. Women who perpetrate violence to other females become strong defenders of patriarchal society, and to some extent, they also uphold and help reproduce patriarchy. Due to the decay of the social ecology, the alienation of the village administration, the change of the economic structure of the farming family, the high degree of feudalism, and the blockage of new ideas, the modern Huaibei countryside provided a context for the occurrence of violence against women. Whether it is the "intimate other" within the family, such as mother and daughter, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, or sisters-in-law, or the "strange other" without any blood relationship, they may become the "violent other". The real liberation of women should not only focus on how to get women liberated from the male-dominated society, but also on how to get women out of the predicament of mutual violence, so as to further promote the liberation of women.
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A Re-study on Translator's Role Shifting and Lin's Mistranslation: Exemplified by Bing Xue Yin Yuan
WANG Lin, YU Rong-qi
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (6): 131-136.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.015
Abstract232)      PDF(pc) (1946KB)(495)       Save
Mistranslation in Lin's translation is universal and controversial. In addition to translation, Lin Shu was able to write and paint, which helped construct his multiple roles as a scholar of classical Chinese, writer, painter and so on. From the perspective of translator's role shifting, this paper reinterprets Lin Shu's multiple roles and the generation mechanism of his mistranslation from such aspects as narrative techniques, ethical values, and visual aesthetics in Bing Xue Yin Yuan. It is stated that Lin Shu's multiple roles interweave and complement each other, contributing to his various mistranslations. The study of translator's role shifting is helpful to account for Lin Shu's multiple adjustments and transformation of the target text, and to explore his nature as social being and the socialization of his translation more comprehensively and objectively.
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Differentiation and Confluence of Refined and Popular Music from the Perspective of "Heaven and Man"
CHEN Xian-tao
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (5): 77-84.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.05.009
Abstract392)      PDF(pc) (917KB)(769)       Save
Under the influence of the idea of "heaven and man" in the pre-Qin and Han Dynasties, the aesthetic purpose, function and characteristics of refined music and popular music were "close but different". From the perspective of the differentiation process, the aesthetic pursuit of the "harmony of heaven and man" of refined music was different from that of the "happiness of heaven and man" of popular music, and the aesthetic subjects' choices of "divinity" or "humanity" were different, so the "orders of differing music" were completed in the differentiated scenes of "temples" and "the folks". From the perspective of confluence causes, refined and popular music were based on the identity of the feelings of heaven and man, and promoted the teaching of heaven and man with the help of aesthetic commonality, so as to realize the value unity of the beauty of heaven and man. Differentiation originated from the worship of "gods", while confluence witnessed the rise of "man".
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Significance of China-Style Modernization to the World: From the Perspective of "The Third Historical Resolution"
WU Di, WU Duo-zhi
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (5): 1-7.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.05.001
Abstract307)      PDF(pc) (540KB)(519)       Save
The unprecedented modernization of China not only promotes the great change of the Chinese society, but also has great significance to the world. The China-style modernization path has a profound impact on the world modernization in three aspects: development mode, road construction and theoretical innovation. From the historical perspective, the China-style modernization path is a new paradigm of the modernization path; From the perspective of practice, it is a new creation in the path of world modernization; From the perspective of theory, it is a new leap of Marxist modernization theory; It is unique in the existing modernization paths of mankind. It not only has a demonstration and leading effect on the modernization of emerging countries, but also promotes the Marxist modernization theory to a new level.
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On Mao Zedong’s Thought of Dealing with the Relationship Between the Party and the Masses in the Early Days of PRC
ZHAO Guang-jun
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (4): 16-21.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.04.003
Abstract296)      PDF(pc) (712KB)(551)       Save
In the early days of People’s Republic of China, Mao Zedong attached great importance to dealing with the relationship with the masses. He put forward numerous new viewpoints: Addressing the relationship between the Party and the masses is of great significance to the Party and the country; the focus is to emphasize and rely on the masses; the key point is to contact the masses; the fundamental point is to benefit the masses; In dealing with the relationship between the Party and the masses, we should do a good job in publicity and education to the masses, make good use of the methods of criticism and self-criticism, and build a good team of Party members and cadres. The study of these thoughts can provide enlightenment and reference for the Party’s work with the masses under the new situation and building a harmonious relationship between the Party and the masses in the new period.
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On Ma Ruichen and the Academic Studies of Book of Songs in Late Qing Dynasty
YU Chun-li
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (4): 50-56.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.04.007
Abstract316)      PDF(pc) (1040KB)(643)       Save
Through combing the quotation and evaluation of Mao Shi Chuan Jian Tong Shi by the academic works in late Qing Dynasty, it is found that Ma Ruichen’s interpretation of characters by borrowing method not only was the inheritance of Qianlong and Jiaqing academic heritage, but also left scholars in late Qing dynasty with sufficient academic references. He proved Maoshi with three versions of Book of Songs, which laid a solid foundation for the scholars’ research on three versions of Book of Songs in the late Qing Dynasty. However, scholars in late Qing Dynasty did not pay enough attention to Ma Ruichen in their studies of Book of Songs. This paper analyzes the quotation and evaluation of Mao Shi Chuan Jian Tong Shi in the academic works of late Qing Dynasty, and discusses Ma Ruichen’s influence on the study of Book of Songs in late Qing Dynasty, so as to present a comprehensive understanding of the academic value of Ma’s Tong Shi in the history of studies on Book of Songs in Qing Dynasty, and supplement the academic research in this aspect.
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Preparation of Carbon Quantum Dots Based Fluorescent Molecularly Imprinted Probes and Its Specific Recognition for Sulfamerazine
YANG Ji-liang, CHEN Jie-xiao, YUE Xian-tian
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (3): 88-96.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.03.013
Abstract259)      PDF(pc) (5876KB)(852)       Save
Rapid detection of sulphonamide antibiotic contamination in the environment is important for water environment monitoring and management. To fabricate carbon quantum dots based fluorescent molecularly imprinted sensor(CQDs-MIP) with specific recognition ability for sulfamethazine, nitrogen-doped carbon quantum dots, 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane, ethylene glycol dimethacrylate and sulfamethazine were used as the fluorescence source, functional monomer, cross-linker and template molecule respectively. The effects of functional monomer addition, solvent type and cross-linker type on the performance of CQDs-MIP were investigated by adsorption experiments. The experimental results showed that the adsorption process of CQDs-MIP on sulfamethazine was in accordance with the Langmuir adsorption isotherm model and the second-order kinetic equation, and showed high selectivity for sulfamethazine with the selectivity coefficients of 2.28 and 3.02 with respect to sulfadiazine and sulfadimethazine, respectively. The linear range of CQDs-MIP for sulfamethazine was 2~100 mg·L-1 with a linear correlation coefficient of R2 = 0.9972; CQDs-MIP has the ability to detect sulfamethazine rapidly and sensitively.
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A Study on Digital Economy Promoting the Integration of Traditional Cultural Industry and Tourism in Chaohu Lake Area: Based on the Moderating Effect Model of Network Centrality
WANG Wei, XU Zhi-cang
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (3): 1-9.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.03.001
Abstract402)      PDF(pc) (855KB)(681)       Save
This paper analyzes the impact of digital economy on the integration of traditional cultural industry and tourism in Chaohu Lake area from 2012 to 2019 based on coupling coordination degree model, and introduces social network analysis method to explore the moderating effect of economic network centrality. The results show that the integration degree of traditional cultural industry and tourism is increasing in recent years; Hefei enjoys the best performance, followed by Chaohu city, Feidong county, Changfeng county, Feixi county and Lujiang county. The development of digital economy significantly promotes the integration of traditional cultural industries and tourism; the digital economy network, tourism economy network and traditional culture economy network all present "core-edge" structure, but the density is low. The Hefei municipal district is in the core position in the three networks. The centrality of the three networks positively regulates the impact of digital economy on the integration of traditional cultural industry and tourism. Finally, policy suggestions are put forward on promoting the development of digital economy, strengthening the penetration of digital technology in traditional cultural industry and tourism, and strengthening the economic ties between regions.
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Literary Representation of Fashion and the Birth of Modern Tragedy: Analyzing the Modernity Connotation of Emma's Fate from the Angle of Clothing-writing
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (2): 137-144.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.02.018
Abstract269)      PDF(pc) (1491KB)(707)       Save
A lot of meticulous clothing-writing is used in Madame Bovary, which embodies Flaubert's cognition and reflection on the fashion of French society in the early 19th century, and it is also a new perspective to analyze the fate of Emma. As a literary representation of fashion, clothing-writing is the key to interpreting the modernity connotation of the novel. The transformation of French society in the period of modernization is manifested in the change of people's aesthetic concepts and consumption behavior. Emma is in the process of modernization that has never happened before, so her tragic fate has the special reason of the times. Flaubert, in Madame Bovary, vividly shows the modernity connotation driven by material fashion behind the character's fate, and presents the dimension of fashion showing people's internal desire of "unification" and "differentiation".
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Construction of the Provisional Capital and Urban Imagination Based on the "Isolated Islet": The Young Companion and the Chongqing Bombing
LIANG Si-xuan, LIU Zhu-yan
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (2): 89-97.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.02.012
Abstract360)      PDF(pc) (4740KB)(580)       Save
The Young Companion was engaged in the mental construction of the provisional capital and envisioned the urban Chongqing from the perspective of a third party. The Chongqing bombing was not the focus of the report, or rather the report was a strategic narrative based on the setting of the agenda. Due to the coexistence of the big bombing and the Chongqing landscape, "two Chongqings" appeared to be separated from each other. However, to the readers of Shanghai as an "Isolated Islet", the two were not contradictory. The scenic Chongqing and the bombed Chongqing were behind the "visor effect" mentioned by Jacques Derrida, and they both conveyed similar implications, i.e., the big bombing would not affect Chongqing's status as the provisional capital nor could it have any impact on the overall situation of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. What the readers, represented by the "Isolated Islet" people, had to do was to follow the values conveyed behind the "visor effect", i.e., absolute confidence in the victory of the war of resistance, and more importantly, they must approve of the deployment of the Chongqing National Government for material and spiritual resources to ensure winning the war of resistance. This orientation was not only the commonality of some anti-Japanese newspapers and periodicals, but also the result of the special perspective of The Young Companion as one of the "Isolated Islet" anti-Japanese newspapers and periodicals.
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A Study on the Combined Name of "Wang Yang Lu Luo" for Four Outstanding Talents in Early Tang Dynasty
ZHOU Xiao-yu
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (2): 61-68.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.02.008
Abstract346)      PDF(pc) (977KB)(652)       Save
The Zhongzong Dynasty first began to regard Wang Bo, Yang Jiong, Lu Zhaolin and Luo Binwang as a literary group, and called them "four outstanding men" or "four talented men". Although people including the four outstanding men discussed the issue of ranking, those discussions were scattered and inconclusive. Since the Song Dynasty, "Wang Yang" and "Lu Luo" frequently appeared as pairs. Later, maybe because of the pronunciation habit of "flat front and narrow back", they were identified as "Wang Yang Lu Luo". Influenced by Zhang Shuo and Liu Su's "Pei Xingjian's comments on the four outstanding men", there were many cases in Tang and Song Dynasties where the official selection criteria of "valuing morality but belittling literature and art" was used to belittle the "four outstanding men". Du Fu was the first to rectify the fame of the "four outstanding men" from the standpoint of poetry criticism, and regarded them as a key link in the development of literature in the Tang Dynasty. With the deepening of the people's understanding of the development stage of poetry and prose, Wang, Yang, Lu and Luo's literary ideas and writing practice of inheriting Qi and Liang traditions and ushering in Tang literature got recognition. Finally, the four talents became the representatives, side by side with Shen, Song and Chen Zi'ang, of the literary circle of the early Tang Dynasty.
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Four Remarks on the Notion Yi
XU Chao-you
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (1): 117-122.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.01.017
Abstract288)      PDF(pc) (1255KB)(690)       Save
It is of necessity to explore the four notions of Ji (寄), Xiang (象), Didi (狄鞮) and Yi (译) in Book of Rites. No systematic and profound research has been conducted on the four notions. The present research on the four notions can help shed light on the connotation of "language of Yidi (夷狄)" used by Kong Yingda, the respective origins of Ji (寄) and Yi (译), the correspondence among Di (狄), Di (的) and Di (敌), and the far-fetchedness of "the popularity of Yi (译) on account of Han (汉)". All these serve to deepen the understanding of the four notions and offer a new approach to some related notions of modern translation studies.
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Xie Qing and Fen Li: Dai Zhen's Ethical Reflection on "Xie Qing Brings out the Li"
ZHANG Xiao-kun
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (1): 22-27.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.01.004
Abstract469)      PDF(pc) (720KB)(937)       Save
In Dai Zhen's ethics study, Fen Li means the distinction and integration among human beings, the core of which is the general "desires". In order to clarify the Fen Li, he adopted the way of Yi Qing Xie Qing. However, there is a possibility that this method may ignore others' "desire" claims in practice, so we still need to optimize it. Later scholars added Xin Zhi, an intellectual concept, to Xie Qing and this paper introduces the concepts of "don't do to others what they don't want" and dialogue. On the one hand, it elevates the other to the level of non-assimilation; on the other hand, it presents others' "desires" through dialogue, which can further advance the Xie Qing on the path of clarifying Fen Li.
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The Different Interpretation: Discussion of the Secondary Field of Drama Production in the Period of New Culture Movement
NI Yuan
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (1): 67-73.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.01.010
Abstract391)      PDF(pc) (1000KB)(871)       Save
This article draws on Bourdieu's theory of field of literary production and discusses the concept and practice of drama during the New Culture Movement, so as to read the historical scene comprehensively and avoid the ignorance of facts due to limited vision. By combing through the interaction between drama debates and reality before and after the New Culture Movement, this article can help understand the interpretation logic of the secondary field of drama production during the period: struggling and occupying positions in the field based on political ideals, which involves resistance against economic capital. The surrender of the old drama and the civilized new drama to economic capital is no longer suitable for the social responsibility that the secondary field of drama production is required to shoulder. Therefore, the drama dispute and the generation of modern drama show a different feature, which stems from the tense relationship in the social field and the consensus on the social function of drama.
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On the Object of Shi Fa in Chinese Art Criticism: About the Deviation from and Return to Fa
YAO Peng
Journal of Chaohu University    2022, 24 (1): 74-80.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.01.011
Abstract276)      PDF(pc) (1109KB)(878)       Save
In ancient Chinese art criticism, there were such artistic creation methods as Shi Xin (follow heart), Shi Gu (follow the ancient) and Shi Zaohua(follow creation), which provide reference for artistic creation in the process of art evaluation in past dynasties. In different times and schools, the objects of Shi Fa(follow the law) in artistic creation were different, which reflected the value and aesthetic orientation of art and artists at that time and became the benchmark and reference for artistic creation in the same period. By combing the art criticism literature on Shi Fa through ancient dynasties, this paper analyzes the changes of the object of Shi Fa with the background of specific historical periods, analyzes the artistic category of Yi(freedom) produced in the deviation from and return to Fa(law), studies the "two-way" interaction between the subject and object in the aesthetic connotation of Shi Fa, and summarizes the evolution of Shi Fa in the art criticism thought in ancient dynasties in China and the deviation from and return to Fa.
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Knockout of the Lactate Dehydrogenase Gene of Corynebacterium Crenatum
CHEN Xiao-ju, JIANG Hui-hui, LIU Wan-guang
Journal of Chaohu University    2021, 23 (6): 85-92.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.06.012
Abstract536)      PDF(pc) (1976KB)(551)       Save
[Objective] Succinic acid and lactic acid are the main products when Corynebacterium crenatum were cultured under anaerobic conditions. The knockout of lactate dehydrogenase gene(LdhA), a key enzyme for lactic acid production, can decrease the production of lactic acid and increase the flux of the metabolic pathway for succinic acid production. [Methods] In order to obtain the C. crenatum ?LdhA mutant strain, the upstream and downstream homologous recombination genes of LdhA and kanamycin resistance gene (Kn) were obtained by PCR. Afterwards, the targeting homologue recombination DNA and plasmid were constructed by fusion PCR. [Results] The targeting homologue recombination DNA of ?LdhA::Kn, targeting plasmid of pCVD442-?LdhA::Kn and donor bacteria of E.coli β2155/pCVD442-?LdhA::Kn were constructed, and the mutant strain of C. crenatum which had resistance to kanamycin was screened. [Conclusion] The results of PCR and lactate dehydrogenase activity analysis indicated that the LdhA in genome of C. crenatum was knockout and replaced by Kn. This study provides a foundation for producing succinic acid efficiently using C. crenatum.
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Research on Epidemic Diseases and Their Influencing Factors in Chaohu Lake Basin during Ming and Qing Dynasties
YANG Fan, CHEN En-hu
Journal of Chaohu University    2021, 23 (6): 1-7.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.06.001
Accepted: 25 November 2021
Online available: 05 March 2021

Abstract425)      PDF(pc) (565KB)(633)       Save
During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, epidemic diseases in Chaohu Lake basin lasted for 36 years. The formation of epidemic diseases was the result of the comprehensive effects of natural environment and climate characteristics, natural disasters, and social changes. In terms of natural environment, the general climate during the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the unique environmental characteristics in Chaohu Lake basin contributed to the epidemic diseases. In terms of natural disasters, the disaster system formed by the association of disaster elements formed the environment of epidemic diseases. Among them, the disaster elements of water, drought and locust were related to the formation of epidemic diseases most directly. In terms of social factors, epidemic diseases reflected the comprehensive effects of national epidemic prevention efforts, population changes, economic development, wars, and famines. The combination of multiple factors constituted the ecological field of epidemic diseases.
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On the Practice of the Party's Cadre Education in the Revolutionary Base Areas of Western Hunan and Hubei
SU Yue-lin
Journal of Chaohu University    2021, 23 (5): 1-8.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.001
Abstract570)      PDF(pc) (566KB)(851)       Save
The revolutionary base areas of Western Hunan and Hubei is one of the three Soviet areas led by the Communist Party of China in the period of the New Democratic Revolution. In the harsh revolutionary struggle environment, there were problems in the number, quality and production of cadres in the base areas, such as shortage of numbers, prominent ideological and political problems and dependence on the appointment system. It was urgent to carry out cadre education. Under the leadership of the Party, the revolutionary base actively carried out cadre education practice, such as improving the comprehensive quality of cadres with military academies, Party schools and training classes; innovating cadre inspection methods, promoting outstanding cadres from practical work; carrying out ideological and political education for the whole party. Through the above practice, the Party's cadre education in the revolutionary base areas of Western Hunan and Hubei achieved remarkable results: it enhanced the military skills and combat ability of cadres, forged a large number of local revolutionary talents, improved the ideological and political theory level of cadres, optimized the class status of the cadre team, and strengthened the discipline of cadres within the party.
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The Change and Constancy of Jiao Mu: Accumulation of Legendary Texts and a Study on the Locality of Belief
WU Yang, DOU Yu
Journal of Chaohu University    2021, 23 (5): 22-31.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.004
Abstract538)      PDF(pc) (1307KB)(658)       Save
The belief in Jiao Mu has a history of eighteen hundred years, and it has become an important local belief in Chaohu region. The text of Jiao Mu legend has dozens of versions from the "Annals of Three Kingdoms" to its interpretation in modern times. Behind the accumulation of texts is the tension between foreign beliefs and Jiao Mu belief, which constantly adapts to the change of times. And the constant of Jiao Mu belief is reflected in its characteristic of being limited to the local region. After thousands of years of spreading, the Jiao Mu belief has stayed in Chaohu region. This characteristic of being local is closely related to the Jiao Mu belief itself, the degree of official acknowledgement and the folk customs of Chaohu region. The locality of Jiao Mu belief dissemination is not in contradiction with the universal value of Jiao Mu. Making full use of Jiao Mu belief and its cultural connotation will be beneficial to the discourse power of Chaohu regional culture.
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Heterogeneity and Marginality: The Living Space and Identity Shape of the "Literati in the Tingzijian"
HUANG Ying-hao
Journal of Chaohu University    2021, 23 (5): 86-92.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.012
Abstract576)      PDF(pc) (1104KB)(727)       Save
The "literati in the Tingzijian" (which means literati in the pavilion) was originally proposed by Mao Zedong, but the definition of its concept wandered between generalization and unidirectionalization. The space oppression of the "Tingzijian" mirrors the literati's perception of the "proximal order" and the "remote order". The former makes the literati appear heterogeneous in getting along with the bottom workers in shanty towns and the ordinary citizens of Shanghai, so it is also far from the "popular literature and art", while the latter reflects the marginal dilemma of the "literati in the Tingzijian" in the vertical form through the comparison of cultural capital, social capital and the center of the literary field. At the same time, the enclave characteristics of the "Tingzijian" have further shaped the habitation ecology of young literati, and strengthened the power of the Left League. The two generations of "literati in the Tingzijian" moved from the margin to the center along the ascending path of the literary production mechanism, but the differentiation among the "literati in the Tingzijian" also has more room for interpretation.
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Breakthrough in the Bondage: The Game of Consular Jurisdiction in the 1912 Case of Su Youtai in the Early Republic of China
DENG Zhe-yue
Journal of Chaohu University    2021, 23 (4): 102-107.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.04.015
Abstract587)      PDF(pc) (1141KB)(827)       Save
In April 1912, a criminal case of a Japanese murdering a Chinese occurred in Shanghai concession, which aroused heated public discussion and concern. At that time, the Republic of China was in its infancy. With the regime change, the internal and external situations were complicated. After China's efforts, the case was finally won by China, and the Japanese were sentenced to life imprisonment and compensation. To a certain extent, the result safeguarded national and civil rights, and provided a reference for the future handling of similar cases. Through this case, we can see the efforts of modern Chinese people to maximize their rights and interests under the restriction of consular jurisdiction. It provides a new perspective for the study of consular jurisdiction.
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Examination and Explanation on Twelve Characters of Popular Forms from Northern Zhou and Sui Dynasties Inscriptions
LIAO Xin-dong, HE Shan
Journal of Chaohu University    2021, 23 (4): 124-129.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.04.018
Abstract445)      PDF(pc) (1391KB)(1155)       Save
As a type of unearthed documents, inscriptions are important materials for the study of ancient languages, history, and culture. Characters of popular forms are the supplement and reserve force of the orthographic system. Following the trend of the Han, Wei and Six Dynasties, the characters of popular forms in the Northern Zhou and Sui dynasties are still complex, which is a valuable material for the study of Chinese character history. It is the variety of styles and strange shapes that make it difficult to interpret the stele inscriptions during this period, and the collections of the inscriptions often misinterpret the characters of popular forms. This paper selects twelve characters of popular forms among them and corrects with evidence their faulty interpretation, providing reference for the study of modern Chinese characters and the history of Chinese characters.
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The Evolution and Enlightenment of Strengthening Inner Party Supervision in the Constitution of the Communist Party of China
ZHAO Guang-jun
Journal of Chaohu University    2021, 23 (4): 1-7.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.04.001
Accepted: 25 July 2021
Online available: 06 October 2021

Abstract531)      PDF(pc) (430KB)(824)       Save
Since the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) one hundred years ago, it has always attached great importance to the issue of inner-party supervision. The party constitution is not only the fundamental law of the party, but also the fundamental principle to adhere to in strengthening the supervision within the party.An important aspect of the party's attention to inner-party supervision is reflected in the provisions and amendments of the party constitution to inner-party supervision. From the first CPC National Congress program to the 19th National Congress constitution, the provisions on party supervision, has experienced four stages: initial formation,promotion and retrogression, development and perfection, and the latest deployment. Through the historical investigation of the relevant contents of the party constitution on the supervision within the party, this paper summarizes and studies its experience and enlightenment, which is of great significance to further strengthening the supervision within the party and promoting the comprehensive and strict governance of the party under the new situation.
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The Existing Problems and Countermeasures of Legislation for Chaohu Lake Basin
Journal of Chaohu University    2021, 23 (4): 21-30.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.04.004
Accepted: 25 July 2021
Online available: 06 October 2021

Abstract462)      PDF(pc) (761KB)(703)       Save
The ecological status of Chaohu Lake Basin is particularly important in Anhui province and even in the whole country. In recent years, the environment of Chaohu Lake Basin has been significantly improved by the government, but there are still some environmental problems. Combing the current relevant laws and regulations for Chaohu Lake Basin, summarizing the current legislative situation, we find that there are problems such as unbalanced legislative structure and scattered system, insufficient ecological legislation, imperfect legislative content and so on. According to our country' s ecological civilization concept and practical experience of comprehensive legislation in the basin, we should make comprehensive legislation in Chaohu Lake Basin, formulate the Regulations on Protection of Chaohu Lake Basin, improve the ecological concept of legislation, and construct and improve the legal system from the aspects of improving the overall environmental protection planning system, environmental impact assessment system, ecological protection compensation system and government environmental responsibility investigation mechanism, so as to provide institution guarantee for ecological protection in Chaohu Lake Basin.
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Research and Practice of Applied Course Group Teaching System Oriented Around Professional Behavior and Ability: Taking Software Development Courses as an Example
FANG Zhou, WU Qi-lin
Journal of Chaohu University    2021, 23 (3): 125-134.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.017
Abstract395)      PDF(pc) (5468KB)(699)       Save
Following the educational philosophy of outcome -oriented approach and sustainable development, this paper puts forward and practices an applied course group teaching system to cultivate students' professional behavior and ability, which integrates teaching, learning and practicing. For the teaching, the coverage or close connection of knowledge points among different professional courses in software development direction result in repeated teaching and isolation of course content in the course teaching process. To deal with this problem, this paper proposes project-oriented applied course group collaborative teaching mode. The framework of software development course group is first introduced; then this paper expounds this cooperative teaching mode in three aspects: designing comprehensive teaching cases, collaborative teaching method for the same ability stage and smooth course transfer among different ability stages. For the learning and practicing, this paper proposes taking curriculum design as the starting point to form cooperative practice platform for solving the problems of limited class hours, outdated teaching content and simplistic teaching mode and gives detailed explanations from content design in curriculum design, implementation route, multi-level and multi-dimensional assessment mechanism. For the comprehensive ability training, considering that it is difficult to improve students' ability of "solving complex engineering problems" resulting from the discontinuity of ability cultivation caused by isolated teaching, this paper discusses how to construct a comprehensive training system oriented around professional behavior and ability in line with the software development cycle.
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Research on the Development of Rural Tourism Resources around Chaohu Lake Based on the Perspective of Global Tourism
YANG Qian, WU Lei
Journal of Chaohu University    2021, 23 (3): 1-12.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.001
Accepted: 25 May 2020
Online available: 11 August 2021

Abstract659)      PDF(pc) (3868KB)(895)       Save
According to the national standards of tourism classification, the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)is used to establish the evaluation index system to determine the weight value of each indicator and comprehensively evaluate the rural tourism resources around Chaohu Lake. The nearest neighbor index, standard deviation ellipse and buffer analysis are used to carry out spatial distribution characteristics research from the aspects of distribution type, direction, and distance. The results show that the diversified types of rural tourism resources around Chaohu Lake have obvious effects, and the combination is in good condition, but most of the resources are of low grade,with average appearance, low visibility and influence, and lacking market attractiveness; rural tourism resources are unevenly agglomerated. The spatial distribution of rural tourism resources is unbalanced and concentrated along the northeast-southwest direction, and clusters along the main roads, with significant traffic dependence. At present, the development of rural tourism around Chaohu Lake is in its infancy, lacking a "connotative" development plan, and no tourism synergy has been formed. From the perspective of global tourism, combined with the current development of rural tourism around Chaohu Lake, we propose a new rural tourism space pattern of "one lake, one corridor, three cities and four districts", and strive to create a rural tourism circle around Chaohu Lake. The purpose is to promote the establishment of the tourism destination and realize the strategic goal of Rural Revitalization.
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The Influence of Mobile Short Video Cover's Presentation on Users' Intention
WANG Ying, CAO Jiang
Journal of Chaohu University    2021, 23 (3): 19-26.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.003
Abstract604)      PDF(pc) (2370KB)(830)       Save
Mobile short video has become an important way for users to obtain information and relax. The presentation of mobile short video cover is the direct entrance for users. High quality of short video cover's presentation can help attract more attention. Based on the information adoption model, combined with situational learning theory and schema learning theory, this paper studies the effect and mechanism of mobile short video cover presentation on users' intention. It is found that perceived usefulness plays a mediating role between the presentation of short video and users' intention. The type of short video plays a moderating role in the influence of its presentation mode on users' perceived usefulness.
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The Formation and Influence of the Ink Style of Deng Shiru's Calligraphy
CHEN Chang-bao
Journal of Chaohu University    2021, 23 (2): 61-69.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.009
Abstract846)      PDF(pc) (3427KB)(1157)       Save
During the reign of Qianlong and Jiaqing, calligraphy was faced with the increasing popularity of the new aesthetic trend of Stele Study, coupled with the wide use of new tools and materials such as raw paper and wool brush. A new technique system, especially the ink method, had yet to be established. Deng Shiru, who has gained the momentum of this era, diligently made full use of the characteristics of raw paper and wool brush, and formed a distinctive style of ink painting, which is elegant, ancient and thick, and has the spirit of epigraphy. By analyzing the internal aesthetic mechanism of the formation of Deng Shiru's ink style, starting from the theoretical analysis of the relationship between his ink style and spirit of epigraphy, brushwork and space, and combining with the image analysis examples of his works, this paper makes an in-depth interpretation of the performance skills and aesthetic connotation of his ink style, in order to help readers understand Deng Shiru's influence in the history of calligraphy and gain some insights.
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Research on the Compilation Process of the Eleven-volume Definitive Edition of Annotations to the Plants and Animals in Mao Poetry by Jiao Xun: With Discussion on the Origin and Development of the Editions of This Work
HUANG Rui, QIN Yue-yu
Journal of Chaohu University    2021, 23 (2): 90-96+105.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.013
Abstract520)      PDF(pc) (1273KB)(873)       Save
The version origin and compilation process of Annotations to the Plants and Animals in Mao Poetry written by Jiao Xun can be clarified by comparing the 20-volume manuscript collected in Fu Si-nian Library of Taipei Academia Sinica, the one volume manuscript, the 30-volume manuscript and the 11-volume manuscript kept in Shanghai Library. The 11-volume manuscript was revised mainly based on the 30-volume manuscript, referring to the 20-volume and the one volume and other early manuscripts at the same time. The 30-volume manuscript laid the foundation for the compilation of the 11-volume manuscript in terms of content and style. After that, Jiao Xun took the 30-volume manuscript as the base and made a series of adjustments, including adjusting the compilation style, correcting errors, changing the arguments and so on. He finished the definitive edition in 1799. Investigating the compilation process and edition source of this book is conducive to the study of Jiao Xun's academic achievements.
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Over-Europeanization in the Chinese Versions of Imported Children's Cartoons: Taking Peppa Pig as an Example
ZHENG Ying, GU Feng
Journal of Chaohu University    2021, 23 (2): 114-119.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.016
Abstract613)      PDF(pc) (1381KB)(1012)       Save
Children's cartoons imported from the Western countries are often dubbed into Chinese. The Chinese version of Peppa Pig is a successful example, but its Chinese language is over-Europeanized in the English to Chinese translation. The study, based on the comments on over-Europeanization by Yu Kwang-chung and Xie Yaoji, analyzes and classifies the over-Europeanization in the Chinese version of Peppa Pig. It is found that there are unnecessary structural words and personal pronouns at the lexical level; long subjects, long pre-modifiers and over-used passive voice marker bei at the syntactic level; and improper diction in the context of children's cartoon. Such over-Europeanized language lost the authentic Chinese language's advantages of flexibility and concision and is not good for children's Chinese learning. Suggestions for language improvement are put forward from the four aspects of government, producer, translator and proofreader.
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An Analysis on the Nature and Application of Public Security Reprimand
Journal of Chaohu University    2021, 23 (2): 31-37.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.005
Abstract1196)      PDF(pc) (770KB)(827)       Save
Public security admonition is an admonition measure similar to criticism and education, which is carried out for minor offences that are not serious enough to be punished according to the Public Security Administration Punishment Law. Its function and purpose are similar to the "warning" in administrative punishment, but there is no relief channel. These realistic contradictions provide space for abusing public security admonition. Whether the admonition is an administrative punishment depends not only on its external manifestation, but also on its content, legal basis and purpose. In addition, whether the public security admonition is an administrative punishment measure and whether it belongs to the scope of administrative cases should be analyzed through case study. One important factor is whether the contents in the admonition have actual influence on the rights and obligations of the administrative counterpart.
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Analysis of English Words Semantically Associated with Moon in Light of Indo-European Philology
Journal of Chaohu University    2021, 23 (1): 134-140.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.019
Abstract491)      PDF(pc) (1395KB)(924)       Save
Objective: To clarify the relations among the English words semantically associated with moon, including their etymologies, cultural implications and usages. Method: Adopting Indo -European philological study to investigate the related etymological issues, especially in sound change. Conclusion: Some related words are of IndoEuropean origin while others are otherwise derived; some related words function in word-formation while others do not. Significance: A systematic study of semantically related words concerning moon within the framework of IndoEuropean philology is new research, beneficial for both theoretical study and English lexical teaching practice.
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The Evolution of Modern Sino-Japanese Relations and Xu Zhaowei's View of Japan
YANG Li-qian
Journal of Chaohu University    2021, 23 (1): 101-107.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.014
Abstract786)      PDF(pc) (1267KB)(950)       Save
Since modern times, the Chinese view of Japan is evolving with the increasing frequency of exchanges and confrontations, especially the reversal of the comparison of national strength. Xu Zhaowei, a gentleman frombsouth of the Yangtze River, lived in a period of great changes in modern Sino-Japanese relations. Xu Zhaowei wroteba diary for nearly half a century. The diary contained many contents related to Japan, which provide important historical data for scholars to study Xu's view of Japan. The failure of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 had a great impact on Xu Zhaowei. Consequently, he analyzed Japan's successful experience in order to seek a strategy to save China. More and more people demanded to learn from Japan with the victory of Japan in the Russo-Japanese War and the promotion of the New Deal in the late Qing Dynasty. Therefore, Xu Zhaowei went to Japan to study the advanced civilization. Since then, Japan's ambition to invade China has been continuously highlighted, especially after the outbreak of the overall anti-Japanese war. Xu Zhaowei recorded the Japanese atrocities in south of the Yangtze River. The evolution of Xu Zhaowei's view of Japan in his personal life history is also the epitome of SinoJapanese relations during this period.
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A Study of Further Improvement of Personal Safety Protection Order: Sample Analysis Based on 103 Cases in Anhui Province from 2016 to 2020
XU Wan-yun
Journal of Chaohu University    2021, 23 (1): 28-36.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.005
Abstract758)      PDF(pc) (1894KB)(897)       Save
As an independent relief measure, the establishment of personal safety protection order system enriches the legal connotation of anti-domestic violence work and makes up for the lack of legal regulation of domestic violence in China's judicial practice for a long time. After four years of exploration and practice in the implementation of China's Anti-Domestic Violence Law, the basic application process has been formed and the basic quality effect has shown. However, due to the late start of the system in China, there are still some problems in the process from the written law to the specific implementation, such as low application rate, difficulty in proof, difficulty in identification, and difficulty in implementation. This paper mainly uses the methods of comparative research, literature research and empirical analysis, starts from the case study of Anhui Province personal safety protection order issued by China judicial document network, deeply analyzes the implementation difficulties of personal safety protection order in practice, and puts forward suggestions on how to stimulate the vitality of the system from the aspects of top-level design, evidence rules, working mechanism and disciplinary measures.
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Analysis of the Relationship between Heterotopia and Authoritative Space in Novecento
LIANG Yi-ren
Journal of Chaohu University    2021, 23 (1): 57-64.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.008
Abstract912)      PDF(pc) (1038KB)(1042)       Save
Novecento is one of the masterpieces of the Italian writer Alexandro Barrico. The protagonist Novecento's rejection of disembarkation has aroused wide discussion. Many researchers have paid attention to the passive side of Novecento's behavior, which led the researches to slide into childhood determinism. This paper intends to explore the relationship between heterotopia and authoritative space in this play, and attempts to explain that Novecento's rejection of disembarkation is motivated by the power of heterotopia. When authoritative space attempts to invade and control the Other in heterotopia, the Other also endeavored to resist it.
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Design and Analysis on a 3-DoF Hybrid Vibration Screen
GONG Zhi-qiang, LI Xin-hai
Journal of Chaohu University    2020, 22 (6): 122-126.   DOI: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.017
Online available: 03 February 2021

Abstract748)      PDF(pc) (2942KB)(819)       Save
Firstly, a 3-DoF hybrid vibration screening mechanism is designed, and the degree of freedom of the mechanism and the motion characteristics of the screening surface are analyzed. Through the analysis, the motion of the screening surface can be obtained. Secondly, the vector closed form method is used to analyze the positive and negative solutions of the mechanism, and the corresponding position equations are obtained, and the mathematical expressions of the positive and negative solutions of the velocity and acceleration of the mechanism are obtained by derivation. Finally, ADAMS is used to simulate and prove that the 3-DoF hybrid vibration screening mechanism can realize two translations and one rotation, which provides a theoretical basis for the dynamic modeling and practical application of the 3-DoF hybrid vibration screening mechanism.
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