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25 January 2021, Volume 23 Issue 1
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  • Memoirs of Zhang Zhizhong and Its Historical Value
    SUN Yang
    2021, 23(1):  1-7.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.001
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    The Memoirs of Zhang Zhizhong is a self-report left by Zhang Zhizhong. It was jointly written by Zhang Zhizhong and Yu Zhanbang, who spent a decade on this work. It went through three big changes during the writing process. It not only described in detail activities of Zhang Zhizhong in politics, military, education and other aspects in the past sixty years, vividly showed his life of fighting for the country and the people, but also retained a wealth of original archival materials, which have important historical value. It is of great significance to the academic circles who want to deepen the research on Zhang Zhizhong's various thoughts, the social situation of Hunan in the early stage of the Anti-Japanese War, the peaceful liberation of Xinjiang, the development of the relationship between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party and the two anti-Japanese battles in Shanghai. But at the same time, influenced by subjective and objective factors, the book inevitably has some limitations.
    Development Status and Contemporary Values of Peasant Associations from 1949 to 1952: Taking Feixi County in Anhui Province as an Example
    TANG Jin-wu
    2021, 23(1):  8-14.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.002
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    In the early years after the founding of New China, peasant associations were established and developed. They became the main body temporarily leading the rural reform, and assumed the main task of the rural governance. At this time, based on the policies and laws of the Party Central Committee, Feixi County in Anhui Province also started the establishment and development of peasant associations in the early stage, which provided the leadership foundation for the local rural economic recovery, talent training and social ethos shaping. Since the new era, Feixi County, one of the top 100 counties, has sought the value of the times from the peasant associations in history, inherited the inner spirit of the peasant associations, provided value orientation for the construction of safe villages in Feixi County, and moved towards the road of good governance in rural development, and provided a path choice for rural revitalization in the new era.
    Understanding Trauma: Multiple Traumatic Memories from the COVID-19 Epidemic
    GUO Jing, ZHOU Shu-ying
    2021, 23(1):  15-21.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.003
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    At the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 epidemic was spreading in China, affecting a wide range of regions and populations. Such major public health events gradually evolve into traumatic events and form traumatic memories through the reproduction and reconstruction of media information, and the reception and response of the audience. In order to cope with the trauma response in major emergencies, we have tried to present the trauma memory in a vivid and effective way and adopt diversified ways to repair and soothe the trauma on the basis of fully understanding the trauma response of different social groups during the epidemic. This is of great significance to individual self-repair, social psychological assistance and improvement of response system for major emergencies.
    Interpretation of I Lose Myself: Taking Zhuangzi Inner Chapter for an Example
    ZHAO Xue-min
    2021, 23(1):  22-27.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.004
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     "Myself" refers to me with worldly flavor, and "I" is my natural nature. The quality of "I" is differentiated into "self-centered" and "to be" "myself" by external and self-imposed factors. Chuang-Tzu made a response to reach the detachment of body from Tao, and advocated that "I" should "lose myself" by "fasting heart" and "sitting and forgetting". The realm of "fasting heart" is emptiness, which means waiting for things, emphasizing the inclusiveness of the soul, letting yourself get rid of distractions, being empty and pure, and returning to cleanliness in order to highlight the existence of "I"; "sitting and forgetting" requires to enter the realm of forgetting both things and me, losing both right and wrong, so as to "be completely clear" and achieve the "materialization" state of being condensed and explained, traveling between gods and things, and being in harmony with things. After "materialization", human's body and mind are detached from each other, thus realizing the ultimate goal of being free and unfettered.
    A Study of Further Improvement of Personal Safety Protection Order: Sample Analysis Based on 103 Cases in Anhui Province from 2016 to 2020
    XU Wan-yun
    2021, 23(1):  28-36.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.005
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    As an independent relief measure, the establishment of personal safety protection order system enriches the legal connotation of anti-domestic violence work and makes up for the lack of legal regulation of domestic violence in China's judicial practice for a long time. After four years of exploration and practice in the implementation of China's Anti-Domestic Violence Law, the basic application process has been formed and the basic quality effect has shown. However, due to the late start of the system in China, there are still some problems in the process from the written law to the specific implementation, such as low application rate, difficulty in proof, difficulty in identification, and difficulty in implementation. This paper mainly uses the methods of comparative research, literature research and empirical analysis, starts from the case study of Anhui Province personal safety protection order issued by China judicial document network, deeply analyzes the implementation difficulties of personal safety protection order in practice, and puts forward suggestions on how to stimulate the vitality of the system from the aspects of top-level design, evidence rules, working mechanism and disciplinary measures.
    Study on Influencing Factors of Endogenous Benefit Compensation Mechanism in Main Grain Producing Areas: Based on Analysis of Survey Data in Anhui Province
    XU Nuo, XU Ji-yi, WANG Xiao-jing
    2021, 23(1):  37-47.  doi: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.006
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    The benefit compensation of main grain producing areas includes not only the traditional feedback compensation, but also the endogenous benefit compensation mechanism which can improve the self-development ability. Based on data of 283 farmers in 11 main grain producing areas(counties) of Anhui province, this paper analyzes the influencing factors of the compensation mechanism of the inherent benefits in the main grain producing areas of Anhui province by structural equation model. It is found that reprocessing of grain products, brand cultivation of characteristic agricultural products, encouraging innovation mechanism, agricultural professional cooperatives and logistics distribution of agricultural products have direct effects on endogenous benefit compensation mechanism, while grain subsidies, grain prices, agricultural prices, grain output, farmland water conservancy construction and ecological environment protection have indirect effects on endogenous benefit compensation mechanism. New rural cooperative insurance, new rural cooperative medical care and minimum living security have little effect on the compensation mechanism of endogenous benefits.
    The Impact of Government Subsidies on R&D Investment of Enterprises: Analysis from the Perspective of Institutional Environment
    ZHANG Hong-mei, XING Mu
    2021, 23(1):  48-56+64.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.007
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    This paper selects China's A-share listed companies from 2013 to 2018 as research samples to empirically test the relationship between institutional environment, government subsidies and enterprise R&D investment, and further analyzes the impact of enterprise ownership on the above relationship. The empirical results are as follows: institutional environment and government subsidies are conducive to increasing enterprise R&D investment; the institutional environment strengthens the incentive effect of government subsidy on enterprise R&D investment; compared with state-owned enterprises, institutional environment and government subsidies have a stronger promoting effect on R&D input of non-state-owned enterprises.
    Analysis of the Relationship between Heterotopia and Authoritative Space in Novecento
    LIANG Yi-ren
    2021, 23(1):  57-64.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.008
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    Novecento is one of the masterpieces of the Italian writer Alexandro Barrico. The protagonist Novecento's rejection of disembarkation has aroused wide discussion. Many researchers have paid attention to the passive side of Novecento's behavior, which led the researches to slide into childhood determinism. This paper intends to explore the relationship between heterotopia and authoritative space in this play, and attempts to explain that Novecento's rejection of disembarkation is motivated by the power of heterotopia. When authoritative space attempts to invade and control the Other in heterotopia, the Other also endeavored to resist it.
    Ovid's Regret in Reality
    YUE Li, XU Yi-fan
    2021, 23(1):  65-70.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.009
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    In An Imaginary Life, the protagonist Ovid explores in his journey of getting along with nature. After the honeymoon period, disintegration period and reconstruction period of getting along with nature, Ovid couldn't escape from his death. Ovid has always been confined to self-cognition, failing to realize that man and nature are nothing but a life community. Only by forming a joint force between the two sides and maintaining this life community can man and nature get along and develop, which is reconstruction and reversion in essence.
    Humanitarian Writing with the Feelings of Scholar-Officials: On Wang Zengqi's Novel Creation
    CHEN Yu
    2021, 23(1):  71-77.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.010
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    Wang Zengqi's novels are full of concern, respect and appreciation for people, showing a strong humanitarian spirit. Inheriting the personality of a scholar-official, he became a "Chinese-style lyrical humanist" by combining the traditional value orientation with the heterogeneous factors in his own temperament. Scholar-official's feelings deeply influenced Wang Zengqi's humanitarian writing style. He expressed the concern for the underclass with elegance, constructed the humane ideal with virtue, criticized the reality with gentleness, moistened the secular soul with idle writing, and showed his sense of social responsibility and thought about the quality of life. Based on Wang Zengqi's eclectic ideological characteristics, this paper discusses Wang Zengqi's Chinese-style humanitarian novels from three aspects: accepting humanitarianism, forming Chinese-style humanitarian thoughts under the influence of scholar-officials and writing novel characteristics.
    An Analysis of the Artistic Conception of Chinese Landscape Painting under the Influence of Ancient View of Nature
    SHI Si-meng
    2021, 23(1):  78-85.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.011
    Abstract ( 656 )   PDF (4997KB) ( 776 )   Save
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    Ancient China advocated the view of nature in which human beings and nature coexist in harmony. In painting, Chinese people pursued the cosmology of seeing the bigger by the small, showing the world by the ruler painting. While describing the natural properties of objective things, they paid more attention to expressing the subjective inner world of the painter. The ancient view of nature is based on the discussion of philosophy and manifested in the main form of meditation and enlightenment. Dao is characterized by painting and architecture, which are included in art and show the unique arrangement of art. Chinese landscape painting reflects the harmony between man and nature through the arrangement of mountains and rivers and "human taste" in the panoramic composition. It highlights the nature of mountains and rivers to create a vivid atmosphere, so that people can understand the meaning of mountains and realize the harmony between things and themselves. The artistic
    conception of Chinese landscape painting shows that thousands of people are full of vigor and vitality. Under the influence of traditional view of nature, the whole world can be seen.
    Viewing Problems from the Present Situation: A Study on the Future Development of Outdoor Music Culture—Taking Beijing Midi Music Festival and Strawberry Music Festival as Examples
    TU Chao, JIN Shi-chu, ZHAO Xiao-li
    2021, 23(1):  86-93.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.012
    Abstract ( 877 )   PDF (1577KB) ( 902 )   Save
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    In order to understand the development status of outdoor music culture in China and abroad, and how to meet the audience's demand for music culture, through collecting data and using literature analysis method, this paper focuses on analyzing the problems existing in the development of outdoor music culture in China. The results show that, compared with influence of foreign outdoor music culture, a considerable part of Chinese outdoor music culture has no unique cultural connotation except Midi Music Festival and Strawberry Music Festival, which limits the speed of the overall transformation of outdoor music. Therefore, improving the content quality of outdoor music culture, improving the service level and strengthening its own cultural characteristics can meet the needs of the public and promote the dissemination of cultural values, and finally make more and more outdoor music cultures an important part of the music culture industry.
    A Study of the Media Ecology of Shanghai in 1920s: A Historical Survey of the "Lianying Case"
    JIANG Xing-peng
    2021, 23(1):  94-100+107.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.013
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    In the 1920s, with the progress of the economy and the improvement of the media environment, Shanghai's major newspapers and tabloids have entered a period of prosperity. At this time, the "Lianying case" in which a famous prostitute Wang Lianying was killed by Yan Ruisheng happened in Shanghai. As she was very famous in Shanghai, this case became the focus of the Shanghai tabloids and major newspapers. The major newspapers focused on the development of the case, detailing how the case was examined and the results, criticizing the social climate and brothels. The tabloids have detailed Wang Lianying's identity as "the prime minister of the brothels", and the reports are full of sympathy and respect for her. By studying and comparing the reports of the two kinds of newspapers, we can explore the media ecology and the socio-economic changes of Shanghai in the early 1920s.
    The Evolution of Modern Sino-Japanese Relations and Xu Zhaowei's View of Japan
    YANG Li-qian
    2021, 23(1):  101-107.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.014
    Abstract ( 759 )   PDF (1267KB) ( 891 )   Save
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    Since modern times, the Chinese view of Japan is evolving with the increasing frequency of exchanges and confrontations, especially the reversal of the comparison of national strength. Xu Zhaowei, a gentleman frombsouth of the Yangtze River, lived in a period of great changes in modern Sino-Japanese relations. Xu Zhaowei wroteba diary for nearly half a century. The diary contained many contents related to Japan, which provide important historical data for scholars to study Xu's view of Japan. The failure of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 had a great impact on Xu Zhaowei. Consequently, he analyzed Japan's successful experience in order to seek a strategy to save China. More and more people demanded to learn from Japan with the victory of Japan in the Russo-Japanese War and the promotion of the New Deal in the late Qing Dynasty. Therefore, Xu Zhaowei went to Japan to study the advanced civilization. Since then, Japan's ambition to invade China has been continuously highlighted, especially after the outbreak of the overall anti-Japanese war. Xu Zhaowei recorded the Japanese atrocities in south of the Yangtze River. The evolution of Xu Zhaowei's view of Japan in his personal life history is also the epitome of SinoJapanese relations during this period.
    Analysis and Research on Production Status of Mongolian Robe in East Uzhumchin Banner, Inner Mongolia: Taking Uliastai Town as an Example
    XUE Xiang
    2021, 23(1):  108-113.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.015
    Abstract ( 489 )   PDF (1335KB) ( 761 )   Save
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    On the basis of field investigation, this paper combs the production process and status of Mongolian robe in Ulyasitai Town, East Uzhumchin Banner, analyzes the problems of narrow market, low yield, difficulties in sales as well as in inheritance and brand building, and the impact of modern clothing. It puts forward suggestions including improving the inheritance mechanism, increasing sales channels and carrying out brand building under the guidance of government policies, to inherit and improve the production and sales of Uliastai Mongolian robes.
    On National Image Narrative Framing Strategies in News Translation: A Case Analysis of the ASEAN-oriented News Reports
    WEI Bing-xia, YANG Qiong
    2021, 23(1):  114-120.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.016
    Abstract ( 538 )   PDF (1373KB) ( 945 )   Save
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    The framing of China's national image is of great significance to the promotion of its international status, and framing the narration of the news reports on China for foreign audience is an important mean to achieve the framing of national image. Based on the narrative theory by Mona Baker, this paper conducts a comparative study of the source texts and the target texts of the ASEAN -oriented news reports during the past two years in several newspapers. It has been found that the translators have adopted the strategies of temporal and spatial framing, selective appropriation of textual material and framing by labelling to frame or reframe the source narration in the translation, by strengthening or undermining some certain elements in the source texts so as to frame a good national image of China.
    Strategies for Translating Gansu Tourism Texts into English Based on "Manipulation Theory"
    LU Wen
    2021, 23(1):  121-126+140.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.017
    Abstract ( 424 )   PDF (1398KB) ( 704 )   Save
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    According to Lefevere's "Manipulation Theory", translation is rewriting and rewriting is manipulation. All rewritings, whatever their intention, reflect a certain ideology and poetics. It is inevitable that tourism text is manipulated by a certain ideology and poetics of the translator's period. The article, by analyzing specific translation cases, discusses and summarizes some effective translation methods for Gansu tourism text based on Lefevere's " Manipulation Theory", with a view to improving the translation quality of Gansu tourism text, providing reference for theory and practice of Gansu tourism text translation, and promoting the development of Gansu tourism.
    A Study on the Stance Expression of the "Dou" Supplement Sentences
    ZHANG Ming-yue
    2021, 23(1):  127-133.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.018
    Abstract ( 406 )   PDF (2039KB) ( 734 )   Save
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    The supplement sentence of "dou" is a kind of sentence contrary to the traditional Chinese word order, which often appears in daily conversations. Syntactically, the sentence structure is complete before "dou", and there is no shortage of syntactic components; after the supplement, it influenced and changed the nature of the original sentences and the content of exclamation. According to the sequence environment of "dou" supplement sentences, they can be divided into three categories: "initiation-response position" in highly interactive conversation, "initiation position" in highly interactive conversation and "initiation position" in extensible narration. In view of the intensity of mood expression, the mood value of the supplement adverb dou at the end of the sentence is in a continuum of "weak-relatively strong-strong". Through the analysis of the stance triangle theory, it can be seen that the speaker uses the adverb dou at the end of the sentence to express emotion, evaluate stance and implement stance identification.
    Analysis of English Words Semantically Associated with Moon in Light of Indo-European Philology
    YIN Li, WANG Yuan
    2021, 23(1):  134-140.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.019
    Abstract ( 462 )   PDF (1395KB) ( 861 )   Save
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    Objective: To clarify the relations among the English words semantically associated with moon, including their etymologies, cultural implications and usages. Method: Adopting Indo -European philological study to investigate the related etymological issues, especially in sound change. Conclusion: Some related words are of IndoEuropean origin while others are otherwise derived; some related words function in word-formation while others do not. Significance: A systematic study of semantically related words concerning moon within the framework of IndoEuropean philology is new research, beneficial for both theoretical study and English lexical teaching practice.
    Cultural Differences in Chinese-French Interpretation and Countermeasures
    SONG Tao
    2021, 23(1):  141-145.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.020
    Abstract ( 415 )   PDF (1331KB) ( 1003 )   Save
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    Interpretation is not only a process of language communication, but also a cross-cultural communication activity. Differences between Chinese and French cultures are mainly influenced by the geographical location, social customs, historical and cultural background. As a result, the two cultures have different ways of thinking, values, etiquette, and cultural implications, etc. In Chinese-French interpretation, cultural background differences, and interpreting problems such as different daily expressions, statement structures and number usages, may cause crosscultural communication barriers. Therefore, only by paying attention to these problems, emphasizing the target language usage habits, and constantly improving their comprehensive quality, can the interpreter effectively improve the quality of interpreting.
    A Study on the Paths of Collaborative Education in English Literature from the Perspective of Ideological and Political Teaching
    LI Yin
    2021, 23(1):  146-152+158.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.021
    Abstract ( 534 )   PDF (1436KB) ( 745 )   Save
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    English literature is an integral part of humanities education for English majors. Classic literary works and criticism not only help students improve their overall cognition on British and American culture and history, but also deepen their reflection on the values of different eras and dominant discourses in Western countries, and develop their analytical and critical thinking ability. Teachers should spread Marxist worldview and literary criticism compatible with Marxism, strengthen intercultural communication, put equal emphasis on content and thinking mode, and attach importance to collaborative education in ideological and political teaching in English literature. On the basis of adhering to China's stance and integrating into the new era, teachers need to help students judge and understand literary discourses objectively, develop systematic and complex cognitive thinking modes, strengthen cultural confidence and become English graduates with Chinese soul, humanistic mind and international heart.
    Some Thoughts on Promoting the Teaching of First-class Courses with Students as the Center in Local Colleges
    KAI Chen
    2021, 23(1):  153-158.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.022
    Abstract ( 314 )   PDF (1417KB) ( 738 )   Save
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    To promote the teaching of first -class courses with students as the center in local colleges and universities, we must focus on answering three interrelated questions in education and teaching ideas: First, the question of "teaching for whom" and "learning for whom"; collaborative education is the positioning principle of course teaching; infiltration of education is a difficult point in course teaching; teachers' demonstration is the main feature of course teaching. Secondly, to the question of "what to teach" and "what to learn", we should pay attention to both internal and external training to solve the problem of learning breadth; pay attention to applying what you have learned and solve the problem of learning accuracy; pay attention to teaching students in accordance with their aptitude and solve the problem of learning difficulty. Finally, it is necessary to deal with the questions of "how to teach" and "how to learn"; in order to cultivate students' learning initiative, individuality and creativity, we should build a learning community between teachers and students, effectively use modern educational technology, and practically improve teaching evaluation methods.
    Thoughts on International Training for Overseas Students from Countries Along the Belt and Road
    ZHAO Yong-qin:, GONG Yong-fan, LI Wei-ling
    2021, 23(1):  159-164.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.01.023
    Abstract ( 596 )   PDF (1454KB) ( 785 )   Save
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    The smooth progress of the "the Belt and Road Initiative" provides a great strategic opportunity for the internationalization development of China's higher education. Designing a targeted, feasible and innovative international talent training plan for overseas students in China is an important measure to promote the internationalization development of colleges and universities. Based on the analysis of talent demand and characteristics of countries along the route of "the Belt and Road", this paper thinks about the curriculum and talent training mode for overseas students from the countries along "the Belt and Road". By establishing the "Four in One" curriculum and the" Three Stages and Seven Modules" talent training mode, the design of the curriculum is innovated, the channels of talent training are broadened, and the quality and level of training overseas students are improved.