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25 November 2020, Volume 22 Issue 6
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  • CONTENTS(Vol.22  No.6  Nov.25,2020)
    Editorial Department of Journal of Chaohu University
    2020, 22(6):  0-0. 
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    CONTENTS(Vol.22  No.6  Nov.25,2020)
    Research on the Design of Leisure Seats in Urban Public Space in Hefei City
    SUN Tian-tian
    2020, 22(6):  1-10.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.001
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    In view of the problems such as sameness, lack of cultural characteristics, incompatibility with the environment, and inability to meet the physiological and psychological needs of different users, this paper analyzes the development status of leisure seats in urban public space in Hefei. Starting from the three design concepts of ecological design, modular design and sustainable design, and focusing on people's needs, this paper studies the design strategy, and provides reference for the design of leisure seats in Hefei urban public space. Finally, based on historical culture and regional characteristics, the overall planning of urban public space is optimized, and the design direction suitable for Hefei public space is explored, which can provide reference for designers and planners of urban public space in other cities.
    Folk Memory and Folk Identity of "Tianhe" Dragon Boat Race Inheritance
    YUAN Sheng, HE Wang, LIU Liang-yu
    2020, 22(6):  11-16.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.002
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    "Tianhe" dragon boat race is a folk activity with a long history held around the Dragon Boat Festival in Yuxi River Basin on the north bank of the Yangtze River in Anhui Province. Taking "Tianhe" dragon boat culture inheritance as a case, this paper studies the folk memory, cultural identity and internal order of its cultural inheritance, and makes an in-depth analysis by literature research and field investigation. It is found that the "Tianhe" dragon boat race has a deep connection with the ancient Lingjiatan culture and local cultural history, and the local people have a profound collective cultural memory of this activity and realize independent inheritance. The cultural value identity of dragon boat race is manifested in four aspects: deepening folk beliefs in ritual activities; Continuation of traditional manners and customs in human relations; Forming the collective spirit in the competition; Awakening homeland consciousness in the process of participation. The cultural memory and value recognition of "Tianhe" dragon boat race comes from the practice of participating in dragon boat activities. Cultural tradition is the driving force of inheritance and the core of inheriting Chinese national culture.
    Analysis on the Influence of Residents'Health on Family Participation in Stock Market
    WANG Hai-yun
    2020, 22(6):  17-28.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.003
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    At present, the development of household finance in China is not sufficient, and the impact of residents health on the stock market is also increasing. Especially under the impact of COVID-19, it is of great significance to study how to improve the participation of households in the stock market from the perspective of residents'health. Based on the data of China Family Finance Survey (CHFS) in 2017, this paper studies the influence of residents health on Chinese families'participation in the stock market, and then examines the influence mechanism of residents' health on Chinese families'participation in the stock market by using the mediating effect test model.The results show that residents-health can significantly promote families-participation in the stock market and the proportion of investment stocks on the whole level; the health status of male and unmarried residents has a stronger effect on families'participation in the stock market, while the health status of female and married residents is more conducive to increasing the proportion of family investment stocks. In addition, residents'health will indirectly affect the proportion of families participating in the stock market and investing in stocks through financial literacy and social activities, but the mediating effect of financial is stronger than that of social activities. The above conclusions provide a certain empirical basis for improving the participation in the stock market and promoting the full development of family finance from the perspective of residents'health.
    Research on IdentificationMethod of RandomGroup Requirements in Mobile Social Network
    HU Zhong-feng, ZHANG Yan-li
    2020, 22(6):  29-37.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.004
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    For inadequate research on the internal formation mechanism of random group requirements in mobile social network, this paper analyzes the identification progress of random group requirements based on their shared resources and information of group requirements. According to the perception of the requirements and resources of the individuals, we analyze the internal structure of requirements and divide them into four states: state of feasibility, state of unfeasibility with lack of resource, state of unfeasibility with lack of awareness and state of complete unfeasibility. The mechanisms of transition between different states are described. Based on this, this paper analyzes the influence mechanism of random group members忆dynamic changes on group requirements in mobile social networks, and identifies the group requirement that can realize the real-time optimal allocation of group resources. Finally, an example is given to verify the effectiveness of this method.
    Research on the Industrial Cooperation Model of "Silk Road Economic Belt" Driven by Technological Innovation: Taking Shaanxi Province as an Example
    FENG Hao-min, YAO Yan-ting
    2020, 22(6):  38-44+53.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.005
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    By analyzing the current situation of the regional economic development of the Silk Road Economic Belt in Shaanxi province, this paper expounds the theoretical basis and practical relevance of technological innovation and industrial cooperation. Based on the time series data from 2009 to 2018, such as R&D expenditure, the number of scientific and technological personnel and the contribution value of three industries, the relationship between technological innovation and industrial cooperation is empirically analyzed by using the grey relational model. The results show that there is a high correlation between technological innovation and industrial cooperation, that is,technological innovation plays a significant role in promoting industrial cooperation. However, there are some problems in the Silk Road Economic Belt of Shaanxi Province, such as insufficient investment in R&D and low agglomeration effect, resulting in poor industrial cooperation level. On the basis of theory and reality, this paper finally puts forward some suggestions on technological innovation planning and industrial cooperation planning of the Silk Road Economic Belt.
    Credit Risk Evaluation of Listed Companies Based on KMV Model:Taking the Artificial Intelligence Industry as an Example
    GE Teng-fei, BAI Zhong-shuai, XU Juan
    2020, 22(6):  45-53.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.006
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    Credit risk is one of the main risks of listed companies. As an emerging industry, artificial intelligence industry has attracted much attention from investors and society, and its credit risk is emphasized by the company management. This paper takes the listed companies in artificial intelligence industry as the research object, employs KMV model to conduct quantitative analysis, calculates the point of default and the distance of default, and further works out the probability of default, which can be used as the estimated value to evaluate the credit risk status of listed companies. Then, taking the SME board, GEM and selected companies as examples, the paper analyzes the current situation and existing problems of credit risk in artificial intelligence industry through horizontal and vertical comparison, and puts forward countermeasures and suggestions.
    Numerical Simulation Method of Assessing Building Noise Pollution Based on Adaptive Transfer Function
    GAO Li, DOU Cheng-ran
    2020, 22(6):  54-60.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.007
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    Large-scale public buildings are dense with crowds, and building noise is easily affected by crowds and other dynamic and complex factors. As the numerical simulation of building noise pollution is time-varying, complex, and nonlinear, a numerical simulation method of assessing building noise pollution based on adaptive transfer function is proposed. A building noise pollution monitoring system based on the Internet of Things is built to monitor the environmental elements of building noise in real time, analyze the frequency spectrum of building noise pollution sources by adaptive functions, and use the effective value of acceleration, vibration acceleration level and vibration level to measure building noise pollution according to urban environmental noise standards. Noise pollution intensity and level are determined to complete the building noise pollution numerical simulation calculation. The effectiveness of the proposed method is verified by experiments. The results show that the simulation calculation method designed this time is more accurate than the traditional method and is closer to the actual measured value. It has higher applicability and provides reference for numerical simulation of building noise pollution.
    Analysis on a Class of Block Diagonal Preconditioners for Singular Saddle Point Problems
    WANG Fang
    2020, 22(6):  61-64.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.008
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    In order to solve the singular linear saddle point problem, the positive definite symmetric block diagonal preconditioner is used for the singular saddle point linear system (1). The eigenvalue distribution of the matrix of the block diagonal preconditioned singular linear system is discussed. The distribution range of the nonzero eigenvalues of the preconditioned system matrix and the algebraic multiplicity of the eigenvalues 1 and 0 are obtained. We find that the preconditioner satisfies the proper splitting, and further obtain the convergence of the preconditioned GMRES algorithm and the preconditioned TFQMR algorithm for solving this block diagonal preconditioned singular linear system. Numerical experiments show that the preconditioned GMRES algorithm and the preconditioned TFQMR algorithm have obvious advantages over the GMRES algorithm and TFQMR algorithm without preconditioning.
    An Efficient Identification Method for Geometric Error Variation Region of Multi Axis CNC Machine Tools
    WU Ping-gui
    2020, 22(6):  65-71.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.009
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    Due to the single geometric error control parameters of multi axis CNC machine tools, the identification results are inefficient. Therefore, an efficient identification method for geometric error variation region of multi axis CNC machine tools is proposed. The geometric structure, motion principle and error term of multi axis CNC machine tool are analyzed. The ideal motion characteristic matrix is taken as the contrast term to establish the spatial positioning error model of multi axis CNC machine tool. The assembly error of different multi axis CNC machine tools is taken as the input value, and the geometric error control parameters are added. Under the spatial positioning error model of multi axis CNC machine tool, the geometric error detection and identification device is installed. In addition, the corresponding error is calculated with the error source as the center, and the identification results of geometric error variation area of multi axis CNC machine tool are obtained from translation and rotation angle. The experimental results show that the identification accuracy of the proposed method is higher, the consumption time is shorter, and the application efficiency is guaranteed.
    Study on the Growth of Numerical Solutions of Second Order Differential Equations Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm
    WANG Chang-zhong
    2020, 22(6):  72-76.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.010
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    The complexity of solving the traditional second order differential equation is high. In order to simplify the process of solving second order differential equations, a new growth analysis method for numerical solutions of second order differential equations is designed based on improved genetic algorithm. On the basis of the improved genetic algorithm, the value of the second order differential equation in the vicinity of Julia direction is analyzed by analyzing the definition and notation of the second order differential equation, and then the growth of the numerical solution of the second order differential equation is analyzed by combining the convex hull and the remainder terms of the second order differential equation, thus simplifying the solving process of the second order differential equation. The experiment finds that the numerical solution accuracy of the second order differential equation is improved effectively by the growth analysis process.
    An Improved Image Matching Algorithm for ORB Feature Descriptors
    WANG Yong-sheng, LI Yan, LIU Ming
    2020, 22(6):  77-85.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.011
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    The image matching effect of ORB algorithm largely depends on the quality of feature point descriptors. Aiming at the disadvantages of traditional ORB feature descriptors, such as poor stability and weak noise resistance, an improved image matching algorithm for ORB feature descriptors is proposed. The improved dynamic adaptive threshold FAST algorithm is used to detect and extract image feature points, and the improved ORB feature descriptor is used to describe the matching feature points. The rough feature points of matching images are obtained by brute force matching method, and the incorrect matching feature points are eliminated by RANSAC algorithm to sift out the exact matching points. Compared with random descriptors and sample training descriptors, the experiment shows that the improved algorithm can effectively improve the quality of image matching, and it is better in the number and accuracy of matching feature points, which verifies the effectiveness of the improved algorithm.
    Design of Dynamic Routing Algorithm for Lightweight Communication Network Based on Convolutional Neural Network
    YANG Jing
    2020, 22(6):  86-90.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.012
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    In order to improve the dynamic transmission capability of lightweight communication networks, a dynamic routing algorithm for lightweight communication networks based on convolutional neural networks is proposed. Based on the establishment of a lightweight communication network dynamic node deployment model, a network dynamic routing detection model is established through the network node rotation scheduling method. Then the distributed conversion protocol is used to reorganize the lightweight communication network dynamic routing feature space structure. After establishing the node multiple coverage scheduling model, the sensor information fusion tracking method is used to detect the network dynamic routing feature. Based on this, the routing forwarding and adaptive control protocol are established, and the node traversal method is used to control the channel balance of the lightweight communication network. Under the constraint of optimal node communication coverage, the lightweight communication network dynamic routing scheduling is realized, and then the convolutional neural network is used to carry out the convergence adjustment of the dynamic routing control of the lightweight communication network. The simulation results show that the channel interference can be effectively suppressed and the network throughput can be improved after adopting this method, which proves that the node forwarding ability of dynamic routing in the lightweight communication network is better.
    Ethical Thinking on Patients' Awareness of Privacy Protection in the Context of Health Big Data
    OUYANG Ting, YANG Yin-feng, SHU Jian-hua, et al
    2020, 22(6):  91-97+136.  doi: 10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.013
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    Against the background of health big data, how to effectively protect the safety of patients' medical data and reduce and eliminate privacy leakage is an important issue that needs to be considered and studied at present. This paper investigates patients' awareness of privacy protection, whether there is privacy leakage and impact, awareness and measures of medical information protection in Anhui Province through questionnaires, aiming to provide more targeted data sharing and privacy protection basis for health big data analysis. The survey found that patients have a high awareness of privacy protection, and the respondents are willing to share medical information, but they are worried about privacy leakage. Privacy leakage often exists and has an impact on the relevant parties and the respondents have little understanding, use or trust of related laws and regulations. In the era of health big data, patient privacy protection needs the joint efforts of the government, individuals and medical institutions at all levels.
    Path Planning for Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance by Mobile Robot in Continuous Obstacle Environment
    WANG Xiao-yun, YANG Bo-jun
    2020, 22(6):  98-103.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.014
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    The traditional path planning method directly obtains the punctuations for avoiding obstacles by scanning, which leads to the low target positioning accuracy and poor obstacle avoidance effect of the robot. Therefore, this paper studies the obstacle avoidance path planning method for mobile robot in continuous obstacle environment. Based on the obstacle detection in the robot's visual range, the position area of local obstacle avoidance points is judged. Then, the point with the smallest potential field is selected as the local target point. According to the direction and size of the resultant force of obstacles and target points, the path direction and travel distance of the robot to avoid obstacles are controlled, so as to achieve autonomous obstacle avoidance of the robot. Compared with the traditional method, the results show that the proposed method can improve the length of the non-collision path on the obstacle avoidance path and thus improve the robot's mobility efficiency.
    Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation Based on Newton Iterative Control
    WANG Jing, SUN Chun-hu, FANG Yuan-jie
    2020, 22(6):  104-114.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.015
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    In view of the slow detection and response speed of TSC Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation to dynamic load and the failure to realize complete reactive power compensation, a simulation model of dynamic reactive power compensation system based on Newton iterative control is constructed. On the basis of function relation fitting between control variables and reactive power compensation power, the model is solved by Newton iteration and optimal control, and fast dynamic reactive power compensation is realized by judging the compensation reactive power interval. The simulation results show that the system can realize real-time, fast and continuous reactive power compensation of fixed load and dynamic reactive load, with small steady-state error and fast response speed.
    Design of Control System for Coal Mine Spraying Manipulator Based on PLC
    YU Mei, KONG Bing
    2020, 22(6):  115-121.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.016
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    To address the problems about complicated structure, poor spraying effect and constant interferences of coal mine spraying manipulator, a simple and practical spraying manipulator is designed. S7-300 PLC is used as the main controller to control 2MA860H driver to drive 86BYG250A stepper motor. The temperature and current of the manipulator can be monitored and controlled accurately by the temperature sensor. The application of the coal mine spraying manipulator verifies that the system is efficient and stable, easy to operate and has strong anti-interference ability. It is concluded that the designed system is suitable for coal mine roadway spraying.
    Design and Analysis on a 3-DoF Hybrid Vibration Screen
    GONG Zhi-qiang, LI Xin-hai
    2020, 22(6):  122-126.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.017
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    Firstly, a 3-DoF hybrid vibration screening mechanism is designed, and the degree of freedom of the mechanism and the motion characteristics of the screening surface are analyzed. Through the analysis, the motion of the screening surface can be obtained. Secondly, the vector closed form method is used to analyze the positive and negative solutions of the mechanism, and the corresponding position equations are obtained, and the mathematical expressions of the positive and negative solutions of the velocity and acceleration of the mechanism are obtained by derivation. Finally, ADAMS is used to simulate and prove that the 3-DoF hybrid vibration screening mechanism can realize two translations and one rotation, which provides a theoretical basis for the dynamic modeling and practical application of the 3-DoF hybrid vibration screening mechanism.
    The Cognition, Coping and Exercise Behavior of College Students on COVID-19
    WANG Yan, GUO Shi-hong
    2020, 22(6):  127-136.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.018
    Abstract ( 848 )   PDF (1611KB) ( 396 )   Save
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    The purpose of this paper is to master the cognition, coping and exercise behavior of college students on COVID-19, so as to provide reference for universities and relevant departments to formulate targeted COVID-19 prevention and control propaganda, intervention strategies and measures. Through questionnaire survey and data analysis, it is found that college students pay more attention to COVID-19 and have a comprehensive understanding of its disease characteristics, preventive measures and risks, and tend to choose positive coping styles. Although there are certain negative emotions, they can be adjusted by taking part in physical exercise. During the period of epidemic prevention and control, college students忆 awareness of physical exercise importance has increased significantly, and their explicit behavior of exercise has changed little. There is a positive correlation between college students' cognitive level of epidemic situation and their coping style and exercise behavior. With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control work, college students need to internalize their correct cognition into the motivation for them to respond more actively and stably, and effectively improve their physical and mental qualities by effective physical exercise, so as to contribute to the accurate prevention and control work of colleges and universities and contribute to the complete victory of the national epidemic prevention and control work.
    Realistic Reflection and Practical Approach of College Physical Education in the Post-Epidemic Era
    BU Hong-bo, YAO Lei, WANG Jian
    2020, 22(6):  137-143.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.019
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    The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has given a heavy blow to school physical education, exposed the problems and deficiencies in physical education practice, and put forward new challenges and new requirements for the development of physical education in the new period. With the research methods of literature review and logic analysis, this paper takes college general physical education as the research object, and from the perspective of practical observation, deeply reflects on the practical difficulties faced by college general physical education during the epidemic prevention and control period, such as the imbalance in blending of college physical education cultures, the deficiency of life safety education, the lack of teaching confidence, the invariability of teaching content and the urgent need to change teaching methods. Combined with the needs of the development of the times and the pursuit of college general physical education teaching goals, this paper explores the new direction and new methods of college physical education teaching practice in the post-epidemic era, and puts forward the practical approach: Improve the self -confidence of college physical education culture; Renew the teaching thoughts; Strengthen life safety education; "Activate" the teaching content; Build an interactive platform; Improve teachers忆 comprehensive quality.
    The Process and Mechanism of Psychological Contract Violation's Influence on the Internship in Hotel: A Case Study of a University in Anhui Province
    YIN Shou-bing, LI Feng, QI Xian-wen
    2020, 22(6):  144-152.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.020
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    Taking tourism management undergraduates of a university in Anhui province as survey objects, this study collected data by the research methods of literature analysis, field research and in-depth interviews. With the help of psychological contract theory, it aims to investigate the influence of psychological contract violation on undergraduates' internship in hotel. The research findings are as follows: The lack of non-monetary rewards in hotels, the unfairness of monetary rewards and the defects of school internship management lead to the violation of psychological contract of interns; During the internship, interns seek for the transformation of psychological imbalance by the revision of psychological contract, and there are three different states of attachment, escape and adaptation; The external factors that influence the interns' attitude towards the hotel internship are the school education and the overall salary supply of the hotel, while the internal factors are the interns' revision of the psychological contract by selective attention and neglect.
    Dialectical Understanding on Basic Concepts of Organic Chemistry
    WAN Xin-jun, QIN Guo-xu, CHENG Dong, LI lei
    2020, 22(6):  153-157.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.021
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    The basic concepts of organic chemistry have definite connotations and extensions under certain conditions, and their connotations and extensions change along with the development of times, the progress of science and technology and deepening understanding. It is necessary to understand the connotations and extensions of the concepts with a developmental viewpoint, so as to have a comprehensive knowledge of the concepts' formation meaning, stage characteristics and development process. For the basic concepts of chemistry with the relationship of "intersection" or "inclusion" in connotation and extension, we should use the knowledge of mathematics and other related disciplines to help us understand them. For the basic chemical concepts with similar pronunciation but different meanings, we should grasp the law of cognition and systematize the natural correlation between them. For the different expressions of the same concept in different textbooks, the connotation and extension defined by authoritative reference books shall prevail.
    A Study on the Impact of COVID-19 on College Graduates' Employment: Based on a Survey of 17985 College Students in Anhui Province
    SU Wei-gang, ZHAO Heng-fang
    2020, 22(6):  158-164.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.06.022
    Abstract ( 968 )   PDF (1716KB) ( 759 )   Save
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    The "collision" between the COVID-19 epidemic and the spring recruit, which is the highlight of college graduates' job hunting, has extremely adverse effects on graduates忆 employment. By investigating the impact of COVID-19 epidemic on the employment opportunities, employment costs, employment channels, employment mentality and employment quality of Anhui college graduates in 2020, this paper makes an objective analysis from three dimensions: government agencies, schools and students, so as to accurately grasp the employment cognition, employment dynamics and employment status of college graduates during the COVID-19 epidemic. The aim is to improve the job-hunting strategies of college graduates under the normal epidemic prevention and control, enhance the effectiveness of employment work, and provide guidance for the introduction, convergence, revision and precision of employment policies.