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25 March 2021, Volume 23 Issue 2
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  • Contents,NO.2,2021
    Editorial Department of Journal of Chaohu University
    2021, 23(2):  0-0. 
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    Contents  NO.2,2021(Vol.23General Serial No.167)
    On the Design Path of Intangible Cultural Heritage Products Based on User Experience:Taking Wuwei Timo Lamp as an Example
    HAN Rong-xun, YUAN Hui-fen, WANG Xu
    2021, 23(2):  1-7.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.001
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    The inheritance, protection and development of intangible cultural heritage require diversified means,contemporary concepts and aesthetics and commercial design practice. By combing the experience path of intangible cultural heritage products, this paper classifies the experience into "material interest", "sentiment interest" and "sense interest". Taking Anhui Province National Intangible Cultural Heritage Wuwei Timo Lamp as an example,from the perspective of user experience, integrating the current era context and aesthetic orientation, through the product design practice of the form and material, skill experience and cultural connotation of the Timo Lamp, the innovative design path of Timo Lamp is explored, which not only effectively inherits and develops the traditional handicrafts, but also improves the cultural added value of products and experiences. It has certain significance for the innovative design and cultural promotion of intangible cultural heritage products.
    The Aesthetic Value and Innovative Design of Wuwei Timo Lamp from the Perspective of Intangible Cultural Heritage
    ZHANG Lei, REN Ming-ming
    2021, 23(2):  8-16.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.002
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    The Timo Lamp, which lasted for more than 300 years, is not only a historical and cultural heritage, but also an important part of the folk-art culture around Chaohu Lake. The lamps fully reflect the cultural and artistic aesthetics in this region. This paper takes the Wuwei Timo Lamp as the study object, sorts out its development lineage and characteristics, and carries out a systematic analysis of its aesthetic value. This will facilitate the extraction of its characteristic elements and its integration into modern and innovative designs, which will better bring the Timo Lamp into the public eyes, integrate it into modern designs, bring it out of its stereotype and make it really "alive", so as to achieve the purpose of protection, inheritance and innovation for a longer time, and promote the inheritance and development of traditional culture.
    History and Prospect of Stratum Culture Research
    WEI Hong-xia, LIU Jun
    2021, 23(2):  17-24.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.003
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    The study of class (stratum) culture is an important field of cultural sociology. In order to fully understand the current research situation in this field at home and abroad, enrich and deepen the theoretical research of class and stratum, this paper sorts out the distribution of the main research literature on class culture at home and abroad, the origin, meaning, types of class (stratum) culture, and the ways to build a harmonious class culture by the classification method of "three research approaches and four levels of research content". Compared with the west, the domestic academic research on class culture is still in its infancy, which is in lack of theoretical analysis on the evolution logic and problem representation of class culture, systematic empirical research on the specific mechanism and realization path of class culture integration, comparative analysis between different classes, and even less of the lower culture and the new society stratum culture. From the perspective of research content, it is a trend to carry out comprehensive research and in-depth study on stratum culture.
    The Reference of Supervisory System in Ancient China to the New Investigation and Prosecution Relationship
    WANG Shui
    2021, 23(2):  25-30.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.004
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    The Supervision Law has transferred the people's procuratorate忆s investigation power of duty crime cases to the supervisory commission, which changed the traditional investigation and prosecution relationship, and raised the problem of the connection between supervisory registration and lawyer's intervention system and prosecution during supervision and investigation. In this regard, the relationship between supervision and justice in ancient China can be used for reference, and the supervisory thought of simultaneously promoting supervision and restriction can be inherited and carried forward. The procedural restriction mechanism of supervision, investigation and prosecution can be set up. For cases suspected of duty-related crimes, two procedures of supervisory registration and criminal registration should be established as the threshold doctrines. In order to safeguard the right to defense of the investigated and give full play to the supervisory role of lawyers on the supervision procedure, lawyer's intervention should be allowed after the supervisory commission takes the measure of detention for the first time.
    An Analysis on the Nature and Application of Public Security Reprimand
    WANG Ke
    2021, 23(2):  31-37.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.005
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    Public security admonition is an admonition measure similar to criticism and education, which is carried out for minor offences that are not serious enough to be punished according to the Public Security Administration Punishment Law. Its function and purpose are similar to the "warning" in administrative punishment, but there is no relief channel. These realistic contradictions provide space for abusing public security admonition. Whether the admonition is an administrative punishment depends not only on its external manifestation, but also on its content, legal basis and purpose. In addition, whether the public security admonition is an administrative punishment measure and whether it belongs to the scope of administrative cases should be analyzed through case study. One important factor is whether the contents in the admonition have actual influence on the rights and obligations of the administrative counterpart.
    Correction of the Principle of Judicial Judgment for Imaginative Joinder of Offenses in Environmental Pollution Category
    HU Min, JIANG Hai
    2021, 23(2):  38-44.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.006
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    The Criminal Law Amendment (11)(2020) and the Interpretation of Certain Questions of the Law Applying to Criminal Cases of Environmental Pollution (hereinafter referred to as "Judicial Interpretation" (2016)) issued by the "Two Highs" provide for the principle of "punishment for the most serious crime" for imaginative joinder of offenses in environmental pollution category. Through the structural analysis of the imaginative joinder of offenses in environmental pollution category, it is concluded that the principle can't "comprehensively" evaluate the behavior of imaginative joinder of offenses and the offended objects and infringed rights and interests. Accordingly, starting from the basis of criminal law and criminal policy, the study redefines the principle of judicial punishment for imaginative joinder of offenses in environmental pollution category as the principle of "comprehensive punishment for the most serious crime", and expands its application in conviction, sentencing and puts forward the requirements for the interpretation of judicial instruments. When the crime of polluting the environment has not been convicted as a serious crime, the study further explores the special content and form of "comprehensive punishment for the most serious crime" for imaginative joinder of offenses in environmental pollution category.
    Analysis on the Influence of "Web Celebrity Economy" Marketing Mode on College Students' Consumption Behavior
    ZUO Jing-zhong, PAN Mei-xia
    2021, 23(2):  45-52.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.007
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    With the rapid development of Internet information technology, "web celebrity economy"arises and quietly influences the interaction form and consumption behavior of users. This paper selects four variables of media image, precision marketing, interactive communication and niche circle as the entry point, and uses the structural equation model to empirically analyze the impact of "web celebrity economy" marketing mode on college students' actual consumption behavior. The research shows that the promotion of precision marketing and niche circle will stimulate the actual consumption behavior of college students, while the influence of media image and interactive communication is not significant. Finally, combined with the research conclusions, the paper puts forward some suggestions for the future development of "web celebrity economy" marketing model.
    Industrial Robots and Manufacturing Growth: An Empirical Study Based on Provincial Panel Data in China
    HU Zhang-ting, ZHOU Shi-jun
    2021, 23(2):  53-60.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.008
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    As an important application of artificial intelligence, the use of industrial robots is conducive to the steady growth of manufacturing industry. Based on the data of China's manufacturing industry and CRIA忆s industrial robot provincial panel, the empirical study finds that: for every 1% increase in the use of industrial robots, the average growth of manufacturing output value is 0.6%; even considering the "inertia" effect of economic growth, the impact of industrial robots also reaches 0.1% to 0.4%. Furthermore, in order to verify whether the use of industrial robots has the same phenomenon of diminishing marginal returns like traditional factor inputs, the paper constructs a panel threshold model. The regression results show that, compared with the diminishing marginal returns of traditional factor inputs, industrial robots at this stage will bring the continuous growth of manufacturing output, and will not see diminishing marginal returns. Therefore, accelerating the development of artificial intelligence technology is conducive to promoting sustained economic growth. Finally, some policy suggestions are put forward.
    The Formation and Influence of the Ink Style of Deng Shiru's Calligraphy
    CHEN Chang-bao
    2021, 23(2):  61-69.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.009
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    During the reign of Qianlong and Jiaqing, calligraphy was faced with the increasing popularity of the new aesthetic trend of Stele Study, coupled with the wide use of new tools and materials such as raw paper and wool brush. A new technique system, especially the ink method, had yet to be established. Deng Shiru, who has gained the momentum of this era, diligently made full use of the characteristics of raw paper and wool brush, and formed a distinctive style of ink painting, which is elegant, ancient and thick, and has the spirit of epigraphy. By analyzing the internal aesthetic mechanism of the formation of Deng Shiru's ink style, starting from the theoretical analysis of the relationship between his ink style and spirit of epigraphy, brushwork and space, and combining with the image analysis examples of his works, this paper makes an in-depth interpretation of the performance skills and aesthetic connotation of his ink style, in order to help readers understand Deng Shiru's influence in the history of calligraphy and gain some insights.
    The Ditan Park and Shi Tiesheng's Life Philosophy
    CHENG Sheng, TANG Dong-yan
    2021, 23(2):  70-75.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.010
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    Shi Tiesheng accidentally became attached to the Ditan Park, and the Ditan Park melted into his life. In the "talk" with the "silence" of the Ditan Park, Shi Tiesheng comprehended the true meaning of life and transcended various stereotypes and concepts in the society. "Incomplete" and "alive" have new meanings. It is worth noting that Shi Tiesheng's awareness of life in the Ditan Park was not derived from rational speculation, but was obtained in a psychological state of "meditation" and "intuitive experience". The "epiphany" was realized. It coincides with the way that Taoist "Lao-tzu and Chuang-tzu" advocates confronting life in the universe with the way of "sitting and forgetting" and "emptiness and quiet" and realizing the true meaning of life. The similarity in the ways of thinking also makes their life philosophies show a striking similarity—they regard "mutilation" as the nature of everything, and "life and death" as a natural process. "Ditan Park" is not only the place where Shi Tiesheng's life philosophy was formed, but also an important part of his life philosophy.
    On the Cultural Implication of the Image of the Wise Man in Jia Pingwa's Novels
    LIU Gen-gen
    2021, 23(2):  76-82.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.011
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    Jia Pingwa has created the image of the wise man in more than ten texts, which shows the author's preference for the image of the wise man. The wise man has different cultural connotations in novels of different periods and themes, which can be roughly divided into three series. First, in the novels of seeking roots in the 1980s, the wise man showed the introverted and deep, silent and powerful national spirit. Second, in the country novels after the 1990s, the wise man metaphorically described the process from hardship to gradual decline of Chinese traditional country culture under the impact of modern civilization. Third, in historical novels since the new century, the wise men, facing wars, killings and distortion of human nature, showed the light of human nature and soul comfort beyond history.
    Innovative Communication of Public Service Advertising in China during COVID-19
    LI Wen-juan, YANG Long-fei
    2021, 23(2):  83-89.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.012
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    During COVID-19, domestic public service advertising presented innovative features such as multi-level release subjects, three-dimensional carriers, relatively rich contents and focusing on emotional appeal to realize the effect of empathy. The advertising effect has improved. Combined with the existing communication experience, in the future, public service advertising communication in public health emergencies should further understand the needs of the audience, tap the national cultural characteristics, gather social intelligence, bring into play the benefits of channel linkage, integrate new technologies and maximize the communication value.
    Research on the Compilation Process of the Eleven-volume Definitive Edition of Annotations to the Plants and Animals in Mao Poetry by Jiao Xun: With Discussion on the Origin and Development of the Editions of This Work
    HUANG Rui, QIN Yue-yu
    2021, 23(2):  90-96+105.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.013
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    The version origin and compilation process of Annotations to the Plants and Animals in Mao Poetry written by Jiao Xun can be clarified by comparing the 20-volume manuscript collected in Fu Si-nian Library of Taipei Academia Sinica, the one volume manuscript, the 30-volume manuscript and the 11-volume manuscript kept in Shanghai Library. The 11-volume manuscript was revised mainly based on the 30-volume manuscript, referring to the 20-volume and the one volume and other early manuscripts at the same time. The 30-volume manuscript laid the foundation for the compilation of the 11-volume manuscript in terms of content and style. After that, Jiao Xun took the 30-volume manuscript as the base and made a series of adjustments, including adjusting the compilation style, correcting errors, changing the arguments and so on. He finished the definitive edition in 1799. Investigating the compilation process and edition source of this book is conducive to the study of Jiao Xun's academic achievements.
    Regional Dissemination of Research and Learning: Internal Communication and External Interaction of Anhui School of Mathematics in Qing Dynasty
    ZHU Han-rui
    2021, 23(2):  97-105.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.014
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    In the Qing Dynasty, a group of scholars who made great achievements in the field of arithmetic emerged in southern Anhui, forming a distinctive Anhui school of mathematics. Within the school, knowledge was transmitted directly by means of family chains and teacher-friend chains. The dissemination and communication also rely on reading, mutual commentary, debate, mutual collation, contribution of prefaces or postscripts, etc. The diversity of communication brought prosperity to the Anhui Mathematics School. In addition, Anhui Mathematics School also interacted with scholars outside Anhui province in a similar way, most of whom are from neighboring provinces of Anhui, which proves the regionality of the academic dissemination and communication. Though this rather closed circle confined the expansion of Anhui Mathematics School as well as its academic broadcasting, it is also conducive to the formation of distinctive academic views and its traditional self-identification.
    Research on Modification of Jing Dian Shi Wen from the Types of "Second Sound" in Pronunciation and Meaning of Er Ya
    XUE Ru, YANG Jun
    2021, 23(2):  106-113.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.015
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    There are various types of "Second Sound" in Pronunciation and Meaning of Er Ya. The paper finds that there are seven types of second sound: the second sound is for the pronunciation of the prefix with different sounds and the same meaning; the second sound is for the pronunciation of different text, and the first sound is for the pronunciation of the prefix; the second sound is for the pronunciation of the prefix with different sounds and meanings; the second sound is for the pronunciation of the prefix, and the first sound is for the pronunciation of different text; neither the second sound nor the first sound is for the pronunciation of the prefix; the second sound and the first sound have the same pronunciation; the second sound is read for the co-rhyme. The second sound not only reflects the phenomenon of mutational word-formation, but also reflects the modification of Jing Dian Shi Wen.
    Over-Europeanization in the Chinese Versions of Imported Children's Cartoons: Taking Peppa Pig as an Example
    ZHENG Ying, GU Feng
    2021, 23(2):  114-119.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.016
    Abstract ( 613 )   PDF (1381KB) ( 1009 )   Save
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    Children's cartoons imported from the Western countries are often dubbed into Chinese. The Chinese version of Peppa Pig is a successful example, but its Chinese language is over-Europeanized in the English to Chinese translation. The study, based on the comments on over-Europeanization by Yu Kwang-chung and Xie Yaoji, analyzes and classifies the over-Europeanization in the Chinese version of Peppa Pig. It is found that there are unnecessary structural words and personal pronouns at the lexical level; long subjects, long pre-modifiers and over-used passive voice marker bei at the syntactic level; and improper diction in the context of children's cartoon. Such over-Europeanized language lost the authentic Chinese language's advantages of flexibility and concision and is not good for children's Chinese learning. Suggestions for language improvement are put forward from the four aspects of government, producer, translator and proofreader.
    New Usage of "Dun + Object" in the Network Language Special Zone
    HUANG Shan-ting
    2021, 23(2):  120-125.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.017
    Abstract ( 579 )   PDF (1431KB) ( 694 )   Save
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    In modern Chinese, the verb dun (squat) is an intransitive verb. It often forms a structure of "dun + object" with the object of the place, indicating that someone or something does a squatting action in a certain place. In addition, other types of objects generally do not enter the structure. However, due to the particularity of the network language environment, this structure can be used in network communication without the constraints of modern Chinese grammar rules. Starting from the new usage of "dun + object" in the Weibo network language special zone, the article explores the syntactic structure of the new usage of "dun + object", further analyzes its semantics and generation mechanism, and finds that the new usage of "dun + object" conforms to the network language features. It is novel, unique, humorous and productive, and it also reflects the general psychology and cultural pursuit of netizens in online language culture.
    Grammatical Analysis of Non-Subjective-Predicate Sentences
    LU Chang-ping
    2021, 23(2):  126-132.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.018
    Abstract ( 1524 )   PDF (1325KB) ( 1342 )   Save
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    Chinese single sentence patterns are divided into subject-predicate sentences and non-subject-predicate sentences. The division has sufficient scientific and practical basis. Non-subject-predicate sentence is a sentence without a subject-predicate pattern, and its attribute is not entirely predicate. When we classify a lower class of a non-subject-predicate sentence, we should adhere to the standard of syntactic structure and name it according to the first level's structural relation. The semantic direction of a non-subject-predicate sentence is different from that of a subject-predicate sentence. The semantic object of a certain component in a sentence may be inside or outside the sentence. The topic of a non-subject-predicate sentence may exist outside the sentence, but the focus of the sentence can only be in the sentence.
    Interpersonal Pragmatics Study of Personality Characteristics in Speech Communication: Taking Court Mediation Discourse as an Example
    WU Jie-wen
    2021, 23(2):  133-140.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.019
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    This article based on the PAC personality theory, explores how personalities are manifested in court mediations from interpersonal pragmatic perspective. Results show that a mediator's personality is closely related to interpersonal relations. The different personalities of the mediator and the parties concerned can be constructive or deconstructive in building relationships, as the modality-oriented expressions which reveal personalities of two parties in mediation can be purposeful or negative. The personality variations lead to the evaluation of interpersonal relations by the communicators, which is a dynamic and negotiable process and provides the possibility for mediation. Based on the findings, personality-based strategies for court mediation are suggested for reference.
    Jiang Qian's Views of Implicit Education and Reflections in the Post-Epidemic Era
    XU Lu, ZHOU Yu-yu
    2021, 23(2):  141-147.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.020
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    "Implicit Education" was not a term "imported" from the West. Modern Anhui educator Jiang Qian talked about "Implicit Education" very early. Under the rule of the Beiyang government, Jiang Qian found that the society paid more attention to "Explicit Education" and neglected "Implicit Education". This was a one-sided thinking that underestimated the role of "Implicit Education"; "Implicit Education" was actually the "essential of education". Jiang Qian pointed out the connotation, characteristics and educational function of "views" as a kind of "Implicit Education", and explained how to guide "views". Now in the post-epidemic era, "online education" is developing rapidly, but the "Implicit Education" of "online education" is almost research blank, which means more research is needed in this field.
    Research on the Innovation of College Students' Growth Education in Major Public Health Events
    XIANG Ze-xiong, YUN Jian, WANG Su-ling
    2021, 23(2):  148-0153.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.021
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    From the perspective of university students' growth education, major public health events have special ideological education value, political education value and moral education value. The "absence" of major public health events in education concept, education content and education situation will influence the practical effect of university students' growth education. Therefore, universities need to further establish the educational concept of "event is textbook", construct the "five-in-one" educational content system, and adhere to the educational method of "harmony between emotion and reason, emotion and action, knowledge and practice", so as to meet the practical needs of opening up a new way of education and cultivating new talents of the times.
    The Innovation and Application of Academic Tutor System in the Teaching of Animation Major in Local Universities
    SHEN Rui-gui
    2021, 23(2):  154-159.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.022
    Abstract ( 481 )   PDF (1525KB) ( 658 )   Save
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    The implementation of the academic tutor system in the teaching of the animation major has not changed the plight of the animation major. One important reason is that the academic tutor's responsibilities are too broad, and there is no unified standard or effective operation and guarantee mechanism, resulting in insufficient practical teaching of the animation major and students' weak practical ability. Local undergraduate colleges and universities mainly train animation production talents for animation companies. Animation major teaching emphasizes practical skills. To be market-oriented, we should construct a reasonable teaching system that combines online theoretical teaching with professional practice under the responsibility of offline academic tutors.
    Research on Teaching Countermeasures of Ideological and Political Theory Course in Universities and Colleges in the Era of New Media
    CHEN Li-xia
    2021, 23(2):  160-164.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.02.023
    Abstract ( 413 )   PDF (1429KB) ( 671 )   Save
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    In the era of new media, various ideologies, ideas and value orientations collide with each other, which has caused a strong impact on college students' thoughts and values. The traditional ideological and political theory course teaching in colleges and universities has no longer met the current teaching requirements and is facing severe challenges. At the same time, with the continuous development of new media technology, ideological and political theory course teaching in colleges and universities has also ushered in a good opportunity for reform and innovation. Under the background of new media, ideological and political theory course teaching in colleges and universities should keep pace with the times, keep correct and innovative, change ideas, constantly improve media literacy, innovate teaching methods, enrich teaching content, build interactive platforms, and strengthen education supervision, so as to always maintain its advanced nature, enhance its sense of the times and appeal, and give full play to its effectiveness.