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A Study of the Media Ecology of Shanghai in 1920s: A Historical Survey of the "Lianying Case"

JIANG Xing-peng:School of History and Culture, Central China Normal University   

  1. School of History and Culture, Central China Normal University, Wuhan Hubei 430000
  • Received:2020-09-22 Online:2021-01-25 Published:2021-04-03

Abstract: In the 1920s, with the progress of the economy and the improvement of the media environment, Shanghai's major newspapers and tabloids have entered a period of prosperity. At this time, the "Lianying case" in which a famous prostitute Wang Lianying was killed by Yan Ruisheng happened in Shanghai. As she was very famous in Shanghai, this case became the focus of the Shanghai tabloids and major newspapers. The major newspapers focused on the development of the case, detailing how the case was examined and the results, criticizing the social climate and brothels. The tabloids have detailed Wang Lianying's identity as "the prime minister of the brothels", and the reports are full of sympathy and respect for her. By studying and comparing the reports of the two kinds of newspapers, we can explore the media ecology and the socio-economic changes of Shanghai in the early 1920s.

Key words: Lianying case, tabloids, major newspaper, media ecology

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