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25 January 2020, Volume 22 Issue 1
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  • NO.1,2020
    Editorial Department of Journal of Chaohu University
    2020, 22(1):  0-0. 
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    Contents  NO.1,2020(Vol.22General Serial No.160)
    Discussion on Hefei City Cultural Brand Positioning and Construction Path
    WEI Hua-fei, HOU Min
    2020, 22(1):  1-10.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.01.001
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    City cultural brand is an important manifestation of the city忆s core competitiveness. It is an inevitable requirement for cultural brands to promote the coordinated development of city economy and society. With the increasingly fierce competition between cities, the construction of Hefei city cultural brands has attracted the attention of city managers and academic circles. On the basis of literature review, this paper analyzes the background of Hefei city cultural brand construction from the aspects of economy, society, culture and policy,exposes the main deficiencies through questionnaires, puts forward the positioning orientation of a famous city with the Chaohu Lake, filial piety, integrity, innovation, and puts forward reasonable suggestions on utilization of city resources, brand building content, brand communication and maintenance, in order to provide reference for the research and practice of city cultural brand building.
    Zhang Zhizhong's Thought of Loving the People and Practice
    SUN Yang
    2020, 22(1):  11-16+68.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.01.002
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    Zhang Zhizhong is an outstanding politician in the modern history of China. The thought of loving the people is an important part of his political ideas. His thought takes loving and sympathizing with the people and realizing people's liberation and happiness as its core, and has rich content. It was not formed by chance, but by the interaction of many subjective and objective factors. During the period of democratic revolution, he constantly practiced his thoughts and made great contributions to the people's liberation and happiness. His thought is progressive, but it also has some limitations. On the 50th anniversary of General Zhang Zhizhong's death, this paper commemorates his hard work for the people.
    Gu Yanwu's "View of the World" and Its Modernity Transformation
    WANG Ri-xuan
    2020, 22(1):  17-24.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.01.003
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    In the special era of the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, Gu Yanwu made a deep reflection on historical traditions and realistic issues, and put forward the famous distinction between "the state" and "the world".Gu Yanwu's "state view" summarized the historical commonality of "state" and believed that "state" is a political entity that integrates the three elements of the ancestral temple, community and territory. Gu Yanwu's "view of the world" is based on the history culture and language traditions of "the world"; "benevolence and righteousness" are the core connotations of "the world"; the construction of "customs and morals" is the practical strategy of "protecting the world"; "protecting civilization from barbarism" is the highest principle with national interests and civilized life as the top priority. Gu Yanwu determined the prerequisite importance of "the world" to "the state", clarified the division of responsibility within civilization, and established everyone's "subjectivity of responsibility" for the development of civilization and nation.Gu Yanwu completed the reconstruction of the meaning of "the world" through reflection on "history" and "reality". It constitutes an important content in the historical semantic change of the concept of "the world", and has played a huge role in Chinese history. It has also become an important cultural resource for the social construction and ideological development of modern China.
    The Dilemma of Hannah Arendt's Thinking and Its Outlet—A Further Consideration on the Evil of Banality
    CHEN Ling-yi
    2020, 22(1):  25-30.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.01.004
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    Hannah Arendt's famous "the evil of banality" means that, evil comes from people忆s thoughtlessness and
    no judgment. Arendt believes that such kind of evil needs to be restrained or even eliminated through thinking.
    Arendt's criticism of evil is true to the point, but there are still deficiencies in the theoretical construction of
    thinking. This paper will sort out the background and connotation of the evil of banality, the thinking which
    overcomes it, and discuss the dilemma of thinking. At the end of the paper, the paper will tentatively put forward
    the outlet of thinking
    Carter Administration's Foreign Policy towards Indonesia—with Focus on Indonesia's Occupation of East Timor
    XU Cong-cong
    2020, 22(1):  31-37.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.01.005
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    Regarding Indonesia's annexation of East Timor, the Carter government has inherited the acquiescence of Indonesia during the Ford period, ignoring Indonesia忆s atrocities in East Timor and continuing to give Indonesia a large amount of military assistance, which brought long-term and serious humanitarian disaster to the people of East Timor. In the later period, the Carter administration was under international pressure to pay more attention to the human rights situation in East Timor beyond the "right to self -determination" and to force Suharto to accept international human rights organizations' assistance to East Timor to demonstrate the moral superiority of its foreign policy. A series of US actions against East Timor have exposed the double standards behind the Carter Administration's human rights diplomacy. In the context of the international strategy of the Cold War, human rights have also become one of the tools for the United States to maximize national interests. Human rights diplomacy constitutes the main content of the Carter administration's foreign policy toward Indonesia. The United States' attitude toward Indonesia's military occupation of East Timor became the "touchstone" of Carter's human rights policy. 
    On the Application of Emojis in the Construction of Flexible Relations in the Network Age
    LU Xiao-chun XIA Dang-ying
    2020, 22(1):  38-44.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.01.006
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    With the development of network, people enter the era of information explosion, and the social software with voice, video and animation features gradually replaces the single text message and telephone function. QQ, WeChat and Weibo have become the main platform for young people to socialize. With the rise of social software, emojis begin to appear and add lubricant to the establishment of flexible relations in interpersonal communication. Emojis permeate into flexible communication by means of complementing words and regulating atmosphere. The reason why emojis play an important role is that they show individuality, alleviating depression and help interpersonal communication. Still, their development is not perfect, and we need to work together to create a clean network environment. 
    Study on the Temporal-Spatial Evolution of Tourism Development Efficiency of International Cultural Tourism Demonstration Area in Southern Anhui Province—Analytical Method Based on SBM-DEA and Malmquist Models
    WANG Qi-hui XU Zhi-cang
    2020, 22(1):  45-53.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.01.007
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    Based on the SBM-DEA and Malmquist models, the tourism efficiency and Malmquist productivity index of International Cultural Tourism Demonstration Area in Southern Anhui Province in 2009—2018 were measured, and with the ArcGIS analysis platform, the temporal-spatial evolution characteristics of urban tourism development efficiency were studied. The study found that in the time dimension, the annual average of tourism efficiency fluctuated, and the gap between cities was small and shrinking; most cities had the problem of "high input and low output". From the perspective of Malmquist after decomposition, technological progress has a certain effect on the improvement of total factor productivity. In the spatial dimension, tourism efficiency presents the inner circle structure with "Chizhou-Huangshan" as the core, and the central city has a certain space "spill effect"; the tourism efficiency and the center of gravity of the Malmquist index are alternately "east-west" . Based on this, suggestions for optimizing the efficiency of tourism resource allocation are put forward, providing reference for the continuous and intensive development of International Cultural Tourism Demonstration Area in Southern Anhui Province.
    Analysis of the Efficiency of Chinese Government R&D Funding and Its Influencing Factors
    WANG Shi-fang
    2020, 22(1):  54-61.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.01.008
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    Based on the fundamental data of R&D input and output in China's 30 provinces and autonomous regions (excluding Tibet) since 2009, the super efficient DEA model is used to measure the efficiency of government R&D funding in various regions. The results show that there are significant inter-provincial differences in efficiency of Chinese government R&D funding for reasons of funding scale and management. Then, in order to further reveal the deep-seated reasons for this difference, the Tobit model is used to measure the efficiency of government R&D funding. Empirical analysis of the reasons at the enterprise level shows that the government R&D funding rate, the stability of the R&D funding policy, the government R&D funding allocation structure, the R&D personnel qualification structure and the R&D investment intensity all have significant effects on the government R&D funding efficiency. Finally, on this basis, the corresponding policy recommendations are proposed for the improvement of the efficiency of Chinese government R&D funding.
    An Analysis of Star Outdoor Reality Show and the Factors Affecting the Development of Local Tourism—Based on the Audience Theory#br#
    BAO Xiao-yu
    2020, 22(1):  62-68.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.01.009
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    This article is supported by the audience theory of Birmingham School. It is based on the audience research of Williams, Hall, Morley and Fiske. From the creation of TV texts, the interpretation of texts by audiences, and the psychological incentives, the reasons why the star outdoor reality show has an influence on the development of the local tourism industry are analyzed. First, the tendency changes in the process of TV text encoding, the production of texts derived from life, and the legibility of texts will have unpredictable effects on the dissemination of texts. Second, the audience has the need to recognize the meaning of the text. Therefore, the interpretation of TV text by different audiences is influenced by the social context in which they are located. The TV text of the star outdoor reality show is interpreted by tourists, local residents, tourism companies, government agencies and other audiences, which promotes the development of local tourism. Finally, audiences忆 psychology, nostalgia, idolatry, participation psychology, etc. are all important incentives for their tourism behavior.
    Transformation and Reconstruction of Anhui Party Branch during the Soviet Revolution(1927—1931)
    LIANG Hua-wei ZHANG Wei-dong
    2020, 22(1):  69-75.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.01.010
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    After the defeat of the Great Revolution in 1927, the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party broke down. The Party organization was greatly impacted, and the Party branches were greatly damaged. In order to adapt to the new situation of the Soviet revolution, the Anhui Party branch, based on the unique local political and social conditions, expanded the building of the party branch, transformed the class foundation, and gradually formed the institutionalization of the party branch, in order to finally realize the reconstruction of the party branch. However, the Anhui Party branch was not only faced with the threat of existence from outside the Party, but also with complicated line conflict within the Party, so it would inevitably be greatly affected by certain difficulties in the process of reconstruction.
    A Summary of Banditry Suppression in Northern Anhui from 1949 to 1952
    HU Meng-jun
    2020, 22(1):  76-81.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.01.011
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    During the period of the Republic of China, banditry was a serious problem in Northern Anhui. Under the guidance of the correct policy of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China after the liberation, the grassroots organizations in Northern Anhui were established to cooperate with many other regions and cooperate with other public security campaigns. Public security organizations had been widely established to maintain local security. In the process of suppression, the masses had been actively mobilized and educated, so the criminals had no place to go. With the joint efforts of the government and the people, the success of banditry suppression in Northern Anhui was remarkable. By 1952, the bandits in Northern Anhui were basically cleared, which ensured the smooth progress of all work.
    The Construction and Features of Children‘s Image in Mengxue Bao
    ZHAN Yu
    2020, 22(1):  82-88.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.01.012
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    Mengxue Bao, founded in the late Qing dynasty, was an enlightening journal for children. It focused on children's education and enlightenment, offering several columns such as education, health, literature, intelligence, arithmetic, history and geography, along with natural sciences. As to its running purpose, Mengxue Bao pointed out that "it focuses on enlightenment" and "it takes pictures and songs as the first key". All the columns set up by  Mengxue Bao had distinct features and made a great breakthrough in the practice of establishing newspapers and periodicals in terms of content and form in the late Qing dynasty. The enlightenment and shaping of children in  Mengxue Bao also extended children's images in the late Qing dynasty to a certain extent. Mengxue Bao is not only a part of the educational enlightenment for children in the late Qing dynasty, but also a precursor to the independent discovery of modern children's image. 
    Folk Belief and Regional Identity: The Historical Inheritance and Cultural Implications of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage "Wuchang Taiping Lantern"
    YANG Ze-yu WANG Xing-yong CHENG Kai
    2020, 22(1):  89-96.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.01.013
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    "Wuchang Taiping Lantern" is one of the main types of the national intangible cultural heritage "Dongzhi Lantern". It has a long history and rich meanings. It integrates the original cultural symbols such as folk songs and dances, original crafts and religious beliefs. It embodies the collective memory of the local people and reflects the spiritual outlook of the working people. The research on "Taiping Lantern" takes into account both diachronic and synchronic perspectives. On the one hand, through the description of "space", the research explores its historical origin and reveals its spatial state and regional structure of occurrence and development in "change" and "invariance"; on the other hand, its deductive form is interpreted to decipher the multicultural connotations contained therein, and identify the "idol" and "reality" according to the universality of the ritual, which is beneficial to the exploration of inheritance and the protection of the regional and minority intangible cultural heritage represented by the "Wuchang Taiping Lantern".
    Communication Thoughts on Network Popular Memes in the Age of Social Media—from the Perspective of "Six Learning"
    TIAN Miao-qi YU Gui
    2020, 22(1):  97-103.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.01.014
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     In the era of social media, the popular Internet memes change rapidly. Behind the Internet carnival, problems such as the rampant internet violence and the expansion of language gap between different groups have emerged. The rise and decline of "six learning" meme completely presents the communication life cycle of a popular network meme. Taking "six learning" as the starting point, this paper analyzes the meme fission communication and audience-oriented communication characteristics of the popular Internet meme. Focusing on the hidden problems exposed in the process of network meme communication, this paper puts forward solutions from three aspects: new media, KOL ecology and the new and old discourse system, in the hope of improving the network public opinion environment.
    Mao Dun and the Reform of Modern Chinese Drama
    ZHANG Xin-xue
    2020, 22(1):  104-109+116.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.01.015
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    Mao Dun's critical articles on drama account for a small proportion of all his literary and art critical articles, but they play a very important role in promoting the weak theory of modern Chinese drama. Mao Dun has always pushed forward the reform of Chinese old plays and the localization of drama introduced from the west, and formed a more pertinent way of drama criticism, which has played a guiding role in the development of Chinese drama. At the same time, Mao Dun's views on drama are dominated by its function, and they are the representation of "For the Life" concept in dramatic literature. Mao Dun's important contribution to Chinese drama reform and the limitation of his drama criticism have enlightening significance to the development of Chinese contemporary drama.
    A Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Custom Paintings from the Perspective of Art Sociology
    HUA Xue
    2020, 22(1):  110-116.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.01.016
    Abstract ( 806 )   PDF (1227KB) ( 1144 )   Save
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    As a special cultural phenomenon, the choice of a theme for custom painting mainly comes from daily life, which is full of humanism and a direct reflection of society. From the perspective of art, custom painting reflects the aesthetic fashion of different classes in society. This paper attempts to combine the golden periods of the development of custom painting in the history of Chinese and Western art: China's Song Dynasty and the Netherlands in the 17th Century. From the perspective of art sociology, it tries to see how Chinese and Western custom paintings constructed aesthetic values and dealt with the interaction between the function of custom painting and the motivation of creation, in order to form a new understanding of custom painting.
    An Analysis of Esther's Growth Confusions in The Bell Jar from the Perspective of Initiation Stories
    LIU Nan-nan WANG Ye-zhao
    2020, 22(1):  117-121+157.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.01.017
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    The Bell Jar is a semi-autobiographical novel written by Sylvia Plath who is an American confessional poetess in the mid-20th century. As Sylvia Plath's masterpiece, set in the Cold War, the novel focuses on a brilliant 19-year-old woman and explores the frustrations and confusions peculiar to young women at that time. The three basic elements of the thesis includes growing environment, the growing guide and the growing ceremony, which explores the puzzle of Esther's growth. To a certain extent, the research explains the confusions in female growth in American society so as to help readers further understand the connotation of the novel and face up to the confusionsin female growth in contemporary society.
    The Evolution of the Meaning of "East and West" and Its Causes
    ZHANG Ming-yue
    2020, 22(1):  122-127.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.01.018
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    The evolution of word meaning is a common phenomenon in all languages. "East", "West" originally refer to the directions, and then gradually evolved into a semantic -rich compound noun "things". The "thing", which means the substance, refers to the rare and strange objects from the West, abstract things or the semantic meaning of a specific person or animal in the late Ming Dynasty, and the emotional color attached to the "thing" referring to the specific person and the animal comes from the context. The subjective cognition of human beings and the objective factors of social development and change promote the derivation of the meaning "things". The evolution process of word meaning is parallel, subjective and metonymy is its cognitive mechanism.
    Re-Examining the Name and Nature of Eco-Translatology
    WANG Jia-gen TAO Li-chun
    2020, 22(1):  128-134.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.01.019
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    Front and back cover  
    Editorial Department of Journal of Chaohu University
    2020, 22(1):  1001-1002. 
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       Front and back cover   No.1,2020(Vol.22 General Serial No.160)
    The sixth conference on the construction of business English majors in Anhui province was successfully held in chaohu university.
    Editorial Department of Journal of Chaohu University
    2020, 22(1):  1003-1004. 
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    The sixth conference on the construction of business English majors in Anhui province was successfully held in chaohu university.