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25 March 2020, Volume 22 Issue 2
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  • NO.2,2020
    Editorial Department of Journal of Chaohu University
    2020, 22(2):  0-0. 
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    Contents  NO.2,2020(Vol.22General Serial No.161)
    Dispute and Resolution of Administrative Emergency Power under Major Epidemic Situation
    LIU Lin-lin
    2020, 22(2):  1-8.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.02.001
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    For the new coronavirus epidemic situation, our government decisively exercised the administrative emergency power and initially restrained the development of the epidemic situation. In order to ensure the safety of people's lives, the strict control measures adopted in this epidemic reached an unprecedented level. Many scholars pay attention to the problems in the exercise of administrative emergency power, especially the restrictions on civil rights. Some scholars dispute the legitimacy and rationality of the control measures. Based on the analysis of the basic principles of administrative law, it is found that the crux of the dispute lies in the imperfection of the legal system of emergency state, the lack of supervision of the normative documents of administrative emergency and the judicial incoordination in the regulation of administrative emergency power. These disputes can be resolved by improving the legal system of emergency, giving full play to the supervision role of the constitutional review system and clarifying the standards of judicial review after the event.
    The Reform and Improvement of the Influence of Short Online Videos over the Public Voice in the New Media Context—Taking Reports of COVID-19 as an Example
    LIU Chang, WANG Chao
    2020, 22(2):  9-15+92.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.02.002
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    With the widespread mobile terminals and the speeding of Internet, short online videos have become an important new media reporting method in the development of media convergence with the advantages of visualization for audience, fragmentation in social contacts and diversity in contents. The development of short online videos has also exerted a tremendous influence over news spreading, which results from the great changes of news spreading practices caused by the spreading feature of online videos and its combination with news spreading's inherent law. Among those reports of COVID-19, in order to meet the information needs of the public, short online videos have revolutionized the reach of public opinion influence, the means and contents of public scrutiny. Under the new media context, the short online videos have played a fundamental role in public opinions. Through good use of short online videos, gradually reforming transmission mechanism and improving the technology, the authority, the folks, the mainstream media and socialized media can realize public opinion resonance, to achieve information disclosure, guidance and supervision of public opinion, humanistic care and popularization of knowledge. 
    New Changes and Countermeasures for Employment of College Graduates under the Background of COVID-19
    JIN Jing
    2020, 22(2):  16-22.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.02.003
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    Under the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, the employment of college graduates is facing three pressures: the continuous increase of the number of graduates, the decline of social economy and the epidemic situation. In a certain period of time, the number of people losing jobs will be increasing, and the demand of the employment market for new graduates is greatly reduced compared with the same period last year. In the process of graduates’ employment, colleges and universities should actively explore a new mode of work from "offline" to "comprehensively online", change the traditional "face-to-face" centralized guidance, improve the "personalized" employment guidance rate, and pay attention to the change of "close relationship" of graduates. Facing the new changes in employment, universities should change employment guidance thinking and explore the new mode of "Internet plus employment", build a network service platform to realize the network operation of employment, pay attention to the online employment safety and improve graduates’ ability to guard, pay attention to the psychological problems in the employment process and open up new channels for network counselling, strengthen the support for key groups and improve the tracking guidance, so as to promote the steady development of graduates’ employment and guarantee the employment service for graduates.
    Research on the Current Situation of Functional Zoning of Hefei Parks Based on AHP—With the Comments by Pet-owners as an Example
    HONG Yun-xi
    2020, 22(2):  23-31.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.02.004
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    This study takes the existing conflicts between pet owners and non-pet owners as the starting point,selects different green parks in Hefei urban area for field research, aiming at the problem of insufficient functional  zoning of Hefei urban green parks in the research, conducts stratified random research, and establishes an AHP model oriented by public use evaluation. According to the weight proportion of its model factors, this paper makes functional planning guidance and management suggestions on the deficiencies of functional zoning for pet owners‘ needs in Hefei忆s existing urban green parks. In order to adapt to the harmonious development of modern city and society and realize social justice and landscape harmony, the author tries to reduce the conflicts caused by the unsatisfied needs of pet owners in urban green space.
    Empirical Analysis on the Influencing Factors of Financial Product Marketing in Rural Areas of Hefei
    XIAO Shu-mei, XU Zhi-cang, WANG Peng-cheng
    2020, 22(2):  32-40.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.02.005
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    With the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, the problem of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" has been further solved. The increase in rural residents忆income provides a new opportunity for commercial banks to further develop financial services in rural areas. In Hefei rural areas, for example, we use content analysis to introduce the main factors that influence the financial product marketing and through the reliability test, it is concluded that the main influence factors are the three aspects of individual citizens, wealth management products and bank, and nine specific factors. Based on the results of this study, an index system of factors influencing the marketing of financial products is established. AHP model is used for empirical analysis, and the weighting coefficient of factors influencing the marketing of financial products in rural areas is obtained. The results show that factors such as residents忆income, returns and understanding of financial products are the most important, followed by convenience and safety of purchase, risks, education level, starting point of financial management, brand and reputation of banks, and service quality of bank staff (from large to small). Finally, specific suggestions with priorities are put forward.
    Litigation Path Selection of Contract Disputes over the Transfer of the Right to Use State-Owned Land
    WANG Ya-qiong, WANG Peng
    2020, 22(2):  41-47.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.02.006
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    There have always been two different views in the theoretical cycle on the legal attribute of state-owned land use right transfer contracts, namely civil contracts and administrative agreements. In judicial practice, some disputes of state-owned land use right transfer contracts are solved through civil litigation and administrative litigation. Analyzed from legal attribute of contracting parties, purpose of contract, self-determination scope of content and rights and obligations of both parties to the contract, state-owned land use right transfer tracts should be classified as administrative agreements. There exist problems if land use right transfer contract disputes are solved through sole civil litigation or sole administrative litigation. Litigation path should be determined in accordance with the subject identity of prosecutors and nature of the dispute within the scope of mixed dispute resolution path. In addition, with added mechanisms of "reverse litigation", "administrative mediation" under administrative litigation paths and "incidental administrative review" mechanism under the civil litigation path, mixed litigation paths become a clearer and smoother way.
    Research on the Protection of the Rights of Cohabitant——Based on Article 234 of Contract Law
    ZHU Min-guo
    2020, 22(2):  48-55.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.02.007
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    Article 234 of contract law provides for the continued performance of the original lease agreement after the death of the lessee. However, no matter in the accuracy of the legal text or the flexibility of the practical operation, Article 234 is incomplete. Therefore, by combing the disputes involved in the provision, this paper explains and responds to the related issues, and on the basis of defining the connotation and extension, puts forward the solutions of the protection of the interests of all parties with the goal of "having shelter", in order to contribute to the understanding and application of this provision, with a view to achieving "living in peace".
    On the Protection of the Prosecuted Person’s Right to Knowing in the Leniency System for Confession and Punishment
    WANG Meng
    2020, 22(2):  56-61.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.02.008
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    The leniency system of admission of guilt and punishment is established on the basis of voluntary admission of guilt and punishment. Strengthening the protection of the prosecuted person忆s right to know all is of great practical significance for guaranteeing the voluntary nature of confession and punishment, regulating the behavior of prosecution organs and realizing the goal of judicial protection of human rights. In practice, it is difficult for the accused to effectively protect his right of disclosure due to the formalization of the right to inform the prosecution, the obstruction of the prosecuted person忆s indirect access to knowledge, the defect of the right to first notice of evidence, and the lack of procedural sanctions for the protection of the right of disclosure, which affect the operation and effectiveness of the leniency system of admission of guilt and punishment. It is necessary to improve the system of informing prosecution authorities, strengthen the effective participation of lawyers, guarantee the right of the accused to know the evidence first, and establish procedural safeguard measures.

    An Empirical Study on Improving the Performance of Overseas Subsidiaries’ Transnational Investment from the Perspective of Experience Learning 
    ZHU Li, YIN Hua-fang
    2020, 22(2):  62-71.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.02.009
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    The experience accumulated in the process of enterprises' overseas investment has an important impact on the survival performance of their overseas subsidiaries. This paper uses the overseas investment data of Chinese listed companies from 2002 to 2012 to study the impact of the experience in the process of enterprises' overseas investment on the survival performance of overseas subsidiaries. The empirical results show that there is no significant relationship between the success experience and the survival performance of overseas subsidiaries, while the learning effect between the failure experience and the survival performance of overseas subsidiaries is significant, showing an U-shaped relationship, and the heterogeneity of investors will weaken the U-shaped relationship between the failure experience and the survival performance of subsidiaries. Diversified equity investment structure, large capital scale and diversified host country location choice will weaken the U-shaped relationship between failure experience and subsidiary survival performance.
    Technology Spillover of Foreign Investment, Government Intervention and Upgrading of Industrial Structure
    ZHU Wen-gang
    2020, 22(2):  72-77.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.02.010
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    Technology spillover from developed countries is an important way to realize the upgrading of industrial structure in the trend of economic globalization. Based on the panel data of 16 prefecture-level cities in Anhui Province from 2008 to 2017, this paper examines the impact of technology spillover from foreign direct investment on industrial structure under government intervention. The results show that, on the whole, foreign capital technology spillover has a positive impact on the upgrading of industrial structure, but with the accession of government behavior, foreign capital technology spillover has a hindering effect on industrial structure. Moreover,the hindrance effect varies in different areas with different degrees of economic development, which is closely related to the government忆s financial bias policy and industrial guidance policy. Finally, in view of this phenomenon, this paper puts forward some policy suggestions to promote the upgrading of industrial structure.
    Research on the Influence of Standing Loan Facility on Short-term Interest Rate Based on SVAR 
    YANG Jin-peng, LIU Yan-hua
    2020, 22(2):  78-86.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.02.011
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    In order to cope with the impact of "financial tsunami" on China忆s monetary market, the central bank created a new short-term monetary policy tool in 2013, the standing lending facility tool, which is used as the upper limit of the interest rate corridor to stabilize the market interest rate. In this context, the paper uses SVAR model to test whether the standing loan facility has a stable effect on the short-term market interest rate. The results show that the short-term market interest rate in China has been significantly reduced since the implementation of the frequently used loan facility. As one of the short-term monetary policy tools, the implementation of the standing lending facility has important practical value for China to explore the establishment of interest rate corridor mechanism.
    Culture Memory, Memory Reconstruction and Identity Construction:The Narrative Strategy of Herbal China 2
    WANG Xu, YUE Peng
    2020, 22(2):  87-92.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.02.012
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    In recent years, against the background of building cultural confidence, traditional Chinese medicine cultural documentaries are flourishing. Traditional Chinese medicine culture documentaries with different emphases depict the important influence of traditional Chinese medicine culture on Chinese people in an all-round and threedimensional way, and construct the identity of traditional Chinese medicine culture in line with the current situation. From the perspective of cultural memory, this paper observes the strategies of constructing imaginary space, meaning presentation and identity construction in narrative framework, narrative perspective, ritual tradition,memory field and other aspects of traditional Chinese medicine cultural documentaries, which provides new possibilities for the writing of traditional Chinese medicine cultural documentaries and even the self-transcendence of traditional Chinese culture documentaries. From the perspective of cultural memory, traditional Chinese medicine cultural documentary gradually becomes an expression mode and writing mode of traditional cultural documentary,or has the vitality of cultural construction and the potential of value production.
    On the Writing of Daily Life in Lu Xun’s Novels
    XING Yu-ru
    2020, 22(2):  93-99.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.02.013
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    Lu Xun, based on the ultimate idea of enlightenment criticism, takes the daily life with the deepest and most stubborn accumulation of traditional Chinese culture as the object of expression, linking it with trivial, foolish and struggling human beings, and expressing the repeated thinking, empiricism, resistance strategy and path of transcendence of individual daily existence. Through the methods of vague dilution and deepening of touch, the historical significance is dispelled, the time consciousness is desalinated, the nameless status of the characters is strengthened, the traditional daily life is touched, the gentle feeling of empathy is brought into slight ridicule, the humanistic and empirical daily cultural schema is criticized, and the group characteristics of traditional feudal thoughts and national bad habits are presented, which is of great significance to the May 4th Enlightenment at that time and is also of practical significance to the modernization development today.
    Review and Prospect of the Economic Value of Folk Art from the Perspective of Eco-Economy
    CHENG Fu-rong
    2020, 22(2):  100-105.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.02.014
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    As one of the most historic social existences, folk art embodies profound cultural traditions of history, nationality and era. The transformation of folk art into cultural capital can not only provide a way out of the material age and rebuild a harmonious and orderly value system for the development of modern society, but also renew the root of culture in the fragmented post-modern cultural landscape and maintain the subjectivity of national culture in the tide of globalization; aiming at the confusion of modern people’ s values and the disappearance of moral standards, we can construct modern people’s healthy spiritual ecology. On the basis of the existing research on folk art economy, this paper probes into the eco -economic characteristics of folk art from the angles of origin, inheritance and development, and infers that folk art will transcend its own significance in the form of symbols and
    provide the spiritual core of modern social economy with profound humanistic connotations.

    Semiotic Study on the Semantic Communication of Armchairs in Ming Dynasty
    WANG Wen-zhi, YANG Yan-hong
    2020, 22(2):  106-111.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.02.015
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    From the perspective of semiotics, this paper explains the denotation and connotation of Ming -style round-backed armchair furniture under the influence of the two symbol elements of Signifier and Signified. It also explains the way and significance of the semantic transmission of Ming-style round-backed armchair symbol, and further reveals the positive boosting effect of semiotics principles on the development of ancient Chinese furniture culture, and analyzes the splendid Ming-style furniture culture from various angles.
    Multi-layered Interaction among Technology, Wars and Society:Research Review and Enlightenment of the Italian Wars in the Transformational Period
    XUE Peng-cheng
    2020, 22(2):  112-119.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.02.016
    Abstract ( 959 )   PDF (1222KB) ( 954 )   Save
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    The Italian Wars of 1494—1559 demonstrated the multi-layered interaction between military technology, war and society in the transformational period of Europe from the 15th to the 18th century. The military and social outlook of Europe took on a new look during the interaction between the Italian Wars, the Renaissance, and Religious Reform and so on, which became a powerful momentum to promote the transformation of Europe from the Middle Ages to modern times. At present, scholars at home and abroad tend to explore the overall process of the Italian Wars, the issues of technology and society in the Wars and the mercenary issues during the war, and have made some achievements in exploring the European history in the political, military, diplomatic and social aspects during the transformational period. However, there are still some deficiencies in the current Italian Wars research, such as the tendency of homogeneity, the lack of interdisciplinary integration results and the lack of "humanistic care" in the social field. If we can correctly understand the importance of Italian Wars and introduce new research methods and perspectives, the research on Italian Wars in the transformational period will gain more remarkable achievements.
    On Family Education of Princesses in Tang Dynasty
    YIN Ying
    2020, 22(2):  120-125. 
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    The whole society of Tang Dynasty attached great importance to education, and the imperial family was no exception. In addition to emphasizing the education of princes and kings, the princesses of Tang Dynasty also received good family education. The family education of Tang Dynasty princesses represents the highest level of women’s family education in Tang Dynasty. They have special learning institutions and female teachers to carry out daily education for them. The contents of education cover etiquette, calligraphy, art and poetry. With the rise and fall of the country and the development of society, the Tang royal family忆s educational concept for princesses has also changed, and princesses in different periods have very different "portraits" for their groups. On the whole, many of them have excellent cultural and artistic qualities and have written their own splendid chapters in history books.
    Morrison’s Political Intention—Beloved from the Perspective of Trauma Theory
    QIANG Xiao-yun, WANG Jia-hai
    2020, 22(2):  126-131.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.02.018
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    This paper is aimed to analyze Toni Morrison忆s novel Beloved from the perspective of Trauma theory. By exploring the traumatic symptoms of main characters and the ways of recovering themselves from traumas, the author wants to expose the real aim of this novel. As an African-American writer, Morrison’s works show distinct political intention and cultural position. Morrison not only wants to disclose the hard -living environment of the blacks in the period of the ending of the slavery and the period of American southern reconstruction, but also hopes the blacks face the past bravely, recover from the trauma by love and union, construct their unique political and cultural identities, and create a brand-new future.
    My Homeland is Where My Heart Finds Peace: A Study of Cosmopolitan Representation of Homeland in The Pickup
    JIANG Meng
    2020, 22(2):  132-137.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.02.019
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    The Pickup is a novel written in post-apartheid period. Nadine Gordimer has depicted in The Pickup mankind’ s pursuit of an ideal homeland in the age of globalization, which reflects her hope for building a harmonious homeland of multicultural coexistence in new South Africa. Guided by the spirit of cosmopolitanism, the heroine Julie always conducts negotiations and communications when confronted with cultural differences and conflicts, which at last help her find home and settle down in a foreign land. Julie’s practices of cosmopolitanism have dissolved the center-periphery binary opposition. The study on cosmopolitan representation of homeland in
    The Pickup will not only enrich African literature studies in China, but also contribute to the mutual cultural learning between China and Africa, as well as provide some references to the building of "a community with shared future for mankind".
    On the Word Zhong in Shangqiu Dialect
    TIAN Ying
    2020, 22(2):  138-145.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.02.020
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    In Shangqiu dialect, zhong has the meanings of "OK, agree, good, great". Combining with the daily corpus, this paper intends to discuss the unique usage of zhong in Shangqiu dialect from two aspects of grammar and pragmatics. In grammatical aspects, the lexical nature of zhong is mainly manifested as verbs and adjectives, and its different lexicality shows different ability of entering sentences. In pragmatic terms, the zhong in Shangqiu dialect has four different pragmatic meanings in daily conversation: (1)It can be used to express recognition and appreciation;(2)Consent may be expressed by the respondent; (3)The answer can also show a weak perfunctory, impatient tone;(4)It can be used for irony. In addition, the evolution paths and directions of different pragmatic meanings of multifunctional morpheme zhong are predicted by using semantic graph model. And the use of zhong in the Central Plains official words in other areas is briefly analyzed.
    Research on the Path of Ideological Education Guidance of University Students from the Supply Side Perspective
    XU Geng-yang
    2020, 22(2):  146-151.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.02.021
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    From the perspective of "supply side structural reform" and the internal relevance of ideological education guidance of university students, the study is based on the difficulties faced by ideological education guidance of university students in the new era. Focusing on the fundamental task of "building morality and cultivating people", with the purpose of "integrating resources, invigorating the stock, making sufficient increment and stimulating energy", from the four aspects of supply efficiency, supply mechanism, supply platform and supply benchmark, the study explores and optimizes the new mode, new method and new path of ideological education guidance of university students, so as to accurately serve the growth and development of students.
    Research on the Integrating Mechanism of Ideological and Political Teaching with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Universities
    XIANG Ze-xiong, SHI Han-lei
    2020, 22(2):  152-157.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.02.022
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    In view of the fact that ideological and political teaching and innovation and entrepreneurship education have many commonalities in objectives, contents, forms, time and space, we can integrate innovation and entrepreneurship education into ideological and political teaching to solve the "two skins" problem of them. However, the academic research on this issue still has significant deficiencies. In order to meet the practical needs of ideological and political education reform and innovation in universities, we should sort out the internal connection between them and build an operating mechanism that takes goal integrating as the command, content integrating as the core, form integrating as the key, and time and space integrating as the guarantee.
    On Totem Culture and the Thinking Guidance of Art Design Education in Modern Colleges and Universities
    YUAN Meng, LUO Yu-chen, ZENG Ting-hong
    2020, 22(2):  158-164.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.02.023
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    In the history of human development, totem is an important cultural carrier, with rich connotations, reflecting the characteristics of different periods, different regions and different nationalities. It can provide inspiration and creative resources for the art and design education of colleges and universities in the new era, and has important material, aesthetic and educational value. Based on the analysis of many problems existing in the process of art design education in colleges and universities, this paper starts with the material, aesthetic and educational value contained in totem culture, and takes the "owl" pattern image in Ning Gang’ s works as an example. Through the interpretation of the creation of this totem work, this paper discusses how it can guide the thinking of art design education in colleges and universities as well as the specific implementation path, so as to provide some reference and inspiration for the promotion of art design education in colleges and universities.