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25 July 2019, Volume 21 Issue 4
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  • Research on Constraints in the Development of Characteristic Industrial Cluster around Chaohu Lake——An Empirical Analysis of the Anchor Chain Industry in Zhonghan Based on AHP
    ZHAO Qi, CHANG Sheng
    2019, 21(4):  1-9.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.001
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    Abstract:In our country, more and more enterprises have made full use of industrial clusters to develop industrial economy. Zhonghan Town of Chaohu, as the "Hometown of Anchor Chain", has gradually formed an industrial cluster of Anchor Chain around Chaohu Lake since the 1990s, but there are still some factors restricting its development. Firstly, the paper finds the most important factors that restrict its development based on AHP analysis.Then, these factors are analyzed in detail. Finally, the paper puts forward some suggestions and countermeasures on how to make use of the development of characteristic industrial clusters to promote the regional economic take-off,which has certain reference significance for local governments and relevant industrial clusters.
    Research on Strategies of Promoting Tourism Service Experience in Hefei Scenic Spots
    LI Ze-hui
    2019, 21(4):  10-18+49.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.002
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    Abstract:Starting from the current development of Hefei tourism industry, in-depth research was conducted on the policy environment, economic environment and resource environment of Hefei tourism industry development, and the current opportunities for tourism development in Hefei are analyzed. Through questionnaire, interview and other means, this paper finds out the main problems and potential of Hefei tourism service experience. According to the different types of scenic spots, combined with the tourism experience, the service experience upgrading strategy is proposed from the perspectives of constructing a promoted service system, combining with technology upgrading experience and linking with publicizing scenic culture.
    Three in One: The Spiritual Essence of the Doctrine of the Mean in The Analects of Confucius
    FANG Xi-wen
    2019, 21(4):  19-23.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.003
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    Abstract: The Doctrine of the Mean is an important component of Confucianism, a doctrine of thought founded by Confucius. On the one hand, this thought has been inherited and spread, profoundly affecting the Chinese people;on the other hand, it is often misunderstood and even criticized. A close reading of the Analects of Confucius reveals that the Doctrine of "the Mean" is actually the unity of three connotations: doctrine of harmony, doctrine of viability and doctrine of contingency.
    A Study of the "Madhyamapratipad" Thought from a Comparative Perspective——Taking Confucius and Aristotle as the Research Center
    ZHENG Hui-min
    2019, 21(4):  24-29.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.004
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    Abstract: From the three perspectives of "all people" and "all oneself", realm theory and teleology, "metaphysics" and "physical", this paper analyzes the differences between Confucius' thought of "moderation" and Aristotle's thought of "madhyamapratipad", which grasps the "moderation" of the law of neutralization and sincerity, and the "madhyampratipad" of the way of justice and perfection. Furthermore, it could explore Confucius' philosophy of "doctrine" and Aristotle's philosophy of "vessel".
    Study on the Youth's Practice of Struggle for Happiness in the New Era
    LI Meng-ru, YANG Fang, ZHANG Liang
    2019, 21(4):  30-35.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.005
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    Abstract: The Struggle for Happiness is relevant to the contemporary people's profound pursuit of happiness and the various kinds of happiness confusion that exist in the current society, especially in young people, and has accurately grasped the meaning of happiness in the new era. The New Era is the era of struggle; youth is the main body of struggle. The young people of the New Era should set up the ideal and belief to strive for the realization of the Chinese Dream, cultivate the noble character of courage and hard work, develop the skills to advance the socialist modernization drive, be responsible for their own happiness, and be responsible for the mission of the times.
    The Criticism of "The Alliance for Progress" Policy from Nixon Administration and Its Influence
    ZHANG Ting-ting
    2019, 21(4):  36-42.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.006
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    Abstract: "The Alliance for Progress" was a policy of economic aid, which was carried out by the United States in Latin America during the 1960s. In the early years of President Richard Milhous Nixon's administration, the American power declined and the government planned to implement the strategic contraction policy. Moreover, the policy even hindered the development of Latin America due to its inherent limitations, which caused the dissatisfaction of Latin American people. Therefore, President Nixon delivered a political speech to criticize the "The Alliance for Progress" policy, which provided a theoretical basis for the transformation offoreignpolicy.Subsequently, the United States adjusted its foreign policy towards Latin America, replacing economic aid with trade; Latin America sought independent development, and the diplomatic relations between the United States and Latin America presented a new situation.
    On Canada's Foreign Policy towards Indonesia ——An Investigation Centered on the Konfrontasi
    TAN Yang-hong, WU Yao-ting
    2019, 21(4):  43-49.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.007
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    Abstract: The Konfrontasi that broke out in 1963 was a regional conflict caused by Indonesia's opposition to Britain's "greater Malaysia" plan, which had a profound impact on the international relations in southeast Asia. As a member of the commonwealth and a middle power in the world, although Canada basically agrees with the "greater Malaysia" concept to consolidate the anti-communist cause in southeast Asia, it is reluctant to give up the friendly relations with Indonesia since the 1950s, so it takes a neutral attitude in the early stage of the confrontation.However, with the escalation of the confrontation between the two sides, especially after the United States publicly supported Malaysia, the Canadian government had to implement containment against Indonesia. Canada's policy change in the conflict shows that the diplomatic behavior of middle powers could not escape from the multiconstraints of cold war environment and the alliance system, so it was difficult for them to exert their international influence commensurate with their national strength.
    China's Labor Legal System to Deal with the Related Employment under the New Business Model
    BAO Yu
    2019, 21(4):  50-56.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.008
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    Abstract: With the adjustment of China's economic structure, the problem of related labor relationship is increasingly prominent, and it also challenges China's labor legal system. The traditional labor legislation in China is mainly for the single enterprise labor relationship, rarely involving the protection of the employees in affiliated enterprises. The lack of legislation directly led to confusion in the judicial processing of this kind of labor dispute. We should adopt "Enterprise Entity Theory", and affiliated enterprises will be regarded as a single enterprise as a whole in external relationship. Under the guidance of the theory, we should respond to the common problems of employee protection in affiliated enterprises respectively, and offer reference for the perfection of labor legal system in China.
    An Analysis of the Role of China's "Bystander" from the Perspective of Social Ecosystem
    YANG Chen-ke
    2019, 21(4):  57-63.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.009
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    Abstract: Public security incidents have occurred frequently in recent years, and "being bystanders" have increasingly become the common choice of outsiders. By combing the domestic research on the phenomenon of bystanders,it is found that the influence factors on different bystanders are different, which can be explained from the new perspective of social environment and personal behavior interaction. The model of the phenomenon of bystander behavior is defined as the "bystander" role. Through the intervention research of ecosystem theory, it is found that its characteristics mainly include silence, universality, interest-oriented and diverse trends. The "bystander" role is an extension of social ecology, with strong social characteristics, such as the absence of roles, social crisis of trust and media violence and responsibility. Aiming at the anomie phenomenon caused by the "bystander" role, we can promote the construction of the rule of virtue by perfecting the two systems of individuals and society, standardize so
    cial behavior and moral constraints, and create a social governance pattern of participation by all people, joint construction and common governance.
    The Influence of Urbanization Level on the Housing Price Level under the Regional Differences
    PENG Zhi-sheng, WANG Yan
    2019, 21(4):  64-69+104.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.010
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    Abstract: The paper studies the impact of urbanization level on housing prices based on regional differences. Using the data from 2014 to 2017 in 70 large and medium-sized cities, using panel regression method to empirically analyze housing prices, the results show that urbanization level and total real estate investment have a significant impact on housing prices, but the regional differences are large. The impact of the consumer price index on housing prices is not significant. The urbanization level and housing price in the eastern region are expected to positively affect the housing price level, while the impact of total real estate investment is not significant; however, the urbanization level in the central region has no significant impact on housing prices, while the urbanization level in the western region has a significant but negative impact on housing prices. The total real estate investment and housing prices in the central and western regions have a significant impact on housing prices; the Northeast region
    has no significant impact other than housing price expectations. Finally, considering the level of urbanization and regional differences, policy measures to stabilize housing prices are proposed.
    Exploration on the Reactionary Compensation Policy Practice of Anhui Province's Major Grain Producing Areas
    WANG Xiao-jing, XU Nuo, XU Ji-yi
    2019, 21(4):  70-76.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.011
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    Abstract: As the core area of China's major production, the major grain producing areas affect the food security and social stability of China. Compensation policies in major grain-producing areas directly affect grain production,farmers' enthusiasm and creativity in grain growing. Anhui Province, as one of the major provinces producing grain,should improve the compensation mechanism, effectively compensate the contribution of farmers and the opportunity cost in the major grain producing areas, and stimulate the subjective initiative of farmers. At the same time, it is necessary to enhance the self-development ability of the major grain producing areas so as to make grain cultivation a high -income and decent occupation. There fore, this paper analyses the evolution of grain subsidy and the problems existing in the reactionary compensation policy, and puts forward some suggestions on improving the
    interest compensation policy of Anhui Province's major grain producing areas.
    Study on the Evolution of Tourism Economic Spatial Pattern in Dabieshan Area of Anhui Province#br#
    CAO Miao-miao, YANG Xiao-zhong
    2019, 21(4):  77-84.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.012
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    Abstract: Taking the tourist location and market share as the measurement tools, the article selects the annual tourism income, the number of tourists received annually and the regional GDP in 12 counties in the Dabieshan area of Anhui Province from 2014 to 2017, and studies the development of tourism economy in Dabieshan area and the characteristics of its spatial pattern change. The research shows that the development status of the tourism economic spatial pattern in the Dabieshan area of Anhui Province is a three-level evolution of the core area, the potential area and the weak area. The evolution process also shows three trends of continuous growth, growth and shrinking, and stagnation. The hierarchical gradient pattern is characterized by a gradual decline in the hierarchy from the center to the north and the south. At the same time, in response to the problems of the tourism economy in the Dabieshan area of Anhui Province, the corresponding solutions and development strategies are proposed.
    On the Influencing Factors of Global Value Chain Status: An Empirical Analysis Based on  Cross-border Panel Data of OECD Countries and Non-OECD Countries and Regions
    WU Li-na
    2019, 21(4):  85-91.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.013
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    Abstract: Based on the theory of OECD countries and non-OECD countries and regions, this paper analyses the influencing factors of the status of global value chain of countries with different levels of economic development,and uses the TiVA database of OECD-WTO in December 2018 to make an empirical analysis of 63 countries' cross -border panel data. The results show that: for all sample countries, the positive impetus of institutional environment is stronger than the level of government public service, and the upgrading of industrial structure will also promote the status of global value chain; for OECD countries, the level of government public service is of great significance to the rise of their global value chain status, while the level of infrastructure has a negative impact on climbing to the high-end of their global value chain; for non-OECD countries (regions), promoting industrial upgrading, technological innovation and optimizing the institutional environment are all important ways to enhance the status of non-OECD countries(regions)in the global value chain. 
    A Probe into Yuan Haowen's Allusions in Seven-syllable Poetry
    JIA Jun-qi
    2019, 21(4):  92-97.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.014
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    Abstract: By investigating the cases of Yuan Haowen's allusions in seven-syllable poetry, it is found that nearly 270 of the 329 poems used allusions. Wide range, density and multi-form are the distinctive characteristics of Yuan Haowen's seven-syllable poetry. The types of allusions are closely related to the era, mainly including: vicissitudes of life, seclusion, poor life and supportive ethics. The use of allusions not only made poetry meaningful, implicit, but also contained profound realistic meanings. It also influenced the formation of the dominant style of his poems.
    Analysis of Mobile Short Video News Communication Strategies under the Background of Media Fusion
    BU Hong-xuan
    2019, 21(4):  98-104.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.015
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    Abstract: Mobile short video news is the combination of news content and short video. It is another new news language after words, pictures, sounds and images. The development of the media fusion provides a new idea and technical support for it. From the perspective of media fusion development, mobile short video news has the advantages of strong timeliness, simplified technology, rich subject matter and expanding discourse space, which gradually attracts the attention of academia and industry. Through a large number of practical case studies, there are still some problems affecting and restricting the development of mobile short video news in China at this stage. At present, there are few professional mobile short video applications in China, and the communication strategy of mobile short video news is still worth exploring.
    The End of Classicism and Modern Enlightenment from Official Architecture in Ming and Qing Dynasties
    SUN Qiang
    2019, 21(4):  105-111.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.016
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    Abstract: From the time axis, as a continuation of the building level of Tang and Song Dynasties, the official architecture in Ming and Qing Dynasties is usually regarded as the end of classical architecture. However, due to the technical barriers cast by the "Construction Methods" and the development of feudal centralization to the final stage, the demand for building symbolism was strengthened to combat the spread of social secularization to maintain the legitimacy of its power, and many factors resulted in the gradual weakening function of the clear official structure and the pursuit of the form, thus unveiling the prelude to Chinese architectural modernism. This paper,from the religious symbolism of the official architecture, the planarization of decoration and the function of structure,analyzes the characteristics of its modernism. It aims to reveal the sprout of modernism in the Ming and Qing
    Dynasty architecture, which has long been neglected.
    Research on the Construction of Santai Pavilions in Ming and Qing Dynasties
    HUANG Guo-jun
    2019, 21(4):  112-117.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.017
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    Abstract: In the Ming and Qing dynasties, the construction of Santai pavilions began to flourish, and they took the name of Santai, which meant Sangong 渊high officials in the cabinet冤. Generally, the construction of the Santai were located according to geomantic omen and public opinion, and were jointly constructed by officials, gentry and the people. The funds for the construction of Santai pavilions were all raised. The construction of Santai pavilions in Ming and Qing Dynasties promoted the rapid development of the local imperial examination culture. They embodied the desire of the builders to seek for the country's talents; they also became landmark and ornamental buildings in the local area.
    Jiajing Japanese and City Defense Construction Activities—Exemplified by the Practice in Anhui Area in Ming Dynasty#br#
    REN Xiao-wen
    2019, 21(4):  118-124.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.018
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    The Japanese was a serious problem of the Ming Dynasty. Its harassment of the Ming Empire persisted from Hongwu dynasty to Chongzhen, but was generally confined to the southeast coastal area. However, in the Jiajing period, Japanese ravage was especially severe. In Jiajing 34 years(1555), they almost swept across the South Zhili, and even Anhui's local towns were not spared. The Ming Dynasty Anhui was located in the middle, far from the sea. It had been peaceful for a long time and city defense had long been neglected. It had no ability to resist the Japanese. With the intrusion of the Japanese, it began the defense construction activities, and achieved remarkable results.
    Study on Kuomintang Guerrilla Areas in Henan,Hubei and Anhui during the Anti-Japanese War#br#
    ZHANG Cui-cui
    2019, 21(4):  125-130.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.019
    Abstract ( 1598 )   PDF (1350KB) ( 811 )   Save
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    The Henan, Hubei and Anhui border area was one of guerrilla areas established by Kuomintang behind the enemy during the Anti-Japanese War. To consolidate the base areas behind the enemy lines, support the long war of resistance, the New Guangxi clique carried out construction of the guerrilla areas and made it a solid fortress behind the enemy. The Kuomintang formalized the guerrilla army by organizing and training it, and at the same time established the economic guerrilla army. In the course of the Anti-Japanese War, the guerrillas actively cooperated with the front battlefield and carried out sabotage and attacks against the enemy and puppet forces, making contributions to the victory of the war. Compared with guerrilla warfare organized by the Chinese Communist Party, the Kuomintang guerrilla warfare has limitations, which weakened the resistance of the guerrilla areas in central China.
    Authorial Voice Construction in Academic English Writing
    LIU Qiu-cheng WU De-ping
    2019, 21(4):  131-136.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.020
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    Authorial voice construction is an important part of academic English writing. The study, based on the Voice interactive model, proposes that understanding the characteristics of the authorial voice in academic English writing, analyzing its textual function and mastering the language resources of the authorial voice construction are the prerequisites for its construction. It finds that authorial voice in academic English writing has personal, social and interactive characteristics, which are interdependent and inseparable. Furthermore, In academic English writing, the authorial voice has the functions of highlighting the authorial academic contribution, realizing academic identity,promoting cross-academic exchanges and achieving the function of self-promotion. Lastly, the authenticity, originality and uniqueness of academic writing can be effectively shown by properly using the language resources ofthe authorial voice construction in academic English writing.
    From Pride and Prejudice to Jane Eyre — On the Deficiency of Female Consciousness Awakening from the Perspective of Male Chauvinism in Novels#br#
    ZHOU Wei-fei
    2019, 21(4):  137-143.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.021
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    In the 19th century, the British novel Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre came out successively, which changed the traditional male-centered creative mode and highlighted the distinct feminist characteristics. However, owing to the limitation of the background of the British society at that time, the writers subconsciously became the caterers of the patriarchal society and, to a certain extent, wore the shackles of the patriarchal society unconsciously. In view of this phenomenon, this paper probes into the dilemma faced by female writers in breaking through the siege from three aspects: the patriarchal cultural imprint of the novel, the view of marriage and love from the perspective of male chauvinism and the popularity of the novel's ending.
    An Analysis on the Deaf Students' Errors of "You" Sentences in Written Language
    CHEN Ke LI Sen CHEN Xi-e
    2019, 21(4):  144-149.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.022
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     How to use "You" sentences is an important part of deaf students' written language teaching. Deaf students have more errors of "You" sentences in the Chinese acquisition, which are generally classified into two kinds: "You" should not be used but misused, and "You" should be used but misused. We come to a conclusion that the deaf students' errors of "You" sentences are mainly due to the interference of sign language and also originate from the overgeneralization of the Chinese language and improper learning and teaching strategies. The effective way is to use different teaching strategies according to different errors in order to improve the second language teaching efficiency.
    Analysis of the Interactive Teaching Reform of Law Courses in Application-Oriented Universities —Taking the PAD Class as an Example#br#
    WANG Xiao-jiao
    2019, 21(4):  150-156.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.023
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     The traditional teaching method cannot satisfy the requirement of the law courses in application-oriented universities, which cultivate talents with theoretical knowledge, application ability and innovation ability. Taking the interactive teaching reform by adopting the PAD class in law courses has advantages to students and teachers. It could help teachers to be innovative, create high quality class, and improve teachers' leadership. It could help students improve their learning ability, develop their thinking ability and innovative problem-solving ability, and improve their comprehensive quality. There may be some problems during applying the PAD class, such as the incompletion of teaching content, students' negative response to discussion, and the incompletion of teaching objectives. In order to achieve the best effect, teachers should make innovative adjustment to the key points of the PAD class according to the characteristics of law courses in application-oriented universities.
    Audiovisual Language in the Age of Media Convergence — Based on the Innovation and Exploration of MOOC+ Flipped Classroom Teaching Model
    ZHANG Meng-meng
    2019, 21(4):  157-164.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2019.04.024
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     The era of media convergence has triggered a rapid and great change in the traditional media industry, which urgently needs a group of composite professional talents characterized by independence, innovation and interaction, who always keep pace closely with the trend of technological development. It puts forward new requirements for the cultivation of media talents in colleges and universities. The Audiovisual Language course is listed as the core basic course in the curriculum plan for radio and television talents in major media colleges and universities in China. Therefore, it is of great importance to reform its teaching philosophy and policy in order to cultivate the media talents required in such an era. The teaching mode of MOOC+ flipped classroom is a teaching reform mode taking MOOC courses as the resource, students' self-study as the main method and teachers guidance as the supplement. This kind of teaching mode is integrated into the new curriculum reform of Audiovisual Language. With the Model with four modules, three phases, two centers and one target (4321 Model) as a design idea, it can break discipline boundaries, shape students' thinking mode in the media era, and improve their selfstudy, innovation and application ability.