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25 May 2021, Volume 23 Issue 3
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  • Contents,NO.3,2021
    Editorial Department of Journal of Chaohu University
    2021, 23(3):  0-0. 
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    Contents  NO.3,2021(Vol.23General Serial No.168)
    Research on the Development of Rural Tourism Resources around Chaohu Lake Based on the Perspective of Global Tourism
    YANG Qian, WU Lei
    2021, 23(3):  1-12.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.001
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    According to the national standards of tourism classification, the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)is used to establish the evaluation index system to determine the weight value of each indicator and comprehensively evaluate the rural tourism resources around Chaohu Lake. The nearest neighbor index, standard deviation ellipse and buffer analysis are used to carry out spatial distribution characteristics research from the aspects of distribution type, direction, and distance. The results show that the diversified types of rural tourism resources around Chaohu Lake have obvious effects, and the combination is in good condition, but most of the resources are of low grade,with average appearance, low visibility and influence, and lacking market attractiveness; rural tourism resources are unevenly agglomerated. The spatial distribution of rural tourism resources is unbalanced and concentrated along the northeast-southwest direction, and clusters along the main roads, with significant traffic dependence. At present, the development of rural tourism around Chaohu Lake is in its infancy, lacking a "connotative" development plan, and no tourism synergy has been formed. From the perspective of global tourism, combined with the current development of rural tourism around Chaohu Lake, we propose a new rural tourism space pattern of "one lake, one corridor, three cities and four districts", and strive to create a rural tourism circle around Chaohu Lake. The purpose is to promote the establishment of the tourism destination and realize the strategic goal of Rural Revitalization.
    The Impact of "Internet plus" on the Upgrading of Huailin Fishing Net Industrial Cluster:An Empirical Test Based on "Mediating effect"
    FANG Ling, WANG Wei
    2021, 23(3):  13-19+50.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.002
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    High quality development is the only way to realize industrial transformation and upgrading, and enhance competitiveness. Giving full play to the role of Internet is an effective way to promote the high-quality development of local industries. Based on the theoretical transmission mechanism of "Internet plus" on the upgrading of industrial clusters, introducing three intermediary variables: human capital, export trade and technological innovation, using the "mediating effect" test method, this paper makes an empirical test on the data from 2011 to 2020, and finds out the influence channel and degree of "Internet plus" on the upgrading of Huailin fishing net industrial cluster in Chaohu City. The results show that the three variables do have significant mediating effects in the order of export trade effect, human capital effect, technological innovation effect, which further verifies that Huailin fishing net industry belongs to labor-intensive industry, and is a buyer driven industrial cluster. In order to promote the transfor mation and upgrading of Huailin fishing net industry cluster, we should make full use of the Internet to promote the accumulation of human capital and technological innovation, and lead the cluster high-quality development through technological innovation.
    The Influence of Mobile Short Video Cover's Presentation on Users' Intention
    WANG Ying, CAO Jiang
    2021, 23(3):  19-26.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.003
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    Mobile short video has become an important way for users to obtain information and relax. The presentation of mobile short video cover is the direct entrance for users. High quality of short video cover's presentation can help attract more attention. Based on the information adoption model, combined with situational learning theory and schema learning theory, this paper studies the effect and mechanism of mobile short video cover presentation on users' intention. It is found that perceived usefulness plays a mediating role between the presentation of short video and users' intention. The type of short video plays a moderating role in the influence of its presentation mode on users' perceived usefulness.
    Analysis of VIX's Ability to Predict Stock Market Return Volatility:Taking Hong Kong Stocks as an Example
    CHEN Ya-nan, LIU Yue-juan, ZHU Rui
    2021, 23(3):  27-37.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.004
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    The realized volatility is not effective in predicting the future return volatility of the stock market, and the effective predictable information contained in it is not comprehensive. Therefore, in order to improve the predictability of stock return volatility, this paper introduces two important predictors(implicit volatility VIX and WTI (BRT) oil price volatility), and establishes a "kitchen sink" predictive autoregressive model and "convex combined" predictive autoregressive model. The empirical results show that the "kitchen sink" predictive autoregressive model that combines the implied volatility VIX and WTI(BRT) oil price volatility has a good predictive effect. To further prove the reliability of this conclusion, the paper also adds economic cycles or changes conditions such as macroeconomic and financial variables. The results show that, compared to the WTI(BRT) oil price volatility, the implied volatility VIX is more effective for the predictability of other macroeconomic and financial variables. Finally, based on the different lag lengths and the dimensions of different macroeconomic variables, this article conducts robustness tests on various predictive regression models. The test results show that the autoregressive model combined with implied volatility VIX and WTI(BRT) oil price volatility is more effective and stable in predicting stock return volatility.
    The Stability of a Class Stochastic Fractional Differential Equations Driven by Lévy Noise
    HOU Ting-ting, ZHANG Hui
    2021, 23(3):  38-45.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.005
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    In this paper, we discuss the stability with general decay rate of neutral stochastic fractional hybrid differential equations driven by Lévy noise. By using Lyapunov function, nonnegative semi-martingale convergence theorem and the theory of M-matrix, we propose sufficient conditions for the almost sure stability. We also give an upper bound of each coefficient at any state.
    Boundedness of Certain Oscillatory Integral Along Curves in Product Domain on Modulation Space
    XU Liang-yu, SUN Wei
    2021, 23(3):  46-50.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.006
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    A hot topic in harmonic analysis is to study the boundedness of singular integral operators along submanifolds in various spaces. In this paper, we mainly used oscillatory integral estimation method and Fourier transform estimation method to extend the oscillatory integral operator along homogeneous curves to the oscillatory integral operator along a general curve satisfying certain conditions, and obtained the boundedness of the operator in the modulation space. Thus, some results of predecessors are generalized.
    Convergence of Stochastic Classical Momentum Algorithm with Non-strongly Convex and Non-smooth
    FEI Jing-tai, ZHA Xing-xing, WANG Dong-yin
    2021, 23(3):  51-54+60.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.007
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    In this paper, we have conducted in-depth research on the convergence rate of the Stochastic Classical Momentum Algorithm (CM). By modifying the iterative formula of traditional stochastic gradient descent algorithm with momentum, we obtain the convergence rate of algorithm with non-strongly convex and non-smooth. When the momentum coefficient pt  is a constant, the algorithm achieves a convergence rate of O.When the momentum coefficient pt is not a constant, we obtain the convergence rate by setting different learning rates. Finally, the rationality is demonstrated through numerical experiments.
    Software Defect Prediction Model Based on Weighted Markov Chain
    PAN Chang-an
    2021, 23(3):  55-60.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.008
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    In order to better guarantee the running effect of the trial run software, the weighted Markov chain is introduced to construct the software defect prediction model. By using the nonlinear computation of weighted Markov chain, the software defect prediction platform based on weighted Markov chain is established, and the relevant parameters affecting the software operation accuracy are calculated within the space scope of the platform, so as to reduce the data dimension in the process of software operation, and improve the accuracy and convergence speed of software defect prediction. The experimental results show that, in the actual application process, the prediction model designed can accurately predict the defects of the test run software, has high practical value, and fully meets the research requirements.
    Comprehensive Analysis and Development Strategy of Computer Professional Skill Competition against New Engineering Background: Taking CGCCSA as an Example
    LI Chan, PENG Xing
    2021, 23(3):  61-69.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.009
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    Under the background of new engineering, new requirements are put forward for the production of innovative and practical talents, students' ability of independent thinking and practice can be effectively strengthened by competing using subject-relate skills. By using the methods of literature review, field interview and data analysis, this paper investigated the results of Computer Games Contest for College Students of Anhui Province (CGCCSA) and did a comprehensive analysis combing with the development and reform of the contest, project setting, competing team and contest results. The investigation results show that: for CGCCSA, the project has been set up relatively well; the organization and rules are also reasonable; the numbers of participating colleges and teams are growing; colleges in Hefei and public colleges in other cities and counties in Anhui Province have higher participation enthusiasm and faster development. However, the number of colleges out of Hefei and non-public colleges is large, their enthusiasm for participation needs to be further strengthened. The colleges with outstanding performance in each project are relatively fixed; the overall results are positively correlated with the comprehensive strength of colleges and the number of participating teams. In view of the above research results, it is proposed to deepen the reform of the forms and contents of the competition, strengthen the publicity and support in non-Hefei areas, pay attention to the training of professional teachers and improve the hardware equipment and actual contest environment, so as to ensure the sustainable development of the competition.
    Research on the Strategies of Undergraduate Data Literacy Education in the Era of New Engineering
    WANG Qing-ren, YAN Deng-cheng, ZHONG Jin-qin
    2021, 23(3):  70-77.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.010
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    In the era of new engineering, data literacy has become an indispensable novel skill for people to participate in social activities as well as to improve their lives. As a critical way to cultivate data literacy of undergraduates in the big data era, data literacy education has attracted attention from the government, universities, and social enterprises, and has become an important part of training in higher education. Recently, the courses, projects and achievements of data literacy education in China are increasing, but they are still relatively weak. This paper, from the perspective of data literacy education theory, explores the current situation of data literacy education of undergraduates and its challenges, proposes a general strategy framework for undergraduate data literacy education, namely AAARS-ECFDA, and conducts experiments as well as corresponding implementation mechanisms, so as to provide a new way for domestic data literacy education on undergraduates.
    Spectrophotometric Determination of Cobalt in Vitamin B12 with 5’-Nitro-Salicylfluorone
    TANG Jia-hua, CHENG Le-hua
    2021, 23(3):  78-85.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.011
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    A new method for the determination of cobalt was established by spectrophotometry with 5’-nitro-salicylfluorone(5’-N-SAF)as coloring agent. In the buffer solution of NH3.H2O-NH4Cl at pH 9.2, cobalt(Ⅱ) reacted with 5’-N-SAF and formed a red complex in the presence of TritonX-100. The apparent molar absorptivity was 3.7 *104 at 546 nm; the detection limit(3s/k)was 5.64 *10-3 mg/L; Beer's law was obeyed for the mass concentration of cobalt(Ⅱ)in range of 0~0.5 μg/mL. The method was applied to the determination of cobalt content in Vitamin B12 injections, and the results were satisfactory.
    Efficient Green Synthesis of Aryl Halides by Alkyne Functionalization
    ZHANG Hao, CHENG Dong
    2021, 23(3):  86-94.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.012
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    Aryl halides are widely used in the synthesis of natural products, functional materials, pharmaceutical pesticides and other functional structural molecules. At present, there are many studies on the structure characterization and application of aryl halides, but there are few ways to construct C-X bond to synthesize aryl halides. As a new type of D-A reaction, the aromatization addition reaction of alkynes (Hexadehydro-Diels-Alder, HDDA)can produce intermediate of phenylacetylene through the cyclization of triynes or tetraynes, and then nucleophilic addition,cyclization addition and other reactions take place, multiple C-C bonds and C-H bonds are constructed in one step to form a complex fused aromatic ring structure. In this study, HDDA reaction was used to explore the synthesis of fused aryl halides. The results show that under the condition of 100 益, DMF and water (V:V = 10:1)were used as the mixed solvent, C-C bonds and C-X bonds were successfully constructed after the reaction of tetrayne and allyl halides for 12 h, and a series of new fused aryl halides were synthesized efficiently. This reaction does not need metal catalyst, auxiliary agent and additive, nor does it need the protection of inert gas atmosphere. It has strong operability, high yield, certain atomic economy, and conforms to the concept of green chemistry. It provides a new method for the synthesis of aryl halides.
    Application of Three-dimensional Fluorescence Spectrometry in Wastewater Treatment
    SHEN Xiao-wei, XUE Tong-zhan, SHEN Hui-yan, XI Wang
    2021, 23(3):  95-101+124.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.013
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    In order to analyze, identify and trace the sources of pollutants in water bodies, the use of three-dimensional fluorescence spectroscopy to determine the types and contents of pollutants in water has the advantages of high accuracy and fast determination. The application of three-dimensional fluorescence spectroscopy in the analysis of organic pollutants in water bodies has been studied. Through the characterization of the characteristic fluorescence spectra of different organic pollutants in sewage, the identification and traceability of the pollutants can be quickly and efficiently realized. The current commonly used three-dimensional fluorescence fingerprint analysis methods are introduced, and the correlation between the fluorescence properties of DOM in sewage and organic pollution indicators are discussed. The application status of three-dimensional fluorescence spectrum analysis technology in sewage treatment is discussed, and its application prospects in the field of sewage treatment are predicted.

    Analysis of Physical and Mental Health and Physical Activity of Adolescents during the Epidemic Period in Anhui Province
    CHEN Zhi, HUAN Chang-dian, HU Hao
    2021, 23(3):  102-110.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.014
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    The questionnaire survey, literature review, semi-structured interviews, and mathematical statistics were used to analyze the mental health of young people during the epidemic. Psychological symptoms, physical activity and intervention status and related influencing factors are analyzed. The results show that: Adolescents were in widespread anxiety; some of them had depression symptoms, and a few had post-traumatic stress disorder. Education level is an influencing factor in depression symptoms. Adolescents have low physical activity. Factors influencing physical activity include physical activity in 2019 and the length of online learning. During the epidemic period, the BMI index of adolescents is generally low but there are still a few high numbers. Diet and nutrition, and physical activities in 2019 have an impact on the BMI of adolescents. Adolescents' physical activity can prevent, alleviate psychological problems and promote mental health. Adolescents' mental health can also influence their participation in sports activities. The paper puts forward practical approaches: After the epidemic, we should promote the change of ideas and improve the mental health of adolescents; adjust the curriculum structure and cultivate the adolescents' habits of sports activities; build dynamic monitoring to promote young adolescents' physical and mental health.
    Research on the Construction of Sports Promotion System for Adolescents' Physical Health
    CHEN Zhong-ju, XUE Tian-qing
    2021, 23(3):  111-116.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.015
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    In recent years, the overall physical condition of adolescents in China is not optimistic. To improve the physical health of adolescents has become a core issue concerned by relevant government departments. Using literature review method and logical analysis method, this paper studies the construction of sports promotion system for adolescents' physical health. It is concluded that family sports environment, school sports environment and community sports environment are three important factors that affect the physical health of adolescents. The main approaches to build the sports promotion system for the physical health of adolescents are: to build a sports promotion platform integrating school, family and community; to realize the integration of "school sports, family sports and community sports"; to establish a sharing mechanism of site facilities.
    Course Reform in Higher Education: Focus, Prospect and Path—A Cluster Analysis Based on Academic Papers
    MU Lan, WANG Yi-xiang, WANG Shu-chao
    2021, 23(3):  117-124.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.016
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    The course reform of higher education is a breakthrough to realize the construction of "gold course" and "first-class course". The current course reform of higher education is in full swing. How to grasp the problems behind the hot spots of course reform of higher education, clarifying the future issues of higher education course reform is the basis of promoting the construction of high-quality curriculum in colleges and universities. Based on the 2296 academic papers from 2015 to 2020, the keyword cloud graph analysis, knowledge map analysis, cluster analysis and trend analysis were carried out by using SATI3.2 and R software. It is found that the course reform of higher education in the past five years has several characteristics: There is no obvious difference between different types of course reform; the course reform mainly focuses on the teaching modes of mixed or flipped classroom and massive open online course; synchronism of course reform and talent training goals has not been paid enough attention. Under the standard of "gold course" and "first-class course" construction, the higher education course reform should focus on the education idea, faculty building, teaching mode, comprehensive course management, goal-oriented reform, so as to develop high-quality courses.
    Research and Practice of Applied Course Group Teaching System Oriented Around Professional Behavior and Ability: Taking Software Development Courses as an Example
    FANG Zhou, WU Qi-lin
    2021, 23(3):  125-134.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.017
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    Following the educational philosophy of outcome -oriented approach and sustainable development, this paper puts forward and practices an applied course group teaching system to cultivate students' professional behavior and ability, which integrates teaching, learning and practicing. For the teaching, the coverage or close connection of knowledge points among different professional courses in software development direction result in repeated teaching and isolation of course content in the course teaching process. To deal with this problem, this paper proposes project-oriented applied course group collaborative teaching mode. The framework of software development course group is first introduced; then this paper expounds this cooperative teaching mode in three aspects: designing comprehensive teaching cases, collaborative teaching method for the same ability stage and smooth course transfer among different ability stages. For the learning and practicing, this paper proposes taking curriculum design as the starting point to form cooperative practice platform for solving the problems of limited class hours, outdated teaching content and simplistic teaching mode and gives detailed explanations from content design in curriculum design, implementation route, multi-level and multi-dimensional assessment mechanism. For the comprehensive ability training, considering that it is difficult to improve students' ability of "solving complex engineering problems" resulting from the discontinuity of ability cultivation caused by isolated teaching, this paper discusses how to construct a comprehensive training system oriented around professional behavior and ability in line with the software development cycle.
    An Empirical Research on the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability of Business Administration Students in Application-Oriented Universities Based on OBE: Taking a University in Anhui Province as an Example
    WANG Qi, SUN Ying, ZHANG Guo-bao, ZENG Qing-lu
    2021, 23(3):  135-141+149.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.018
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    The important goal of talent training for application-oriented universities is to produce innovative and entrepreneurial talents that meet the needs of the society. It is very important to establish a precise and scientific evaluation system for application-oriented undergraduate students' innovation and entrepreneurship ability. From the perspective of OBE, the entropy method and TOPSIS method were comprehensively used to construct the evaluation system for the entrepreneurship and innovation ability of application-oriented undergraduate business administration students. And the relevant data of a university in Anhui Province from 2016 to 2020 were used for empirical analysis. The results show that: in the evaluation index system of entrepreneurship and innovation ability of applicationoriented undergraduate business administration students, the weights from high to low are the output of comprehensive ability, the output of entrepreneurial ability and the output of innovation ability. By further improving the use of OBE concept, innovating the talent training mode, strengthening the innovation and innovation education reform, and striving to improve the innovation and innovation ability of application-oriented undergraduate business administration students, this paper provides reference and basis for promoting the high-quality development of application-oriented undergraduate universities.
    Teaching Reform and Practice of Biopharmaceutical Major Based on the Cultivation of "Professional Identity"
    GE Bi-chen, CHEN Xiao-ju, LU Wen-sheng
    2021, 23(3):  142-149.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.019
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    Objectives: In order to cultivate and enhance the professional identity of biopharmaceutical students, the teaching reform and practice of the curriculum of this major are carried out. Methods: The article took the biopharmaceutical major of a local university as an example, analyzed the current development of the biopharmaceutical major, and explored how to use "ideological education in curriculum" as the starting point to carry out teaching reforms in terms of training objectives, teaching contents, teaching methods as well as teaching evaluation, and finally strove to build the new pattern of "moral education". Results: Through the teaching reform of the major curriculum, students' professional identity has been cultivated, and their self-confidence and satisfaction with the profession have been improved. Conclusion: Enhancing professional identity is the key to training high-quality talents in the biopharmaceutical industry. The article also provides reference for the teaching reform of other biology majors.
    The Relationship between Boredom Proneness and Learning Engagement in College Students: Multiple Mediating Effects of Different Dimensions of Future Time Perspective
    LI Wen-fang, CHEN Qing-hua
    2021, 23(3):  150-156.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.020
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    This research surveyed 438 college students by cluster sampling method to investigate the influence mechanism of boredom proneness and future time perspective on their learning engagement. The results are as follows. The overall level of college students' learning engagement is low(M = 3.64), and there is significant correlation between learning engagement and boredom proneness, future time perspective and other dimensions (p < 0.01). The future time perspective has a significant mediating effect between boredom and learning engagement(28.8%). And there are significant mediating effects between boredom and learning engagement in the three dimensions of future time perspective: future effectiveness, behavioral commitment and long-term goal orientation. Conclusion: college students' boredom proneness not only has a direct effect on learning engagement, but also has a negative inhibitory effect on learning engagement through the three dimensions of future effectiveness, behavioral commitment and long-term goal orientation.
    Experimental Research on "SPOC + Flipped Classroom" Mixed Teaching Mode in Public Sports Dance Teaching
    ZHANG Bin
    2021, 23(3):  157-164.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.03.021
    Abstract ( 420 )   PDF (1456KB) ( 664 )   Save
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    Based on the current background of the teaching reform of public sports clubs in colleges and universities, an experimental study on the application of "SPOC + flipped classroom" mixed teaching mode in public sports dance teaching is carried out. The article adopts research methods of literature, interviews with experts, and experimental teaching. By constructing a "SPOC + flipped classroom" mixed teaching mode for public sports dance teaching, it implements and analyzes the differences between the "SPOC + flipped classroom" mixed teaching mode and traditional teaching mode in public sports dance courses in colleges and universities. The results show that the mixed teaching mode of "SPOC + Flip Classroom" has positive value characteristics for improving the autonomous learning of public sports dance students, improving the teaching effect of public sports dance teachers and optimizing the teaching place of public sports dance. Based on this, this paper puts forward some constructive suggestions, such as strengthening the construction of online and offline sports dance course resource database, strengthening teachers' training in online teaching course website, using online courses for teaching, online teaching safety awareness, establishing a better online teaching course supervision and management system, and improve the quality of public sports dance teaching in colleges and universities.