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25 September 2020, Volume 22 Issue 5
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  • NO .5,2020
    2020, 22(5):  0-0. 
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    Comprehensive Management: Effective Response to Network Public Opinions in Public Health Emergencies
    LI Xin-cang, ZHOU Jing-feng
    2020, 22(5):  1-8.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.05.001
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    COVID-19 epidemic has brought severe challenges to China's national governance system. As an important "epidemic" front in the fight against COVID-19 epidemic, online public opinion management aims at balancing the free expression of the public and risk control. In the new media era, COVID-19 epidemic has formed a complex public opinion field in cyberspace, which has increased the difficulty of government governance and exposed the governance defects of traditional social governance model. Comprehensive governance can effectively make up for the shortcomings of the traditional social governance model. Scientific prevention and accurate measures should be carried out from the three dimensions of governance concept, governance principles and methods and governance system. We will improve the governance efficiency of online public opinions on public health emergencies, form a new pattern of social governance on public health emergencies, and modernize the country's governance system and capacity.
    Research on the Value and Route of the Integration of Pandemic Prevention and Control with the Ideological and Political Education of College Students
    XU Xiao-ning, REN Song
    2020, 22(5):  9-14.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.05.002
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    It is a vital part and important task to strengthen the ideological and political education of college students for colleges and universities to deal with public health emergencies. In the prevention and control of COVID-19, the effective practice of fighting against COVID-19 across the country has provided rich materials for the ideological and political education of college students. In the situation of regular epidemic prevention and control, it is of great value and significance for colleges and universities to improve the effect of ideological and political education of college students and fulfill the fundamental task of cultivating people with moral integrity by exploring the effective path and mechanism of integrating the pandemic prevention and control into ideological and political education of college students. It is advisable for universities to boost the ideological understanding with the focus on the measures for fulfilling the task. It is essential to combine direction and value, link dominance to regularity, and mix theory with practice. Coordinated efforts should be made to combine the pandemic prevention and control with ideological and political education. Ideological and political education of college students will be truly made the ideological driving force and motivation for the prevention and control of the pandemic.

    The Research on the Supply and Demand Status of Online Teaching Resources in Newly-built Local Universities in the Epidemic Crisis
    JIANG Ping
    2020, 22(5):  15-22.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.05.003
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    Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, newly -built local universities have actively responded to the Ministry of Education's call to suspend classes but not suspend learning, and have conducted online teaching in a comprehensive manner. The supply of online teaching resources, which affects the teaching quality, is a premise for online teaching. The study analyzes the current situation of online teaching resources in Chaohu University during the epidemic, and finds that there are problems of uneven supply and poor quality. The main reasons include inadequate school management and guidance, insufficient technical support, teaching ideas lagging behind and low professional abilities of some teachers. In order to ensure the balance of supply and demand of online teaching resources, and increase the effective supply of resources, this study puts forward the optimization path and effect evaluation of online teaching resources supply, so to provide reference for education and teaching in similar crisis situations.
    A Elegant Family Style, Inheritance of Literature and Culture:A Brief Introduction to the Family Tradition and Culture of Talented Ladies of the Hanshan Qingshi Family in the Qing Dynasty
    WANG Zui-zhong
    2020, 22(5):  23-28.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.05.004
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    In the Qing Dynasty, Hanshan Qingshi, a typical family of imperial examination officials, rose in the local area. In the family, Zhang huanxin, Qing fengting, Qing fenghui and Qing peiyun were all well-known for composing poems, which made Qingshi family more famous. Along with the influence of geography, times and family traditions, it was their good family tradition that made their culture of talented ladies rise through time. The two aspects influenced promoted each other, forming a benign interaction. A case analysis of the family's tradition and culture of talented women can help understand the internal mechanism and reasons for the prosperity of the culture of talented ladies in the traditional family, and further deepen our understanding of the culture of talented ladies in the region around Chaohu Lake.
    Evolution of Primary School Layout in Hefei County in the Early Period of Nanjing National Government(1927—1931)
    XU Lu
    2020, 22(5):  29-36+113.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.05.005
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    The interactive influence of politics and education is reflected in the evolution of primary school layout in Hefei County in the early period of Nanjing National Government(1927—1931). Under the "province-prefecturecounty" three-level administrative division of Beiyang Government(1912—1928), there were at least 100 primary schools in Hefei County. Their urban-rural ratio was about 29.9%, and their ownerships were complicated. After the establishment of Nanjing National Government, the local political structure was re-established. In this context, the number of primary schools in Hefei County was reduced to 67, and the urban-rural ratio of primary schools was increased slightly; there was a trend of primary schools becoming public schools, but the actual situation was still complicated. During this period, many primary schools formed school districts, and different school districts formed local educational administrative divisions in Hefei County, which became the basis of local administrative divisions in Hefei County, and directly affected the local administrative structure of Feidong, Feixi and Changfeng counties.
    Research on the Design Idea of Chaohu Fan Zeng Cultural Park in the Context of Chuhan Culture
    FAN Zhen-hua
    2020, 22(5):  37-44.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.05.006
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    Fan Zeng was a famous politician and military strategist in Chinese history. He experienced the transition and transformation of Chaohu Basin from Chu culture to Han culture. Through a comprehensive study of the literature on Fan Zeng, it is found that Fan Zeng is a tyaical figure with rich connotations of ancient Chinese culture. It can become an important cultural resource for Chaohu City in inheriting the characteristic regional culture, carrying forward the traditional spirit, and building a good city image. It is a rational choice for Chaohu City to develop cultural tourism, enhance the city image and boost the local economy by taking Fan Zeng cultural resources as the main body, integrating all the cultural resources of Chu and Han in the city, and building a Fan Zeng cultural park with rich content, diverse functions, reasonable layout and obvious characteristics. At the same time, it can also promote people's commemoration of Fan Zeng, and carry forward his traits of patriotism, homesickness, loyalty, integrity and tenacity. The construction of Fan Zeng Cultural Park should reflect the background of Chu and Han culture, and always bear the theme connotation of Fan Zeng Culture. The cultural park should be planned and designed as a whole with five functional areas: background cognition area, sacrifice memorial area, situational experience area, Han tomb viewing area and product creation area, so as to make it a well-integrated whole.
    The Modern Transformation of and Enlightenment from the Thought of Inner-Wisdom and Outer-Practice in The Great Learning
    HUANG Wan-xin, JING Lun
    2020, 22(5):  45-52.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.05.007
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    The Great Learning is rich in the thought of inner-wisdom and outer-practice, which mainly emphasizes the learning of inner-wisdom to achieve self-reliance, and the learning of outer-practice to be helpful for others, and develops as a systematic way of self-cultivation, family regulation and state rule. Combining with the characteristics of the times and the needs of social development, we apply the basic principles of Marxism to the modern transformation of the thought of inner-wisdom and outer-practice in The Great Learning, and endue it with new connotations and forms of expression and give it new vitality. On this basis, we have taken the initiative to draw on some of the beneficial thoughts that play an enlightening role in fostering virtue through education in the new era, such as cultivating one's moral character, self-reliance and helpfulness, and the unity of knowledge and action, and make the good traditional culture of China become the spirit of the new era.
    Analysis on Establishing Chinese International Investment Dispute Settlement Institution: From the Perspective of Remedying the Shortcomings of ICSID Mechanism
    LIU Jing
    2020, 22(5):  53-59.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.05.008
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    As the main organization responsible for resolving investment disputes between foreign investors and host countries around the world, the unreasonable emphasis of ICSID on the protection of foreign investors' interest will bring the risk of being voted by feet by its members. Meanwhile, the current mainstream international investment dispute resolution mechanism is still controlled by western developed countries, and it pays little attention to the interests of developing countries. With the background of "Belt and Road Initiative", which deepens regional cooperation and promotes foreign investment in China, China has become a hot spot for exporting and attracting foreign investment. There is an urgent need to establish an international investment dispute settlement institution with China as the leading factor, which can balance the interests of investors and host countries and export the mediation experience and wisdom of the East.
    Disclosure Format of Financial Information and Investors' Decision-making: An Experimental Study on Comprehensive Income Accounting Information
    NI Xiao-ya
    2020, 22(5):  60-69.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.05.009
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    The role comprehensive income accounting information is playing in investors' decision-making has not been conclusive. To study the impact that comprehensive income information in the income statement has on investors' decision, this paper uses the experimental method considering the limitation of empirical method and various impacts that different presentation formats may cause. The results demonstrate that comprehensive income information in the income statement does have impact on investors' decision while different presentation formats lead to different impacts. In conclusion, this study obtains evidence of the impact of financial information on investors, which could help us better understand the relationship between financial information disclosure and investor decision-making and the law of supply and demand for comprehensive income accounting information, as well as provide reference for further revision and improvement of comprehensive income accounting rules.
    Research on the Inequality of Housing Area of Chinese Family: An Empirical Analysis Based on CFPS 2010—2018
    ZHANG Jun-xiang
    2020, 22(5):  70-79+133.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.05.010
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    With the deepening of housing market reform, the influence of individual factors on living conditions begins to weaken. Based on the CFPS data from 2010 to 2018, this paper makes an empirical analysis on the evolution of China's family housing area inequality from three characteristics: family, head of household and region. It is found that the family size has the highest impact on the housing area inequality, which is gradually accelerated with the reform of the market-oriented process. The social concept of buying a house before marriage and family group housing demand become the main factors to promote the inequality. Moreover, due to the policy influence in the process of market-oriented reform, the influence of the characteristics of individual family and head of household on inequality is gradually reduced, but they are still important factors. With the acceleration of urbanization and the deepening of market-oriented reform, the impact of urban and rural and regional factors on inequality is gradually weakening.
    Research on the Influencing Factors of Internet Consumption Credit for College Students in Anhui Province
    LIU Yu-lan, GUO Liu-sheng
    2020, 22(5):  80-90.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.05.011
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    Internet consumption credit is becoming increasingly popular among college students. Its convenience is accompanied by the frequent occurrence of "campus loan" events. A better understanding of Internet consumption credit helps to meet the financial needs of college students in a targeted manner on the basis of risk prevention and control. This study collects data by designing a questionnaire survey. Based on the analysis of the current status of Internet consumption credit behavior of college students in Anhui Province, a Logistic regression model is established to empirically study the influencing factors of college student Internet consumption credit behavior. The research shows that Internet consumption credit has a higher awareness and popularity among college students, and more college students will use Internet consumption credit in the future; security and default consequences will have the most significant influence on college students' choice of Internet consumption credit. Finally, based on the results of the study, specific suggestions are made for regulating Internet consumption credit for college students.
    The Impact of Transportation Infrastructure Construction on Rural Residents' Consumption in the Context of Rural Revitalization: Based on the Data of Prefecture-level Cities in Anhui from 2003 to 2018
    YANG Ling-ling, DAI Ling
    2020, 22(5):  91-98.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.05.012
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    At present, the key to expanding domestic demand is to release the consumption potential of rural residents. Infrastructure is the cornerstone and support of the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy. In this context, examining the role of transportation infrastructure in boosting rural residents' consumption is of practical significance. Based on the panel data of 16 prefecture-level cities in Anhui Province from 2003 to 2018, this paper empirically studies the relationship between transportation infrastructure and per capita consumption expenditure of rural residents. The results show that the acceleration of the transportation infrastructure process can significantly increase the consumption expenditure of rural residents. In the short term, this driving effect is more prominent, and the long-term effect depends on the follow-up of supporting facilities; sub-regional research shows that the impact of transportation infrastructure on rural residents' consumption in backward areas is more obvious. Therefore, further improving the rural transportation infrastructure and breaking the bottlenecks that restrict the sustainable development of rural areas should become the proper meaning of implementing the rural revitalization strategy.
    On the Difficult Position of Modern North China Miners: With the Tangshan Mine Disaster in 1920 as the Center
    CHEN Gan-lin
    2020, 22(5):  99-106.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.05.013
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    The Tangshan mine disaster in 1920 was the most serious coal mine gas explosion in modern China. It not only caused heavy casualties and property losses, but also triggered a strong response from the public. As an influential public safety incident, the occurrence and resolution of the accident was not purely technical problems; it was closely related to the management system of the mining bureau, the government's attitude towards mining labor and the supervision of public opinion. The research can reveal the difficult position of modern north China miners, and provide a new perpective for the study of modern workers' movement.
    On the Domestication of Local Operas by the Big Operas in the Early 20th Century: A Case Study of Jiangsu Local Operas
    ZHENG Shi-xian
    2020, 22(5):  107-113.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.05.014
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    At the beginning of the 20th century, various local operas flourished and gradually moved from the countryside to the urban stage. In the process from the rise to maturity of these local small operas, Peking Opera, Kun Opera and other large operas played an important catalytic role. It was precisely because of the supplies from the big operas that the local small operas could accelerate their growth, and rapidly evolved from simple singing and dancing to opera forms which can perform complex narratives. In this process, the local small operas changed into mature operas, while the big operas also completed the domestication of the local small operas. This paper takes the development of Jiangsu small local operas in the early 20th century as the starting point, and studies the domestication process of Jiangsu small local operas in the early 20th century from the perspective of influences of Peking Opera, Hui Opera and Kun Opera on Yang opera, Su opera, Huai opera and Xi opera.
    The Evolution and Significance of Female Images in Yan Geling's Novels
    YAN Shi
    2020, 22(5):  114-119.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.05.015
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    After experiencing the "memories of youth" in the early military life, the "diaspora context" of studying abroad and immigration, and then "world of mortals" in looking back at the old country, Yan Geling's novel creations have formed their own style. In these novels full of women's experience, Yan Geling has always hidden the conscious or unconscious incorporation and absorption of the trend of thought of the times. The evolution of women's images through historical periods shows the gradual development of women's "spiritual subject construction" and it reveals the writer's intention to seek female self-salvation.
    On the Schema Connotation of Chinese Painting from the Perspective of Pierce Semiotics: Taking Chen Hongshou's Paintings in Late Ming and Early Qing Dynasty as an Example
    HU Tai-nan
    2020, 22(5):  120-126.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.05.016
    Abstract ( 1241 )   PDF (2117KB) ( 1158 )   Save
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    The academic world has been utilizing modern western semiotics to interpret art for a long time, mainly focusing on art history and art criticism as well as ontology research of Western painting. There are only a few interpretations and researches on traditional Chinese painting. As a painting geezer in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, Chen Hongshou has left a large number of figures, flowers and birds, and landscape paintings for the world. His works are of a unique style and enjoy a high reputation in the history of Chinese and foreign art. To some extent, his painting works have many similarities with the theory of "three Symbols and three Terms" (icon, index, symbol, representamen, interpretant, object) put forward by American semiotician Pierce. Based on Pierce's semiotics, this paper makes an in-depth analysis and interpretation of Chen Hongshou's paintings from the aspects of similar function, indicative function and stipulation function, in order to help us understand Chen Hongshou's painting language from a new perspective and better interpret the schema connotation of Chinese painting represented by Chen Hongshou.
    An Exception to Phonetic Evolution: the Phenomenon of Falling Tone Changing into Falling-Rising Tone
    WANG Shuai
    2020, 22(5):  127-133.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.05.017
    Abstract ( 1048 )   PDF (1287KB) ( 1018 )   Save
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    It is a rule of the phonetic evolution of Putonghua that the whole voiced falling-rising tone changes into the falling tone. However, in the study of the exceptions to the phonetic evolution, it is found that in addition to some of the voiced falling-rising tones still read the falling-rising tone, there are also some cases of the change from the falling tone to the falling -rising tone. But it is different from the phenomenon of the change from the voiced falling-rising tone to the falling tone. In this case of the change from the falling tone to the falling-rising tone, the initial consonant has no clear distinction between voiced and unvoiced. Based on Guang Yun and Dialect Character Form, the researcher lists the common characters in modern Chinese, which read falling tone in the middle ancient ages and the falling-rising tone in Putonghua, and demonstrates the relationship between fallingrising tone and falling tone from the perspectives of dialect, phonogram, variant pronunciation words and rhyme of poetry. The study proves the rationality of the transformation from falling tone to falling-rising tone.
    The Syntax-Semantic Priming in the Scope of Chinese Quantifiers: Taking the Co-occurrence Sentence of the Universal Quantifier and the Existential Quantifier as an Example
    HU Dong-yu, PENG Jia-fa
    2020, 22(5):  134-139.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.05.018
    Abstract ( 1149 )   PDF (1269KB) ( 1149 )   Save
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    The acceptability test finds that the wide scope interpretation of mou (which means some)is prominent in the co-occurrence sentence of mei (which means every) and mou; the narrow scope interpretation of yi (which means one) is prominent in the co-occurrence sentence of mei and yi, and the scope interpretation of the sentence of mei and yi is more partial. Semantic content and sentence pattern both have priming effects on the scope of the Chinese co-occurrence sentence of universal quantifiers and existential quantifiers, and the priming effect appears to inhibit the opposite interpretation. The comprehension mechanism of co-occurrence sentences of mei and yi reflects the relevant interpretation mechanism of Chinese quantifiers.
    The Situation and Path of College Aesthetic Education
    LIU Yun-yun
    2020, 22(5):  140-145.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.05.019
    Abstract ( 628 )   PDF (1455KB) ( 964 )   Save
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    To cultivate comprehensively developed socialist builders and successors, colleges are bound to focus on aesthetic education. In view of the current instrumentalized and marginalized status of college aesthetic education and its challenging educating validity, it is necessary to return to the development of aesthetic education itself. Under the guideline of "psycho-action" construction, colleges are subjected to deepen curriculum reform and improve teaching art to improve the cognition of beauty; optimize the top-level design and enhance the connotation of activities to enrich the emotion of beauty; stabilize the network control and purify the network ecology to strengthen the will of beauty; expand the practice platform and strengthen practical guidance to innovate the behavior of beauty. Only in this way can various education systems be actively integrated into aesthetic education, which will shed light on the construction of "comprehensive aesthetic education".
    Research on the Reform of Business English Core Courses on the Basis of OBE in Application-Oriented Universities
    GAO Jie, LI Yin
    2020, 22(5):  146-152.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.05.020
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    The concept of Outcome-Based Education(OBE) has been highly valued and recognized in higher education, and has profoundly affected the reform of courses in universities. In application-oriented universities, there are some common problems concerning the teaching of the Business English core courses, namely, an unclear course orientation, the selection of badly-targeted textbooks, and a monotonous teaching methodology. In the context of developing high-level application-oriented universities, all should start with OBE by analyzing the current situation of the Business English core courses, defining clearly the reform ideas, clarifying the course orientation, rationally selecting the teaching material, attaching importance to students participation, and strengthening the building of faculty, so as to find the right path for the reform.
    The Reform and Innovation of the Teaching Mode of the History Course for Music Majors in Local Universities
    GU Ting-ting, LI Ying, GUO Hua
    2020, 22(5):  153-158.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.05.021
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    Through combing the literature of music history research in local universities, this paper clarifies the current teaching situation of music history, and probes into the innovative principles and ideas of music history course in universities. Taking a knowledge point in the chapters of the course as an example, this paper carries out the design of mixed teaching, and expounds the implementation of mixed teaching mode in the teaching process. It probes into the development of mixed teaching mode from the aspects of teaching process, teaching evaluation and teaching effect, and further reviews the mode with the help of the students' questionnaire results, so as to improve the teaching quality of the course of music history.
    Innovation Strategy of College Student Union Organization Reform from Micro-case Perspective
    GUO Guang-chun, ZHOU Jing, MA Xiao-qiong
    2020, 22(5):  159-164.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2020.05.022
    Abstract ( 945 )   PDF (1444KB) ( 993 )   Save
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    The university student union is the main student organization under the leadership of the Party and the guidance of the League, in which the majority of students carry out self-education, self-management, self-service, self-supervision. It is also the bridge between the school management and students. Through the analysis of the micro cases of the student union in the new era, such as "not-in-my-back-yard attitude", "small group", "second transmitter (who doesn't do the real work)" and "show affection in public", this paper makes clear the significance of the reform of the student union of colleges and universities, puts forward the reform thinking of strengthening the value guidance, improving the organizational support and deepening the work style building, so as to further strengthen the foundation for improving the organizational reform and innovation of the student union of colleges and universities.