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Research on the Design Idea of Chaohu Fan Zeng Cultural Park in the Context of Chuhan Culture

FAN Zhen-hua   

  1. Library, Chaohu University
  • Received:2020-04-01 Online:2020-09-25 Published:2020-10-28

Abstract: Fan Zeng was a famous politician and military strategist in Chinese history. He experienced the transition and transformation of Chaohu Basin from Chu culture to Han culture. Through a comprehensive study of the literature on Fan Zeng, it is found that Fan Zeng is a tyaical figure with rich connotations of ancient Chinese culture. It can become an important cultural resource for Chaohu City in inheriting the characteristic regional culture, carrying forward the traditional spirit, and building a good city image. It is a rational choice for Chaohu City to develop cultural tourism, enhance the city image and boost the local economy by taking Fan Zeng cultural resources as the main body, integrating all the cultural resources of Chu and Han in the city, and building a Fan Zeng cultural park with rich content, diverse functions, reasonable layout and obvious characteristics. At the same time, it can also promote people's commemoration of Fan Zeng, and carry forward his traits of patriotism, homesickness, loyalty, integrity and tenacity. The construction of Fan Zeng Cultural Park should reflect the background of Chu and Han culture, and always bear the theme connotation of Fan Zeng Culture. The cultural park should be planned and designed as a whole with five functional areas: background cognition area, sacrifice memorial area, situational experience area, Han tomb viewing area and product creation area, so as to make it a well-integrated whole.

Key words: Chuhan Culture, Fan Zeng Cultural Park, design concept, design idea

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