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25 May 2023, Volume 25 Issue 3
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  • The Origin and Implementation Effect of River and Lake Chief System: Taking Anhui Province as an Example
    DING Tao, JIE Hong-lin, LI Hao
    2023, 25(3):  1-7.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.001
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    The river and lake chief system, a new system that the state values, is helpful in encouraging the management of river and lake pollution, which is crucial in promoting environmental protection. With the increasingly active research on the river and lake chief system and its development, this paper sorts out and evaluates the literature and policies of the definition, construction process and main tasks of this system. Then, based on the panel data of Anhui Province from 2011 to 2021, the relationship between the implementation of the river and lake chief system and the efficiency of water resource utilization is analyzed by SBM model. The results show that the efficiency of water resource utilization in Anhui Province has been significantly improved with the implementation of the river and lake chief system. However, there are still areas worthy of improvement in the implementation of the system. In view of these problems, Anhui should improve the legal construction, pay attention to the preliminary investigation work, and perform well in publicity work to increase the effectiveness of the river and lake chief system.
    Gene Translation of Regional Culture: A Study on the Space Construction of Liu Mingchuan Memorial Museum
    SUN Chao, XIE Liang
    2023, 25(3):  8-14.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.002
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    The local expression of the rural memorial hall can help promote rural culture, and it is an important part of the local cultural gene translation from the perspective of regional culture. Based on the literature analysis and field investigation of the regional culture of Liu Mingchuan's hometown, this paper uses the method of landscape gene translation to do the design analysis and elaboration. Combined with the Liu Mingchuan Memorial Hall designed by Anhui Urban Construction Design and Research Institute, the design overview is analyzed from three angles: design conception, architectural form and spatial layout. At the same time, three design interpretations are proposed based on the above analysis: design translation expresses the local landscape genes; architecture is integrated in the geographical topography; space conveys the spirit of the times. This provides reference for the construction of rural memorial buildings with regional characteristics and the spirit of the times.
    A Study on Building a Regional Innovation System to Promote the Agglomeration Development of High Technology Industries in Anhui Province
    CHEN Meng, WANG Ben-qiang, ZHENG Shan-shan
    2023, 25(3):  15-26+55.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.003
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    Based on 16 municipal panel data of Anhui Province from 2015 to 2020, this paper uses the hierarchical analysis—entropy weight method to construct a regional innovation evaluation system, characterizes the level of high-tech industry agglomeration by location entropy, and then empirically analyzes the interaction between regional innovation system and high-tech industry agglomeration. The results show that: the differences in the trends of the concentration of high-tech industries and the differences in the comprehensive scores of regional innovation systems in Anhui Province are generally consistent, and there is a Granger causality relationship between the two; the spatial distribution characteristic is a decreasing trend in the north-south circle with Hefei and Wuhu as the centre; there is a significant "snowball effect" in the development of high-tech industry agglomeration in Anhui Province; the regional innovation system has a more obvious role in promoting the level of high-tech industry agglomeration than a single indicator; foreign direct investment, the investment in scientific research and the level of economic development all have significant positive effects on high-tech industry agglomeration; but due to the siphoning effect of Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province and Shanghai on high-level scientific and technological innovation talents in Anhui Province and the tendency towards the heterogeneous structure of scientific and technological innovation talents, the investment in scientific research personnel cannot play a positive role in promoting the high-tech industry agglomeration for the time being.
    Optimal Reinsurance-investment Strategy Considering the Interests of Reinsurers Based on the Heston Model
    LI Song-lin, XIA Deng-feng, WU Yu-lian
    2023, 25(3):  27-36.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.004
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    This paper studies the optimal reinsurance-investment strategy of insurance companies and reinsurance companies aiming at maximizing the common interests of insurance companies and reinsurance companies under the Heston model in which the price of risky assets obeys the Heston model in the financial market environment considering bond defaults. According to the CARA utility function, the corresponding HJB equations are established for the pre-default case and post-default case, and finally the relevant parameters are analyzed for the optimal reinsurance-investment of the two companies. The results show that the relevant parameters in the Heston model have a certain impact on the investment of insurance companies and reinsurance companies in risk assets and defaultable bonds.
    Research on Digital Inclusive Finance, Financing Constraints, and Sustainable Development of SMEs: Empirical Analysis Based on the Data of SMEs on the GEM
    DING Cheng-wei, HE Bang-qiang, WANG Bin
    2023, 25(3):  37-48.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.005
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    Digital inclusive finance is an important external force to promote the sustainable development of small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs). In order to explore the role of digital inclusive finance on the sustainable development of SMEs, based on the 2014—2020 financial data of SMEs in the Growth Enterprise Market(GEM), this paper uses the Peking University digital inclusive finance index and SA index, and adopts the fixed effect and intermediary effect model. It empirically analyzes the influence process and mechanism of digital inclusive finance on the sustainable development of SMEs, and conducts robustness test by replacing dependent and independent variables. Finally, it explores the differences in effect of digital inclusive finance on SMEs among industries and regions, and conducts heterogeneity analysis. The results show that: firstly, digital inclusive finance plays a significant role in promoting the sustainable development of SMEs, more than 50% of which have been indirectly affected through easing financing constraints; secondly, through the heterogeneity analysis, it is found that the development of digital inclusive finance plays a stronger role in promoting enterprises, Internet and computer industry in western China. This paper provides enlightenment for the formulation and implementation of digital financial inclusion policies.
    Sparse Portfolios Based on Smooth Bridge Estimation under the No-short Sales Constraint
    LI Ning, TU Jing-wen
    2023, 25(3):  49-55.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.006
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    When the target index contains a large number of constituents, it is usually necessary to construct a sparse portfolio consisting of a small number of constituents to control transaction costs. Nevertheless, the literature on sparse index tracking mainly focuses on Lasso-type estimation methods under the no-short sales constraint. However, the Lasso estimation method usually over-penalizes large coefficients, and then produces large estimation bias. Bridge estimation is a generalization of Lasso estimation. Especially when the tune parameter is less than 1, bridge estimation can estimate parameters and select variables at the same time. Therefore, this paper introduces bridge estimation instead of Lasso estimation to obtain sparse portfolio, so as to realize index tracking of simultaneous stock selection and capital allocation. In order to be more suitable for the multicollinearity of stock data, the L2 penalty is introduced into the regression equation to increase the smoothness of the proposed method. Simulation results show that the proposed method performs better than Lasso methods in parameter estimation and variable selection. Finally, the superiority of the proposed method is verified by the tracking of SSE 50 index and S&P 500 index.
    Construction of Offset Surface Pencils Preserving Common Characteristic Curves
    WANG Jun, DAI Ze-jian
    2023, 25(3):  56-61.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.007
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    Offset surfaces are widely used in industrial fields, such as tool path geometry generation and robot path planning in NC machining, surface plate representation in solid modeling, etc. Geodesic, line of curvature and asymptotic curve are three kinds of important characteristic curves which play a decisive role in the properties and shapes of surfaces. The construction of offset surface pencils preserving common characteristic curves is studied, that is, when constructing a surface pencil Pst with a given curve rs as a common characteristic curve, the corresponding curve rs on the offset surface pencil Pst is the same type of characteristic curve. Firstly, Pstis expressed as the linear combination of the Frenet frame of rs, and the coefficients of the linear combination are called the scale functions. Then, Pst is taken as the base surface to construct its offset surface pencil Pst. According to the properties of the characteristic curves, whether rs can be guaranteed to be the same type of characteristic curve as rs on Pst completely depends on the given curve and has nothing to do with the scale functions. Finally, the cylindrical helix and circle are taken as examples to verify the correctness of the above conclusions.
    Application of a New Distance Measure in Probabilistic Hesitant Fuzzy Multi-attribute Decision-making
    OUYANG Jin-peng
    2023, 25(3):  62-68+78.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.008
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    As an extension of hesitant fuzzy sets, probabilistic hesitant fuzzy sets can express decision information in complex fuzzy environments more accurately and comprehensively. In this paper, by using distribution functions to fit probabilistic hesitant fuzzy information, a new distance measure is proposed based on the differences in the coverage areas and distribution centers of the distribution function curves. The new distance measure can simultaneously consider the degree of difference between the overall and internal possible values of probabilistic hesitant fuzzy elements, and is suitable for handling situations with large amounts of probabilistic hesitant fuzzy information data. Moreover, based on the new distance measure, the TODIM decision-making method that considers the psychological behavior of decision-makers, is applied to multi-attribute decision-making problems with unknown attribute weights under probabilistic hesitant fuzzy environments. A case study on the evaluation of online conference software verifies the effectiveness of the proposed method.
    A Remote Sensing Image Target Detection Method Based on EfficientNet-YOLOv3
    LIANG Wei, LI Ying-ying, ZHANG Shuo
    2023, 25(3):  69-78.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.009
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    In order to solve the problem of high omission ratio of small target objects in remote sensing image object detection, this paper puts forward a small target detection method EfficientNet-YOLOv3 for remote sensing images requiring higher detection accuracy. The method, based on YOLOv3, uses EfficientNet-B0 network to replace the backbone network of the original YOLOv3 algorithm, which can extract image features more effectively, increase the size and number of prediction branches and optimized prior boxes, and improve the detection effect of remote sensing small targets. At the same time, DIoU is selected as the loss function to improve the efficiency of target detection box regression and reduce the omission ratio. Experimental results on DOTA remote sensing image dataset show that the mean average precision mAP of the proposed algorithm is 91.01%, which is 11.82% higher than that of the original YOLOv3. Therefore, it has higher detection accuracy
    Application of XGBoost Model Based on Bayesian Optimization in Telecom User Churn
    WANG Ya-ge, JIANG Jia-bao, WANG Hong-hai
    2023, 25(3):  79-85.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.010
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    In order to improve the profits of enterprises and reduce operating costs, it is necessary to predict the loss of users, and carry out precise marketing in advance to retain users. The XGBoost model is established to train the user churn data, and the importance ranking of input features is obtained. The Top-K feature is selected to obtain a new training set. On the one hand, the XGBoost model of Bayesian optimization is established based on the training set, and the optimal parameters are found by Bayesian optimization; On the other hand, 8 models are selected to construct and verify the model, and the model is evaluated in precision, accuracy, recall and F1 value respectively. Experimental results show that XGBoost model based on Bayesian optimization has better prediction results and higher efficiency than other models in telecom user churn prediction.
    Cloud ERP Modeling and Evolution Method Based on the E-CARGO Model
    JIN Ying, WU Qun-qun, ZHANG Yi-wen
    2023, 25(3):  86-95+112.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.011
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    The traditional requirement modeling method describes requirements through a formal modeling language, which is difficult to adapt to the dynamically evolving requirements in the Cloud ERP domain due to its lack of flexibility and supporting requirement solutions. Aiming at the above problems, a Cloud ERP modeling and evolution method based on the E-CARGO(Environment-Class, Agent, Role, Group, and Object)model was proposed, relying on the feature that E-CARGO can flexibly model the evolving requirements. Firstly, the requirements were deconstructed into needs and Cloud ERP services and described as a role-based collaboration problem, which was then modeled by the E-CARGO model; secondly, in order to conduct more domain-specific assessment of talent competencies in the Cloud ERP domain and to build high-quality Cloud ERP development teams, a fuzzy complementary judgment matrix was established using the Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process(FAHP)to measure talents' comprehensive ability value; finally, the group role assignment method using E-CARGO model combined with CPLEX optimization package was used to obtain the requirements maximization satisfaction scheme in all evolutions. The experimental results show that the proposed method is not only able to model the evolving requirements in Cloud ERP flexibly, but also can find the requirement satisfaction solution in a very short time, and then respond to the evolving requirements quickly and provide Cloud ERP services on demand.
    Harmonic Response Analysis of a Fuel Tank Vibration in a Passenger Car
    SUN Zhao, XU Bing, WANG Yu-qin, KONG Jun-chao
    2023, 25(3):  96-102.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.012
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    During the driving process of the fuel tank of a passenger car, the vibration caused by the road bumps causes the oil to shake in the fuel tank, and the oil shake is mainly in the periodic up-and-down form, which is easy to produce cracks on the fuel tank. In order to explore the influence of oil on the fuel tank under periodic load, the modal and harmonic response analysis of the fuel tank is carried out using finite element analysis software based on the vibration durability test. The inherent characteristics of the fuel tank are obtained through this analysis method, and the displacement frequency response and stress frequency response results are verified and calculated through harmonic response analysis. The risk area of the fuel tank structure under the actual load is found through displacement frequency response and stress frequency response to determine whether it meets the vibration durability requirements. This analysis method can quickly find the weak points of the fuel tank structure under periodic load, predict and prevent the safety problems caused by external load vibration of the fuel tank; it will provide theoretical basis for the forward design of the fuel tank, shorten the design cycle and reduce the production cost.
    Research on the Parameters Identification Method of Servo Valve Controlled Motor Device
    ZHOU Ming-jian, WANG Ke-sheng, QIN Peng, LIU Li-qing, LUO Fan
    2023, 25(3):  103-107.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.013
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    The relevant parameters of the servo valve controlled motor device are not constant during its operation, and the identification of the parameters of the servo valve controlled motor device is conducive to the performance optimization of its hydraulic control system. Therefore, the research on parameter identification methods for servo valve controlled motor devices is of great significance. Firstly, the mathematical model of the servo valve controlled motor device is derived; Then, based on the mathematical model, a parameter identification method is proposed; Finally, taking a certain type of servo valve controlled motor device as an example, the time-varying curve of the relevant parameters of the device is obtained through simulation based on MATLAB software, so as to obtain the exact mathematical model of its control system within a certain work cycle, providing a reference for the implementation of control performance optimization strategies.
    Effect of complexing agent on the Structure and Methane Combustion Activity of Catalyst LaSrFeCoO6
    ZHENG Jian-dong, CAO Yu, ZHU Qi-xian, DU Jia-jia
    2023, 25(3):  108-112.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.014
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    LaSrFeCoO6 was prepared by sol-gel method with different complexing agents (citric acid, tartaric acid, glucose, sucrose, EDTA). The title catalysts were characterized by XRD, BET, H2-TPR, TG-DSC and SEM techniques. The catalytic activity was evaluated for methane combustion. In the experiment different agents were used to prepare catalyst, which was calcined at 800 ℃ for three hours. The obtained catalyst has complete perovskite crystal. Different complexing agents have great influence on the structure and properties of the catalyst. When citric acid was used as the complexing agent, the LaSrFeCO6 catalyst had better catalytic activity; the conversion of 10% and 90% was obtained at 425 ℃ and 600 ℃, respectively.
    Research on the Market Supply of Youth Sports Services from the Perspective of Spatial Justice
    CHEN Rong-guang, ZHAO Sheng-guo
    2023, 25(3):  113-119.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.015
    Abstract ( 173 )   PDF (1613KB) ( 425 )   Save
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    Under the strategy of Building a Leading Sports Nation, the research on the market supply of youth sports services is of great significance to the development of youth sports. Taking spatial justice as the theoretical perspective, this paper uses literature review and logical analysis to explore the role positioning and function transformation of various stakeholders in the process of spatial reconstruction of youth sports services with marketization as the core, address the rationality of spatial rights allocation, and discuss the optimization path of market-oriented reform of youth sports services. The market supply of youth sports services faces problems such as the failure of the governance responsibility mechanism, the relatively weak position of the market, the misallocation of market resources, and the lack of demand-side governance. The optimization of market supply requires the coordinated participation of the government and social organizations, more opportunities for the occupation and distribution of spatial resources, and a complete institutional system to regulate the operation of space power. Enhancing the coordination mechanism of government and organizations, building a market supply support system, optimizing the market governance system, and cultivating a healthy domestic demand system are the main paths to improve China's youth sports service supply system and optimize the supply of youth sports service market.
    Research on Governance Status, Problem Review and Optimization Strategies for Rural Elderly Sports Public Service from the Perspective of WSR Methodology
    ZHANG Bin, MA Long
    2023, 25(3):  120-129+157.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.016
    Abstract ( 232 )   PDF (1656KB) ( 632 )   Save
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    In the new era, people's demand for a better life is increasing, and they have a deeper understanding of physical exercise and physical health. Their desire to improve their health has reached an unprecedented level. With the research methods of literature review, saturated experience, questionnaire survey and case analysis, the study surveyed 842 rural elderly people and 163 township cadres in Anhui Province, and the results show that: There are problems in the governance of sports public service for rural elderly people, such as equalization imbalance, lack of basic guarantee, and lack of people-oriented services. Based on this, this paper puts forward relevant suggestions: balancing the supply of rural elderly sports public service, consolidating the basic guarantee of rural elderly sports public service, and clarifying the people-orientation subject of rural elderly sports public service. To comprehensively improve the development concept of sports promoting health, implement the system of balancing the supply and demand of elderly sports public service, strengthen the support and implementation of elderly sports public service policies, improve the matching of various human resources, and build a higher-level rural elderly sports public service system, are the primary task to carry out the national fitness strategy and meet the health needs of all the people.
    Research on the Development of Jiuhua Mountain Sports and Leisure Town under the Healthy China Initiative
    XUN Si-hang, ZHU Er-gang
    2023, 25(3):  130-136.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.017
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    With the methods of literature review, logical analysis and field investigation, this paper studies Jiuhua Mountain sports and leisure town and probes into its successful experience and enlightenment. The results show that: Jiuhua Mountain sports and leisure town makes full use of the advantages of policy support, rich tourism resources and convenient transportation, and has contributed to: promoting industrial upgrading and broadening industrial space; helping industrial integration and stimulating the vitality of consumption; promoting the construction of tourism resources and raising the residents' happiness index. In view of the problems arising in the construction of sports and leisure town, the following suggestions are put forward based on the actual development of Jiuhua Mountain sports and leisure town: strengthen the local cultural connotation and meet the cultural needs of the people; protect the interests of residents and promote the return of population; improve the governance system and enhance the core competitiveness; strengthen personnel training and improve service level; cultivate local dominant brands and give full play to the advantages of "Internet Plus".
    Research on the Restricting Factors and Solutions for the High-quality Development of Wushu Industry under the "Double Cycle" Development Pattern
    LIU Wan-wan
    2023, 25(3):  137-144.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.018
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    In the new era, the high -quality development of China's wushu (a martial art) industry is of great significance. With the research methods of literature and logical analysis, this paper studies the high -quality development of wushu industry under the "double cycle" development pattern. The basic logic of the high-quality development of China's wushu industry mainly includes: industrial structure adjustment to promote the balanced development of China's wushu industry; science and technology to promote the innovative development of China's wushu industry; internal and external opening up to promote the global development of China's wushu industry. However, the unsolid foundation of development leads to the imbalance between supply and demand in the development of wushu industry; weak domestic consumption and lack of innovation lead to difficulties in the development of wushu industry; insufficient compound talents causes the development of wushu industry to lack intellectual support; changes in the international situation put obstacles in the way of the wushu industry trying to develop overseas. In order to realize the high-quality development of China's wushu industry in the new era, first, we should consolidate the foundation and promote the balanced development of China's wushu industry; second, we should adopt a multi-pronged approach to promote the innovative development of the domestic wushu market; third, we should work together to train compound talents who can meet the needs of the "double cycle" development pattern; fourth, we should coordinate to promote the overseas development of the wushu industry.
    Exploration of Blended Teaching for Programming Courses Based on OBE
    YAN Xiao-yan, CHEN Li-ping, LI Xiao-rong
    2023, 25(3):  145-152.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.019
    Abstract ( 165 )   PDF (2762KB) ( 481 )   Save
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    The education informatization has developed rapidly, and the construction and promotion of MOOC has made it a reality to share high-quality education resources. The proportion and advantages of online teaching are particularly prominent, but some problems have also been exposed in its implementation. In view of the problems existing in the teaching of programming courses, the blended teaching for this kind of courses is explored based on the OBE concept. A new blended teaching model based on the principle of reverse design is proposed, which is "Defining learning output—Realizing learning output—Assessing learning output—Using learning output". The main steps of course construction and teaching implementation includes: determining course objectives, determining teaching content, dividing knowledge modules, constructing course resources, designing teaching strategies, implementing blended teaching, and assessment feedback. Practice has proved that the new model based on reverse design can effectively improve the course teaching quality.
    Development and Application of a Sound-controlled Light-emitting Standing Wave Experimental Apparatus
    ZHAO Jiang-dong, ZHANG Bo, ZHAO Min-fu, YU Jiao
    2023, 25(3):  153-157.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.020
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    The sound standing wave experiment is a compulsory part of university physics experiments, but its traditional experimental apparatus is inadequate. The article provides an in -depth analysis of the mechanism and characteristics of sound standing wave generation. We have designed an acoustic-optical conversion circuit, which can effectively and precisely convert the sound standing wave signal into a diode luminescence signal and apply it in a standing wave tube, and we have successfully developed a sound-controlled light-emitting standing wave experimental apparatus. The apparatus not only realizes the organic combination of qualitative demonstration and quantitative measurement of the standing wave phenomenon, but also has the advantages of easy operation, visual clarity, stable operation, and high measurement accuracy. It can also provide important reference for the development of similar experimental teaching apparatus in universities.
    Analysis of Employment Prospects for Science Majors in Universities and Exploration of Feedback on Student Training
    HUO Ni-na, WU Wen-jing
    2023, 25(3):  158-164.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.03.021
    Abstract ( 287 )   PDF (1336KB) ( 437 )   Save
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    With the development of technology, the demand for science professionals is increasing. In the future workplace, workers with a science background will become an indispensable part of various industries. Science students can find employment opportunities in various industries and have a certain competitive advantage in the job market. Science majors typically require high academic performance and professional knowledge. This may be a challenge for students, who need to work hard meet the standards. The competition in the field of science is also fierce, as numerous students choose science majors, resulting in increased competition in the job market. Based on the above situation, through quantitative analysis and literature research, this paper analyzes the current employment prospects for graduates and explores the university student training mode. It discusses the shortcomings in current education, teaching, and employment guidance in universities, and proposes measures of optimizing the curriculum system and strengthening school-enterprise cooperation. The study hopes to promote the reform and innovation of student training mode and improve the level of education.