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25 March 2023, Volume 25 Issue 2
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  • A Civilized and Healthy Family is the Cornerstone of a Healthy China
    PANC Chu-yang, XU Jun
    2023, 25(2):  1-6.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.001
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    The Healthy China strategy is a vivid practice of Chinese modernization in the field of health. A healthy family is the social foundation of a healthy China. The fundamental goal of building a healthy family is to cultivate a civilized and healthy lifestyle, and to promote a civilized and healthy family as the starting point of a healthy China. The practice requirement of family civility enabling family health is to pay attention to the building of family tradition: to carry out healthy family education, and let the healthy China strategy and the patriotic health movement carry forward in all families; to promote healthy family traditions and make a civilized and healthy lifestyle a daily habit of families; relying on the strength of the family, we should promote the establishment of civilized families and healthy families at the same time, so that family civility and family health can develop in the same direction.
    Research on the Path of Young People's Historical Initiative in the New Era
    ZHOU Li-qiong, WANG Min
    2023, 25(2):  7-13+29.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.002
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    The historical initiative spirit is the character refined in various historical periods when the CPC led the people to work tirelessly to change the destiny of the nation and the country, is the spiritual key to continue the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and is the logical starting point that conforms to the core values of socialism for the new era youth. The historical initiative of young people in the new era is based on the theory of critically inheriting historical materialism, nurtured on the cultural keynote of China's excellent traditional culture, and born in the historical endurance struggle. The historical initiative spirit and the unique value of ideological and political education of young people in the new era are explored, which are mainly manifested in the cognitive aspect of deepening the quality of historical materialism, the belief aspect of casting historical confidence, and the practice aspect of enhancing historical initiative. In view of this, young people in the new era must strengthen their theoretical abilities and promote the unity of knowledge and practice, learn from models and establish lofty ideals, adhere to the original mission and enhance responsibility, and make good use of historical methods to promote integrity and innovation.
    A Study on the Narrative Approach to Publicity Translation of the Culture of the Chaohu Lake Area
    TANG Ling-ling
    2023, 25(2):  14-21.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.003
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    Based on the strategic development of "Three Places and One District" in Anhui Province, the paper analyzes the needs and current situation of international publicity translation of the culture of the Chaohu Lake Area, and explores its contemporary value with the theory of Mona Baker's post-classical narratology. With the help of "tag frame", "time-space frame", "selective adoption frame" and "relocation frame of participants", the paper explores the value interpretation and meaning expression of the elements of landscape culture, historical culture, food culture and folk culture around Chaohu Lake, and seeks the "international expression" path of local culture translation. One goal of this paper is to prove that "translation is of great use", and another goal is to provide localization ideas for enhancing the international communication power of Huizhou culture and realizing the "going in" of Chinese culture.
    Research on Community Resilience Construction from the Perspective of Resilient City: Taking W Community of Chaohu City as an Example
    ZHENG Lin-lin
    2023, 25(2):  22-29.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.004
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    After the 21st century, due to the huge social changes in China, there are various uncertainties. While enjoying the achievements of social development, we are also facing a large number of potential social risks. Resilient cities and community resilience can effectively cope with risks, improve the level of governance, and promote urban development. This paper takes the rainstorm and flood risk of W community in Chaohu City as an example to analyze the resilience construction of W community from three aspects of economic development, social capital and community capacity from the perspective of resilient city. The study found that the development of economy, social capital and community capacity plays an important role in improving the stability, recovery and adaptability in coping with disasters, and as a result of community resilience construction, it can build a "resilient city" from the four dimensions of environmental resilience, institutional resilience, community resilience and individual resilience, and improve the modernization level of urban safety governance.
    The Modernization Path of Anhui Ecological Governance Guided by Xi Jinping's Thought on Ecological Civilization
    JIAN Hong-jiang, DONG Jun
    2023, 25(2):  30-37+49.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.005
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    Xi Jinping's Thought on Ecological Civilization is the latest theoretical achievement of contemporary Marxism. It creatively develops the Marxist ecological theory, profoundly reflects the progress direction of the new form of human civilization, and strengthens the self-confidence of the Chinese-style modernization path. It is a powerful weapon to guide the construction of China's ecological civilization. Anhui unswervingly follows Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought for the modernization of ecological governance. The fundamental position of Anhui's ecological governance modernization is established with Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought, which nurtures the generation path of Anhui's ecological governance modernization, highlights the key steps of Anhui's ecological governance modernization, and facilitates the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity.
    A Study on the Influence of Civil Compensation on the Application of Probation for Negligent Offenders: Based on 360 Judgments for Four Types of Negligent Crimes
    LI Zhen-yu
    2023, 25(2):  38-49.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.006
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    By combing 360 judgments on negligent crimes, it is found that the number of cases with civil compensation without probation is much lower than that with other circumstances without probation in terms of mitigating circumstances such as voluntary confession, confession and pleading guilty. Through the data comparison and case analysis of civil compensation and victim (family member) understanding in the application of probation for negligent crimes, we can know that the two have different effects on the application of probation. In practice, the courts overemphasize the existence of civil compensation, so there exist problems of simplifying the identification of probation application for negligent crimes. The orientation of civil compensation affecting the application of probation should be a formal exterior of the penitent psychology of the defendant, rather than the substantive connotation. The court cannot judge whether the offender repents only by whether the offender has compensated, but should examine the offender's compensation ability and performance afterwards, and comprehensively determine whether the offender repents and whether probation can be applied.
    Study on Spatio-temporal Coupling Development Between Rural Vitalization and Rural Tourism in Anhui Province
    REN Yan-min, ZHANG Zi-qiong
    2023, 25(2):  50-57.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.007
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    The paper constructed coupling evaluation index system of rural vitalization and rural tourism. Based on the data from 2013 to 2020, the spatio-temporal coupling development characteristics of rural vitalization and rural tourism in Anhui Province were analyzed by means of the coupling coordination model. The results show that the comprehensive development level of rural revitalization and rural tourism is on the rise, and shows regional imbalance. Since 2016, rural revitalization has played a leading role in rural tourism. In terms of time, the coupling degree of the two systems has gone through three stages of near maladjustment, good coordination and high-quality coordination. At present, the coupling correlation is strong, and the coupling coordination degree has gone through five stages of moderate incongruity, approximate coordination, primary coordination, intermediate coordination and good coordination. The coordination degree needs to be further improved. In terms of space, affected by such factors as location conditions, socio-economic level and cultural heritage, the coupling degree and coupling coordination degree of the 16 cities in Anhui Province show a spatial distribution pattern in which the central and southern regions are higher than the northern region, with obvious spatial differentiation. In the future, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the factors including resources, industry and culture of each city to promote the coordinated development of the two systems.
    Spatial Aggregation Characteristics of Sports Intangible Cultural Heritages in Dabie Mountains
    AI Xian-bin, YAO Lei
    2023, 25(2):  58-66+89.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.008
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    Against the background of the comprehensive implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, the spatial aggregation characteristics of sports intangible cultural heritages in the Dabie Mountains are studied, aiming to inherit the good traditional culture of the Dabie Mountains, promote the revitalization of rural culture, and consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation. The spatial distribution, aggregation characteristics and influencing factors of 38 sports intangible cultural heritages in Dabie Mountains were analyzed by GIS spatial analysis method. The results show that: different levels of sports intangible cultural heritages in Dabie Mountains show uneven distribution in different counties; the types of sports intangible cultural heritages in Dabie Mountains are mainly folk entertainment items; the spatial distribution type is cohesive, forming a high-density core circle of sports intangible cultural heritages centered on Shenqiu County and a low-density circle with Shou County, Yuexi County and Lixin County as the center; the quantity, level, type and aggregation law of Dabie Mountains sports intangible cultural heritages are affected by the local geography, historical culture and socio-economic factors.
    Effects of Employees' Political Skills on Boundary Spanning Behavior: Perspective of Planning Behavior Theory
    LI Hui-yuan
    2023, 25(2):  67-77.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.009
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    Based on the perspective of planning behavior theory, starting from the trainable political skills, this study explores the impact mechanism of employees' political skills on promoting their active boundary spanning behavior through 234 research samples from 12 enterprises. The results show that employees' political skills have a significant positive impact on boundary spanning behavior; the boundary spanning efficacy plays a partial intermediary role between political skills and boundary spanning behavior; employee power distance negatively regulates the relationship between their political skills and boundary spanning efficacy, and negatively regulates the intermediary role of boundary spanning efficacy between political skills and boundary spanning behavior. The research results can enrich and expand the relevant research on political skills and boundary spanning behavior, and can provide insights on how to encourage more boundary spanning behavior in organizations.
    The Change from the Ming to the Qing Dynasty and Gu Zhenli's Changes in Ci-poetry Style
    ZHOU Wei
    2023, 25(2):  78-83.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.010
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    The drastic change from the Ming to the Qing dynasty profoundly affected Gu Zhenli's Ci-poetry creation, which were delicate words at the end of the Ming Dynasty, and gradually changed from expressing the severe pain of losing the country in the early Qing Dynasty to encouraging brothers and nephews to seek an official rank, reflecting the complex and subtle mental journey of female writers in the early Qing Dynasty. In addition, unlike other female writers who mostly follow the tradition of feminine Ci-poems, Gu Zhenli was more closely connected with the early Qing Ci-poetry circles. She was a member of the Liangxi Ci-poet group, and was influenced by the Huajian Caotang group; her refreshing style also echoed the "Jiaxuan Feng" group and Yangxian school, showing the uniqueness of Gu Zhenli忆s mentality and creation as a female Ci poetess.
    On the Creation Style of Stealing Peach by Wu Xiude, a Composer in Southern Anhui in Late Ming Dynasty
    TANG Zhong-yu, JIANG Xiao-ping
    2023, 25(2):  84-89.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.011
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    The legend of Stealing Peach, is the only work recorded in history by Wu Xiude, a composer from southern Anhui in the late Ming Dynasty. The drama presentation of Dongfang Shuo's story has the overall characteristics of both seriousness and melodrama, which reveals Wu Xiude's own literati mentality of respecting ancient history, questioning fame and advocating chivalry. When Wu Xiude is placed in the overall context of the opera artists in southern Anhui in the late Ming Dynasty, it can be found that there are many similarities in their creation styles, which is closely related to the social background of the late Ming Dynasty and the cultural environment in southern Anhui.
    Practice Research on Interactive Design Mode of Dynamic Posters
    WANG Dong-mei, WU Dao-yi
    2023, 25(2):  90-96+132.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.012
    Abstract ( 421 )   PDF (3940KB) ( 900 )   Save
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    Interactive design is an information expression of people, products and services, which is widely used in modern media design. It is particularly important to enhance the interactive innovative design of dynamic posters. This paper aims to study the interactive design mode of dynamic posters through interactive mode, design innovation and creative expression. On the basis of exploring the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of dynamic poster design, this paper analyzes and studies the interactive characteristics of dynamic posters from the perspective of new media, and creatively expresses by combining visual language expression, spatial logic architecture and interactive fusion design; it provides the dynamic poster design ideas for Chinese calligraphy rings, further summarizing the design approaches and interactive design methods of dynamic posters. The practice of this design mode will provide guidance and reference for future poster design, and the methods can promote the diversified development of dynamic poster design.
    A Study on the Group of Governor and Grand Secretaries in the Qianlong Period
    YUAN Jun-ying
    2023, 25(2):  97-105.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.013
    Abstract ( 244 )   PDF (1343KB) ( 1180 )   Save
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    Governor and grand secretary is known as a grand secretary who also serves as a local governor. As the reform and innovation of the system of grand secretaries by the Yongzheng and Qianlong Emperors, the governor and grand secretaries first appeared in the late years of Yongzheng period, and they were active in the middle and late Qing dynasty. By analyzing the information of 12 governor and grand secretaries in Qianlong period, including their employment background, official career and on-duty information, this group turned out to be a high-quality bureaucratic group with outstanding ability, great military achievement, and abundant experience. They were the division and extension of imperial power, and played an important role in stabilizing the inner court and the outer court.
    The Wanhsien Incident Under the "Gunboat Policy"
    LI Xin-yan
    2023, 25(2):  106-114.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.014
    Abstract ( 364 )   PDF (1224KB) ( 843 )   Save
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    The Wanhsien Incident was an event where the British gunboat bombed Wanhsien County on September 5, 1926. The people of Wanhsien suffered the tragic loss of life and property due to the atrocities of the British Army, but they did not receive any apology or compensation. The British, on the other hand, believed that the purpose of its action was legitimate, which was to save the innocent vessels detained, punish the tyrannical Chinese army and protect the interests of the British people. The mentality and behavior of the British Navy before, during and after the Wanhsien Incident were all the results of its "Gunboat Policy". However, the surging movement of boycott against Britain from all over China after the incident also made Britain pay the price for its "Gunboat Diplomacy" and prompted a shift in Britain's policy towards China.
    A Study on the Variant Characters from Cited Youyang Zazu in Taiping Guangji: Taking Youyang Zazu Nuogao Ji as an Example
    WANG Jing
    2023, 25(2):  115-125.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.015
    Abstract ( 287 )   PDF (1576KB) ( 797 )   Save
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    Taiping Guangji cited numerous stories from Youyang Zazu. By taking the cited Youyang Zazu Nuogao Ji as an example, the variant characters can be divided into three parts: variant characters, ancient and new characters, substitute characters, and regular and popular characters. For variant characters, Taiping Guangji often presented a complicated usage where two words are interchangeable and slightly different; for ancient and new characters, Taiping Guangji had both ancient and new characters, but the new characters were adopted more frequently; for substitute characters, Taiping Guangji tended to avoid such characters and pursued accuracy; for regular and popular characters, Taiping Guangji tended to use regular characters.
    The Geographical Distribution of Potato Terms and the Spread of Potatoes in Shaanxi Province
    WANG Xin-pu
    2023, 25(2):  126-132.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.016
    Abstract ( 239 )   PDF (1379KB) ( 613 )   Save
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    The introduction of potatoes in Shaanxi has regional independence, with different channels of introduction in northern, central, and southern Shaanxi, showing multiple sources and stages. The potato terms in northern Shaanxi have three categories: "Shanyao"(yam) type; "Yangyu" (foreign potato) type; "Manjing" (vine tuber) type. Among them, the "Shanyao" type in northern Shaanxi is related to the northwest land trade; the "Yangyu" type is related to its introduction in central Shaanxi; and the "Manjing" type is the result of self-innovation. The "Manjing" type in northern Shaanxi has no historical connection with the "Manjing" terms in southwestern and southeastern Shanxi, which is a coincidence result of parallel evolution. The "Yangyu" type in central Shaanxi is related to the spread of potato varieties along the southeastern coastal areas. The "Yangyu" type in southern Shaanxi has two sources: it spread upstream from the southeastern coast; or it came from the Sichuan and Hubei regions.
    The Co-existence of the English Versions of Wang Yue from the Perspective of the Prototype-model Translation Theory
    ZHAO Lian-bin
    2023, 25(2):  133-139.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.017
    Abstract ( 243 )   PDF (1347KB) ( 739 )   Save
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    The different English versions of Wang Yue can meet the reading needs of different reader groups. Based on three English versions of Wang Yue, drawing on the Prototype-model Translation Theory, this paper introduces the translation concepts of "fitness" and "faithfulness" and readers' satisfaction, and reaches the following conclusions by using the research method of translation comparison: Xu Yuanchong's version can meet the reading needs of professional readers; Sun Dayu's version can meet the reading needs of non-professional adult readers; The version by Stephen Owen can meet the reading needs of non-professional children readers. Therefore, the article holds that only by using appropriate translation strategies to faithfully translate the writing features of the source text, and only by "adapting" to the reading needs of different reader groups, can different versions coexist because they fit the reading needs of different readers.
    Utopian Vision in The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four and Five
    WU Zhi-mei
    2023, 25(2):  140-146.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.018
    Abstract ( 189 )   PDF (1324KB) ( 547 )   Save
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    Doris Lessing, the Nobel Prize laureate in literature, constructed two different worlds in her science novel The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four and Five: one is an old and wicked world full of darkness, and the other is a new world full of imagination and hope. From the perspectives of utopia and dystopia, this paper aims to explore the author's utopian vision of a good society carried by the dystopian narration of a wicked world, thus revealing Lessing's concern and hope for human civilization and future world.
    Research on the Effectiveness of Online and Offline Hybrid Flipped Teaching: From the Perspective of "Environmental Resources Law"
    JIANG Hai, GAO Rui-xia
    2023, 25(2):  147-152.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.019
    Abstract ( 270 )   PDF (1495KB) ( 568 )   Save
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    In the context of the deep integration of information technology and education, online and offline hybrid flipped teaching has become the norm. The key elements for the effectiveness of online and offline hybrid flipped teaching mainly include: multiple integrated curriculum resources, teaching resonance of students' online independent learning—offline discussion between teachers and students, teaching quality monitoring by the wholeprocess assessment and dynamic adjustment. In practice, online and offline hybrid flipped teaching has problems in its design, operation and monitoring, which affect its improvement of quality and efficiency. The teaching design, operation and quality monitoring of the "Environmental Resources Law" online and offline hybrid course are integrated, resonant, and modified, which can ensure the teaching quality of the course.
    Cultural Interpretation and Rational Examination of the Phenomenon of Star Worship among College Students: Based on the Questionnaire Survey of College Students
    LU Yue-pin, XU Liu-fan
    2023, 25(2):  153-164.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2023.02.020
    Abstract ( 263 )   PDF (2817KB) ( 852 )   Save
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    The phenomenon of college students' star worship presents a complex picture of multiple integration. The research shows that star worship presents the characteristics of high involvement, symbol consumption and rationality, and leads to the problems including deviation of value orientation in the media field, the "materialization" of stars bringing false demand and false experience, and "pan-idolization. This phenomenon is the result of the combined effects of the "migration" and "compensation" needs of fan groups, the connected supply of culture and consumption, and the integration of capital and media. On the one hand, star worship provides new thinking for fans' awareness, star role expectation supply, social interaction radiation range and identity construction; on the other hand, it brings more risks to the dissemination of mainstream values, the "soft binding" of the moral system, and the division and conflict of discourse. To strengthen the quality education of college students, purify the network media ecosystem, and give play to the role of stars as the "construction force", is a reliable way to enhance the positive functions of star worship and avoid its negative influence.