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25 September 2021, Volume 23 Issue 5
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  • On the Practice of the Party's Cadre Education in the Revolutionary Base Areas of Western Hunan and Hubei
    SU Yue-lin
    2021, 23(5):  1-8.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.001
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    The revolutionary base areas of Western Hunan and Hubei is one of the three Soviet areas led by the Communist Party of China in the period of the New Democratic Revolution. In the harsh revolutionary struggle environment, there were problems in the number, quality and production of cadres in the base areas, such as shortage of numbers, prominent ideological and political problems and dependence on the appointment system. It was urgent to carry out cadre education. Under the leadership of the Party, the revolutionary base actively carried out cadre education practice, such as improving the comprehensive quality of cadres with military academies, Party schools and training classes; innovating cadre inspection methods, promoting outstanding cadres from practical work; carrying out ideological and political education for the whole party. Through the above practice, the Party's cadre education in the revolutionary base areas of Western Hunan and Hubei achieved remarkable results: it enhanced the military skills and combat ability of cadres, forged a large number of local revolutionary talents, improved the ideological and political theory level of cadres, optimized the class status of the cadre team, and strengthened the discipline of cadres within the party.
    The Value Pursuit and Realization of "Four Histories" Education for College Students
    LI Hao
    2021, 23(5):  9-15.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.002
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    Historical memory is the basis of historical identity, and historical identity is the premise of passing on from generation to generation. "Four Histories" education helps college students correctly understand the centennial glory of the Communist Party of China in uniting and leading the Chinese people in revolution, construction and reform. The hundred year journey is complex. We should clearly and thoroughly explain the integrity and progressiveness of China's revolution, construction and reform, the creativity and uniqueness of the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the inevitability and struggle of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. At the same time, we should pay close attention to the characteristics of college students and ensure the effectiveness of education by creating mechanisms, innovating carriers, and providing high-quality content.
    The Party History Education for College Students in the New Era: Achievements, Problems and Countermeasures
    ZHENG Ling
    2021, 23(5):  16-21.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.003
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    Since the new era, the Party history education among college students has made obvious achievements by the comprehensive integration into ideological and political teaching, the second classroom and daily life. However, there are some practical difficulties, such as unclear discipline orientation and teaching staff without high qualifications; inadequate curriculum system and repetitive teaching content; lagging educational reform and low level of informatization; lack of rich connotation in practical education and students' inactive participation. In order to further improve the effectiveness of college students' Party history education, it is necessary to clarify the discipline orientation, improve the teachers' qualifications, reconstruct the curriculum system, optimize the teaching content, obtain the educational resources of Party history and integrate them into the curriculum ideological and political education, intensify the education reform, promote information-powered teaching, and make good use of the red bases by cultivating the practical connotation.
    The Change and Constancy of Jiao Mu: Accumulation of Legendary Texts and a Study on the Locality of Belief
    WU Yang, DOU Yu
    2021, 23(5):  22-31.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.004
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    The belief in Jiao Mu has a history of eighteen hundred years, and it has become an important local belief in Chaohu region. The text of Jiao Mu legend has dozens of versions from the "Annals of Three Kingdoms" to its interpretation in modern times. Behind the accumulation of texts is the tension between foreign beliefs and Jiao Mu belief, which constantly adapts to the change of times. And the constant of Jiao Mu belief is reflected in its characteristic of being limited to the local region. After thousands of years of spreading, the Jiao Mu belief has stayed in Chaohu region. This characteristic of being local is closely related to the Jiao Mu belief itself, the degree of official acknowledgement and the folk customs of Chaohu region. The locality of Jiao Mu belief dissemination is not in contradiction with the universal value of Jiao Mu. Making full use of Jiao Mu belief and its cultural connotation will be beneficial to the discourse power of Chaohu regional culture.
    Type Analysis and Inheritance Strategy of Military Cultural Heritage around Chaohu Lake in the Three Kingdoms Period
    CHEN Kai, CHEN En-hu
    2021, 23(5):  32-39+45.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.005
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    The Chaohu Lake area was the most important battlefield during the Three Kingdoms period, which left a large number of famous military relics, forming a series of belts rich in military cultural resources. The military cultural resources of the Three Kingdoms period in Chaohu Lake area have a complete and clear structure in geographical distribution, which can be summarized as "four cores, three belts and two districts". The types of the military cultural resources are abundant and comprehensive, which include ancient barracks, ancient battlefields, ancient engineering, ancient relics, ancient tombs, military traffic, military thoughts, historical stories, famous images and historical events. Studying the types of military cultural heritage in the Three Kingdoms period around Chaohu Lake can help promote the inheritance and protection of military cultural heritage.
    On Arendt's Individual Responsibility
    YUN Bing-bing
    2021, 23(5):  40-45.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.006
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    Arendt's theory of individual responsibility is an important topic in her ethical thought. Based on Arendt's distinction between the legal level and ethical level of individual responsibility, this paper analyzes the specific issues involved in the two levels, and focuses on the judgment criteria and dilemmas of individual responsibility at the ethical level, so as to analyze Arendt's inheritance and development of Kant's judgment thought. This work not only helps to understand the ethical concerns of Arendt's thought, but also helps to explore the issue of individual responsibility in modern society.
    Reflection on the Typical-atypical Model of Criminal Law Causality
    LIU Tao
    2021, 23(5):  46-53+70.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.007
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    Necessary-accidental causality theory, equivalent causality theory and objective imputation theory are all typical-atypical models. This model forms an internal fit with the common-sense view of criminal law, objectivism of criminal law, and the relationship between retribution and preventiveness, so it is still a research paradigm for the causality of criminal law. However, the typical-atypical model is not only unstable and inaccurate in judgment, but also cannot be applied to the field of accomplices. Abandoning the typical-atypical model is the only way to get out of the quagmire of the uncertainty of result attribution, and it is also the ideological basis for constructing a unified imputation model for single offenders and accomplices.
    The Judicial Dilemma of the Return of the Wedding Gift and Its Solution
    LIN Xing-yong
    2021, 23(5):  54-62.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.008
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    The "Judicial Interpretation of the Civil Code, Marriage and Family Edition (1)" implemented in 2021 stipulates three scenarios for the return of the wedding gift. However, the over-generalized provisions have unsatisfactory guiding value for judicial practice. In judicial practice, the phenomenon of different judgments for similar cases needs to be addressed. After applying the empirical analysis method to the 95 judgment documents issued by the Anhui Provincial Court in 2020, it is found that the subject of the return of the gift is unknown, the scope of the gift property is unknown, and there is not a standard system for the proportion of the gift return. These are an important reason for the phenomenon of different judgments for similar cases. In response to the actual problems that arise in practice, it is necessary to determine the subject of the gift return, clarify the scope of the property, and improve the standard system for the proportion of the gift return, and incorporate new regulations such as the no-fault principle into specific countermeasures, which can provide reference for the judicial practice.
    Research on Township Court's Participation in Judicial Governance against the Background of Rural Revitalization
    WANG Kai-ming
    2021, 23(5):  63-70.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.009
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    The township court is located in the rural society and has been assuming the important responsibility of maintaining the local rural social order. The implementation of the rural revitalization strategy involves a series of interest adjustments in the vast rural society, which will cause many contradictions and conflicts, and put forward numerous practical judicial needs for township court's participation in judicial governance. In the process of implementing the rural revitalization strategy, township courts should adapt to the needs of rural social development and participate in the resolution of diversified rural disputes, correctly handle the relationship between legal norms and local rules, improve the sue net of the rural society, make full use of multimedia technology, and strengthen its self-construction, so as to lay a solid judicial foundation for implementation of the rural revitalization strategy.
    Research on Online Comment in Box Office Forecasting: Empirical Analysis Based on Chinese Mainland Film Market
    ZHU Rui, MA Yong-mei, CHEN Ya-nan
    2021, 23(5):  71-79.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.010
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    With the rapid development of society, online comment has become an important reference for consumers to make purchase decisions in the film industry, and has an important influence on the box office. Based on the sentiment analysis method, the sentiment information in the film comment texts is extracted and quantified, and the box office prediction model is established to study the influence of the number of comments, the sentiment value of comments, and the early box office revenue on total box office revenue during the movie schedule. The empirical analysis of domestic films released in the Chinese mainland from 2016 to 2019 shows that the box office prediction model, established by independent variables including the box office revenue of the previous week, the number and sentiment value of online comments published on the previous day, can effectively predict the total box office revenue. The model can also be used to forecast sales of other products after improvement.
    Study on the Construction Path of Regional Famous Tea Brands in Anhui Province
    ZHENG Xiao-ling, PENG Zi-chun
    2021, 23(5):  80-85+117.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.011
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    With the increasingly fierce competition in the global tea market, the problems of regional famous tea brands in Anhui Province are becoming more and more prominent, such as weak awareness of brand construction, weak brand competitiveness of tea enterprises, and too much use of communal brands. Based on the problems existing in the construction of regional famous tea brands in Anhui Province, this paper puts forward the following four optimization paths: building the quality standard of regional tea brands based on the unique geographical quality advantages; building a regional tea brand with leading enterprises as the core, so as to create a brand cluster effect; improving the science and technology service system to promote the smart production in the tea industry chain; promoting the construction of regional brand ecology with the help of information sharing and the tea industry's integration with culture and tourism.
    Heterogeneity and Marginality: The Living Space and Identity Shape of the "Literati in the Tingzijian"
    HUANG Ying-hao
    2021, 23(5):  86-92.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.012
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    The "literati in the Tingzijian" (which means literati in the pavilion) was originally proposed by Mao Zedong, but the definition of its concept wandered between generalization and unidirectionalization. The space oppression of the "Tingzijian" mirrors the literati's perception of the "proximal order" and the "remote order". The former makes the literati appear heterogeneous in getting along with the bottom workers in shanty towns and the ordinary citizens of Shanghai, so it is also far from the "popular literature and art", while the latter reflects the marginal dilemma of the "literati in the Tingzijian" in the vertical form through the comparison of cultural capital, social capital and the center of the literary field. At the same time, the enclave characteristics of the "Tingzijian" have further shaped the habitation ecology of young literati, and strengthened the power of the Left League. The two generations of "literati in the Tingzijian" moved from the margin to the center along the ascending path of the literary production mechanism, but the differentiation among the "literati in the Tingzijian" also has more room for interpretation.
    On the Formation and Expression of the Concept of "Xiaopin" in Figure Painting in Qing Dynasty
    HUANG Qian-qian
    2021, 23(5):  93-98.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.013
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    Figure painting is very common in Qing Dynasty, and there are numerous written records about it. This paper analyzes the evolution from "Xiao" to "Xiaopin" based on the ancient books, and explains the concept of "Xiaopin" in Qing Dynasty. The study explores the emergence of the concept of "Xiaopin", how to use and express it in painting, and analyzes it from multiple levels in order to present the overall internal framework of the concept of "Xiaopin".
    On the Creation of Webern's Twelve-tone Serial Music
    XU Tao
    2021, 23(5):  99-109.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.014
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    Webern was one of the most representative composers of twelve-tone serial music, and was also the most loyal follower of this technique. In his twelve-tone serial music creation, he showed his own style characteristics. By using the general statement method in music history, this paper briefly summarizes the formation and development of twelve-tone serial music in the first half of the 20th century from a macro perspective, and at the same time, reviews Webern's twelve-tone serial music creation. Then, the paper analyzes many of his works from four aspects of pitch, rhythm, counterpoint and texture, summarizes the main technical features in his works, and explores the close relationship between Webern and the development of twelve-tone serial music. The research aims to promote the study of Webern and twelve-tone serial music.
    An Analysis of the Scholar System of the Imperial Academy in the Ming Dynasty
    HE Yu-jia
    2021, 23(5):  110-117.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.015
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    Scholars in the Imperial Academy of the Ming Dynasty developed from the "children's section" in the previous imperial examinations. Talented and intelligent young children were specially selected for talent reservation. They were recommended to Beijing by local officials or ministers of the central government. After passing the examination, they could study in the Imperial Academy to learn the classics and calligraphy. At the same time, they also needed to participate in the corresponding book office work in the Imperial Academy. Finally, they could be directly granted official positions or chose to become officials through the imperial examination. This system enabled these young children with special talents to develop rapidly, and also selected a group of specialized talents for the Ming Dynasty. However, to a certain extent, it also led to the abuse of officialdom.
    The Formation and Development of Cigarette Market in Anhui during the Period of the Republic of China
    SHANG Wei
    2021, 23(5):  118-124.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.016
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    During the period of the Republic of China, driven by the Shanghai cigarette market, Anhui began to plant tobacco to build a raw material market. Factories were built to form a cigarette manufacturing industry and strengthen regional trade in the Yangtze River Delta. Various market elements were continuously accumulated, gradually getting rid of the monopoly of foreign businessmen, and evolving from an initial small-scale single consumer market to a comprehensive commercial market for growing tobacco, production and marketing. The development of Anhui cigarette market promoted the development of Anhui local commodity economy, which reflected the progress of national capital development. However, it also had the historical limitations of lagging, dispersion, dependence, and fragility, which was the epitome of the times when China's industrial and commercial development faced both crisis and opportunity during the period of Republic of China.
    New Thinking on Retranslation of Chinese Classics in the Digital Age: Taking Wenxin Diaolong as an Example
    CHEN Li-li
    2021, 23(5):  125-131.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.017
    Abstract ( 373 )   PDF (1338KB) ( 495 )   Save
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    The development of the digital age has brought revolutionary changes to the traditional English translation of Chinese classics, and the Chinese classics represented by the Wenxin Diaolong are in urgent need of retranslation innovation. Based on the need for innovation in the digital age, we can balance the professionalism and popularization of the retranslation of Chinese classics and expand the number of general readers; Based on the needs of readers, we should promote the digital modernization process of the retranslation of Chinese classics with the help of nonverbal media and form a multi-level and multi-dimensional development situation; In response to the need to transform traditional translations into digital translations, we can make full use of online resources to promote the cooperation between Chinese and Western translators and the cooperation between senior translators and young translators, so as to build a team of professional translators. These new ideas are conducive to promoting cultural exchanges between Chinese and Western cultures, and can provide reference for transforming the English translation of Chinese classics and Chinese culture from "Going out" to "Going in".
    On the Translation of Chinese Family Custom and Motto Classics
    ZHENG Dong-fang, ZHANG Rui-e
    2021, 23(5):  132-137.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.018
    Abstract ( 241 )   PDF (1307KB) ( 687 )   Save
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    Chinese family custom and motto classics are the carriers of both traditional Chinese culture and ancient literature, and the overseas dissemination of such classics is also one of the important channels to enhance cultural soft power. In recent years, the translation of such classics has attracted much attention because of the hot discussion on the inheritance and development of Chinese excellent culture. Scholars focus on the theoretical guidance and textual analysis of these classics. Although they have achieved good results, there are few concrete guidance for translation practice. After analysis on the source text, translators, managers, and target-readers, the trinity mode of external support, publicity channels, and translator training is put forward to optimize the translation of Chinese family custom and motto classics. Especially classics translation talents training and diversified channels are put forward to improve the translation activity. The study aims to give suggestions for the overseas publicity of Chinese culture.
    Tao Xingzhi's Thoughts of Labor Education and Its Contemporary Implications
    ZHANG Zhen-zhen
    2021, 23(5):  138-144.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.019
    Abstract ( 2658 )   PDF (1390KB) ( 798 )   Save
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    In the early years of the Republic of China, problems such as ethnic crisis, rural bankruptcy, and separation of education and life were prominent. Tao Xingzhi, from the perspective of saving the nation through education, realized the value of labor education and constructed the connotation of labor education from the angle of "adding mental labor to physical labor", and put forward the essence, purpose, content and methods of labor education. He pays special attention to the practical dimension of labor education, actively promotes and popularizes labor education by school offering courses, building labor campus, holding sports meetings and writing poems, and quantifies the evaluation criteria for labor education. Tao Xingzhi's theoretical construction and practical exploration of labor education provide inspiration for higher education, middle and primary schools to fully understand the value of labor education, develop labor education according to local conditions and improve the practice system of labor education.
    Investigating the Status and Improvement of the Intercultural Competence of English Majors in Local Colleges
    LI Cheng-fei, KE Ying-gen
    2021, 23(5):  145-151.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.020
    Abstract ( 447 )   PDF (1377KB) ( 539 )   Save
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    Intercultural competence (IC) has become an essential competency for college students in the new era. Developing students' intercultural competence has become a topic of widespread concern in the foreign language community. This study employed the ICCAS scale to measure this student group's IC and found that their IC is weak. Through interviewing teachers and students, this study found that many factors (including students, teacher, and university) restrict the development of these students' IC. Local colleges should consider their actual situation, identify the direction and target their efforts. English majors of local colleges should actively explore new ways to cultivate international talents by putting forth efforts in several directions, including enhancing students' Chinese identity, cultivating their global vision, consolidating their basic English language skills, improving teachers' IC, improving intercultural teaching methods and enhancing intercultural education atmosphere on campus.
    Research on Practical Teaching Reform of Radio and Television Major under the Concept of OBE
    HU Xue-meng
    2021, 23(5):  152-156.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.021
    Abstract ( 360 )   PDF (1345KB) ( 556 )   Save
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    With the continuous change of new technology, the society has higher and higher requirements on the practical ability of students majoring in radio and television, which urges the school to make corresponding reforms in the process of major construction. This paper analyzes the current situation of practical teaching in the radio and television major, summarizes the problems in its development process, defines the orientation of the major under the guidance of the OBE concept, constructs the teaching mode and curriculum system, and puts forward teaching reform strategies based on the actual teaching situation of local colleges and universities.
    The Causes and Countermeasures of College Students' Difficulty in Career Decisionmaking from the Perspective of Cognitive Information Processing Theory
    WANG Gong-jing
    2021, 23(5):  157-164.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2021.05.022
    Abstract ( 410 )   PDF (1927KB) ( 1143 )   Save
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    The Cognitive Information Processing Theory emphasizes that career decision-making is viewed from the perspective of information processing, which means the key to improve the job-seeker's ability of career choice is the connotation from accurate "cognition" to career choice. By studying the basic state of college students' career decision-making, through factor analysis, the factors creating college students' career decision-making difficulties are condensed into three aspects: "inadequate preparation", "lack of information" and "emotional factors". Countermeasures are put forward from three aspects: the knowledge domain, the decision-making skill domain, and the execution processing domain.