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On Han Yu's Conception of Ghosts and Spirits: Starting from "Likes to Talk About Miscellaneous and Fictitious Things"

TANG Qiu-nan:School of Chinese Language and Literature, Shaanxi Normal University   

  1. School of Chinese Language and Literature, Shaanxi Normal University, Xi'an Shaanxi 710061
  • Received:2022-12-25 Online:2023-01-25 Published:2023-05-24

Abstract: Zhang Ji pointed out Han Yu "likes to talk about miscellaneous and fictitious things". The text analysis of Han Yu's collection shows that this statement is true. Han Yu's writings do show the feature of "miscellaneousness and fiction", which reflects Han Yu's belief in the concepts of ghosts and spirits. This belief is the result of the influence of the ancient concept of ghosts and spirits, Han Yu's own consciousness to combine Confucianism and Mohism, and his early experience. The belief was shown in his early prose works, and was strengthened by the custom of worshiping ghosts and spirits in southern Lingnan when he was demoted to Chaozhou in the 14th year of Yuanhe(819). His belief was more prominent in his god-worshipping articles and inscriptions for the god-worshipping activities in Chaozhou, which did not deviate from the Confucian tradition of "respecting ghosts and spirits at a distance", but became the auxiliary means to realize the political rule of Confucianism.

Key words: Han Yu, Zhang Ji, "likes to talk about miscellaneous and fictitious things", god-worshipping articles; conception of ghosts and spirits

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