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25 November 2022, Volume 24 Issue 6
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  • Research on Cultural Narrative Design of Sanhe Ancient Town from the Perspective of Regional Culture
    ZHUANG De-hong, LIN Fei-hong, WANG Fei
    2022, 24(6):  1-10.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.001
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    From the perspective of regional culture, based on the correlation among narrative design, cultural symbols, and users, this paper discusses the narrative design method of cultural and creative products in Sanhe ancient town. By mining the cultural types of Sanhe ancient town, perceiving cultural connotations, and extracting cultural symbols, this paper conducts research and design practice on cultural and creative products in this area, explores narrative design strategies of cultural and creative products with local characteristics, and summarizes the general methods of narrative design for cultural and creative products in Sanhe ancient town. It is aimed at improving the innovation, connotation and aesthetic features of cultural and creative products in Sanhe ancient town from multiple perspectives and aspects.
    Research on the Street Facade Reconstruction of Historical Blocks in the Context of "Urban Double Repair": Taking Yanhe Road in Yuncao Ancient Town as an Example
    LI Lin-sen, LI Hong-yan, LI Xi-kun
    2022, 24(6):  11-23.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.002
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    In recent years, the protection and development design of historical blocks have been paid more attention, but at the same time, there are also problems such as the disorder of street space, the damage of building facades, and the lack of cultural characteristics, and the research on the riverside facade environment is relatively rare. "Urban double repair" is not only an effective way to improve the urban environment, upgrade the quality of human settlements and solve urban diseases, but also a necessary means to link the traditional historical blocks with the development of modern cities. Taking Yanhe Road of Yuncao ancient town as the research object, guided by the concept of "urban double repair", aiming at the existing problems such as buildings, building components and landscape sketches in its street facade, the paper puts forward four transformation principles and corresponding transformation countermeasures, namely, the principle of integrity, the principle of historical continuity, the principle of appropriate transformation, and the principle of aesthetic appreciation. It is hoped that the street view along the river and the revival of the ancient town can be reproduced, and the inheritance of the Yuncao culture can be promoted, which will be beneficial to the research on the reconstruction of the riverside street facade in the historical ancient town.
    The Application of the Principle of Proportionality in Regulating the Disciplinary Power of Employers
    LI Ying, XU Tian-zhu
    2022, 24(6):  24-32.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.003
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    The employer formulates internal labor discipline norms to manage the work behavior of the employee according to its industry, development requirements, and production and operation model, etc. When the employee has an act of undermining the order of production and operation, the employer may exercise the disciplinary power in accordance with these rules and regulations to achieve the stability of the production and operation order of the employer and the maintenance of the company's interests. However, in practice, due to the lack of corresponding regulation of the disciplinary power, and the fact that the degree words in the corresponding legal provisions are not clearly defined, the employer's disciplinary power is easily abused, becoming a weapon to infringe on the interests of employee. The contradiction between employers and workers is deepening. As the"imperial principle" in the field of administrative law, the proportional principle, whose purpose is to regulate discretion and protect the interests of the counterparts, is of great significance for determining the standard of degree. Therefore, the principle of proportionality is introduced into the labor laws and regulations to regulate the disciplinary power of employers, so as to alleviate the contradictions between employers and employees. The paper studies its value, application possibilities, and specific mechanisms for regulating the disciplinary power of employers, in order to put forward suggestions for improving the disciplinary power of employers.
    Research on the Historical Origin and Inheritance Path of Anhui Red Culture from the Perspective of New Development Concept
    GAO Fei
    2022, 24(6):  33-38+97.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.004
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    In accurately grasping the new development stage, implementing the new development concept, accelerating the construction of a new development pattern, and promoting the key step of high-quality development during the 14th Five Year Plan, summing up the major achievements and historical experience of the CPC in its hundred years of effort, red culture is an important spiritual pillar and source of strength to inherit the party's red blood and carry forward the party's fine tradition. We should take the "new development concept" of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing as the important guiding ideology, summarize the achievements and problems in the inheritance and dissemination of red culture in Anhui Province, explore the historical origin of Anhui's rich red culture, and explore effective ways to inherit and spread Anhui's red culture, so as to activate Anhui red gene, tell Anhui red stories well, and adhere to the self-confidence of red culture.
    The VAT Rebate Policy and Enterprise Innovation: Based on the Test of the DID Model
    ZHAO Zhi-wei, DING Hua
    2022, 24(6):  39-50.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.005
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    The study takes the implementation of "Notice on Tax Policies Concerning the Refund of Value-Added Tax Credits for Certain Industries in 2018" as a quasi-natural experiment, selects Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share listed companies in 2015—2020 as the research samples, and uses the DID model to study the effect of the implementation of this policy on enterprise innovation. It is found that compared with the enterprises in the control group, the implementation of the "VAT rebate" policy significantly increased the innovation level of the enterprises in the experimental group. The policy has a significant promoting effect on the innovation level of enterprises in the growth or maturity period, but has no significant impact on enterprises in the recession period. Compared with enterprises in the growth period, this policy can better improve the innovation level of enterprises in the maturity period. In the case of market competition, it is found that the "VAT rebate" policy has a significant effect on promoting the innovation level of enterprises with low product market competition. The research confirms the promotion effect of the "VAT rebate" policy on enterprise innovation, and provides insights for the new round of value-added tax reform.
    Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance, Internal Control and Corporate Social Responsibility Performance
    SU Yun
    2022, 24(6):  51-63.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.006
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    In recent years, there have been frequent incidents that directors and senior executives have to bear huge compensation due to operation of their company. Therefore, purchasing directors' and officers' liability insurance has become the choice of more and more Chinese enterprises. By collecting the data of A-share listed companies from 2016 to 2020 in China, this paper empirically explores the impact of directors' and officers' liability insurance on corporate social responsibility and deeply analyzes its mechanism. The results show that directors' and officers' liability insurance is positively correlated with CSR performance, and internal control plays a partial intermediary role between directors' and officers' liability insurance and CSR. Further analysis shows that economic policy uncertainty negatively moderates the relationship between directors' and officers' liability insurance and CSR. Compared with non-state-owned enterprises, the relationship between directors' and officers' liability insurance and CSR is more significant in state-owned enterprises. The above conclusions provide some empirical evidence for improving our directors' and officers' liability insurance system and promoting the fulfillment of CSR.
    Analysis of the Impact of COVID-19 Epidemic on the Network Attention to Huangshan Tourism
    LI Xiao-xuan
    2022, 24(6):  64-72.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.007
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    Through the relevant data provided by the "Baidu Index", the paper analyzes the spatial-temporal characteristics of Huangshan Tourism's network attention in 2019 and 2020, the years chosen as the time frame before and after the outbreak of the epidemic. The results show that the peak of weekly attention arrived early, indicating that people are more cautious; the peak of tourism accommodation and travel search has been delayed, proving a significant impact of the epidemic on tourism. Monthly analysis shows that the attention has decreased significantly after the epidemic. People's spatial preferences for tourism in Huangshan have gradually shifted to the eastern region, and most of the areas with great changes in network attention to Huangshan tourism are the "hard-hit areas" and their surrounding areas. The results of this paper are helpful for the tourism industry to deal with public health incidents in a timely and reasonable manner, and are also of significance to the recovery and promotion of tourism after the epidemic.
    Personal Witness and Reflection in "the Grey Zone": On the Nonfiction Writing of Primo Levi
    ZHANG Li-yao
    2022, 24(6):  73-80.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.008
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    Primo Levi initially chose a "nonfiction" writing method to face Auschwitz, faced up to the shame of being in "the Grey Zone", and wrote against deliberate forgetting and historical revision. In the process of writing for decades, Levi gradually pondered what is "truth", and constructed a new narrative space by combining nonfiction and fiction to a certain extent, bypassed or shelved his paradox that "the bottom victims who have died are the real witnesses, and the survivors, as exceptions, are only false witnesses in a sense". In the new narrative space, Levi used ironic rhetorical techniques and constructed a personal concise and accurate narrative style to make his works rise to the height of "workness", so he completed testimony at a higher level.
    On Jan Assman's Cultural Memory Theory
    LI Ke-xin
    2022, 24(6):  81-88.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.009
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    In recent years, the research on the concept of cultural memory and its carrier has become a hot topic in academia. The concept of "cultural memory" was first proposed by the German cultural scholar Jan Assmann. He drew the memory discourse into the theoretical framework of cultural studies, and expressed the cultural and identity function of memory from the external dimension of human memory. On this basis, he systematically explained the construction theory of cultural memory. In order to clarify the concept of cultural memory by Jan Assmann, this paper intends to examine the theoretical connotation of cultural memory from the spatial and temporal dimensions. It not only shows the profound space-time contained in cultural memory, witnesses the "inexhaustible visual explosive power in space" and "unweakened continuous ability in time" of cultural memory, and explains the healing power of cultural memory in time and space shuttle. At the same time, with the spatial return and time reconstruction of cultural memory as the breakthrough point, the dynamic process of the spatial and temporal construction of cultural memory is sketched out, and the meaning code of memory is broken, so as to explore the essence and significance of the theory of cultural memory theory.
    Exploring the Identity Reconstruction of Japanese Intellectual Youth during the Second World War from The Quest for Life
    CHEN Ting-ting
    2022, 24(6):  89-97.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.010
    Abstract ( 149 )   PDF (1117KB) ( 507 )   Save
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    Shimaki Kensaku's The Quest for Life was written during the heated period of Japanese militarism, and is a masterpiece of "Tenko Literature". The theme of the novel is the exploration of how to reconstruct identity after one's renunciation of Marxism. It is a very special Bildungsroman in a reactionary era. The novel is about a young intellectual's journey to reconstruct his identity through social practice and personal cultivation in a political system where free will has been harshly destroyed. Shimaki's tenko writings are different from other tenko literature. Through providing an insight into the internal causes of political conversion, as well as a detailed and realistic portrayal of rural life, it subverts the discursive order of "Political Conversion = Defection", unites reason and emotion in a seemingly apolitical way.
    Arts Patronage and Huizhou Painting in the Late Ming Dynasty: Taking Ding Yunpeng as an Example
    FAN Ben-qin
    2022, 24(6):  98-105.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.011
    Abstract ( 159 )   PDF (2781KB) ( 788 )   Save
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    In the late Ming Dynasty, the prosperity of Huizhou painting was closely related to arts patronage. Ding Yunpeng was a representative painter in Huizhou in the late Ming Dynasty. Through a study on his painting career, we can find that although the way of patronage reception was still obscure, arts patronage existed widely and there were various ways to get patronage. Based on their own city and facing the entire Jiangnan region, Huizhou painters successfully integrated into the cultural circle of distinguished personages in Jiangnan with the help of Huizhou elite groups in other areas. Patronage from the local city and Jiangnan had very important influence on Huizhou painting. Therefore, the paintings of Ding Yunpeng that we see today not only reflect the influence of Huizhou characteristic engraving (painting) industry and ink production industry, but also reflect the trend of thought and fashion of the times in the late Ming Dynasty, and actively respond to the aesthetic needs of elites of all classes in Jiangnan cultural circle.
    On Female Violence in Modern Huaibei Rural Society
    CHEN Rui
    2022, 24(6):  106-112+164.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.012
    Abstract ( 172 )   PDF (1336KB) ( 606 )   Save
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    Although women's pain is rooted in the power patterns of patriarchal societies, female violence to other females is often concealed under male domination. Women who perpetrate violence to other females become strong defenders of patriarchal society, and to some extent, they also uphold and help reproduce patriarchy. Due to the decay of the social ecology, the alienation of the village administration, the change of the economic structure of the farming family, the high degree of feudalism, and the blockage of new ideas, the modern Huaibei countryside provided a context for the occurrence of violence against women. Whether it is the "intimate other" within the family, such as mother and daughter, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, or sisters-in-law, or the "strange other" without any blood relationship, they may become the "violent other". The real liberation of women should not only focus on how to get women liberated from the male-dominated society, but also on how to get women out of the predicament of mutual violence, so as to further promote the liberation of women.
    Analysis on the Purchase and Supply of Horse Feed for the Kuomintang Army (1948—1949): An Investigation Centering on the Tianjin Area
    DENG Chang-shan
    2022, 24(6):  113-122.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.013
    Abstract ( 153 )   PDF (1357KB) ( 420 )   Save
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    In the later period of the People's Liberation War in China, the purchase of horse feed by the Kuomintang Fu Zuoyi's department in Tianjin went through several stages: investigating the production and sales situation, establishing a committee for purchasing horse feed, paying the price difference and supplying horse feed. Due to the huge demand of the military, the prevalence of "commandism", the huge gap between the official procurement price and the market price, and the short procurement period, the Tianjin Municipal Government was in a state of exhaustion, and meanwhile unable to cope with the procurement of horse feed. During the period of purchasing horse feed, Fu Zuoyi and the Tianjin Municipal Government did not effectively mobilize the people to obtain support from all sectors of society. Instead, they had many unpopular behaviors, such as forced recruitment, forced purchases, apportionment, and fundraising, which accelerated the process of the Kuomintang's loss of support and the collapse of the regime's morality. An in-depth analysis of the procurement process of horse feed can provide a vivid case for people to know the true state of the Kuomintang army's logistics and its abuses; the analysis can also shed some light on the game between the Kuomintang military and the local government in the context of the Kuomintang-Communist civil war.
    The Response of Modern Intellectuals to the "Superstition": Centering on Local Chronicles and Records
    SONG Lu-lu
    2022, 24(6):  123-130.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.014
    Abstract ( 135 )   PDF (1342KB) ( 411 )   Save
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    The end of Qing dynasty and the beginning of Republic of China is an important period of the conflict between new and old thoughts. In this context, the word Mixin ("Superstition") was introduced from Japan, and then set off a wave of discussion in the literary world. The new intellectuals, with their keen observation, were the first to respond to "superstition". As a result of the rapid rise of new ideas, the voice of traditional Confucian intellectuals was dying out. However, by combing the historical materials about "superstition" in the local chronicles of the Republic of China, it is found that the spreading of "superstition" was not achieved overnight, but showed diversified development paths with the early, middle and late stages. The revelation of this complex construction process needs to fully combine with the old and new intellectuals' viewpoints in order for us to clearly understand the alternative state of "superstition" in the traditional context. Starting from the reference object of "superstition", the fusion and conflict between new and old intellectuals, and the causes of the conflict between "superstition" and "anti-superstition", the paper aims to explore the real response of modern intellectuals to the spread of "superstition" from the traditional perspective.
    A Re-study on Translator's Role Shifting and Lin's Mistranslation: Exemplified by Bing Xue Yin Yuan
    WANG Lin, YU Rong-qi
    2022, 24(6):  131-136.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.015
    Abstract ( 205 )   PDF (1946KB) ( 440 )   Save
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    Mistranslation in Lin's translation is universal and controversial. In addition to translation, Lin Shu was able to write and paint, which helped construct his multiple roles as a scholar of classical Chinese, writer, painter and so on. From the perspective of translator's role shifting, this paper reinterprets Lin Shu's multiple roles and the generation mechanism of his mistranslation from such aspects as narrative techniques, ethical values, and visual aesthetics in Bing Xue Yin Yuan. It is stated that Lin Shu's multiple roles interweave and complement each other, contributing to his various mistranslations. The study of translator's role shifting is helpful to account for Lin Shu's multiple adjustments and transformation of the target text, and to explore his nature as social being and the socialization of his translation more comprehensively and objectively.
    Layered Interpretation of International Publicity Translation from the Perspective of Lotman's Cultural Semiotics
    TANG Ling-ling
    2022, 24(6):  137-142.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.016
    Abstract ( 259 )   PDF (1313KB) ( 502 )   Save
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    As the mouthpiece of "telling Chinese stories" and "spreading Chinese voice", international publicity translation is an important bridge of connecting countries with cultural exchanges. Its cultural vitality comes from the translation between different symbols and codes. However, the current research rarely delves into the cultural connotation and significance of publicity translation from the perspective of semiotics. By analyzing the affinity logic between Lotman's cultural semiotics and international publicity translation, the implications of cultural symbols in international publicity translation are deeply described with the theories of "text", "dialogue" and "semiosphere" in Lotman's Cultural Semiotics. The paper makes a layered interpretation of international publicity translation from the four aspects of "meta-language" cognition, "text" implication, "dialogue" interpretation and "chemical" extension, in order to verify the methodological guiding role of Lotman's cultural semiotics in international publicity translation and support the view that Lotman's cultural semiotics is universal in the studies of international publicity translation, so as to further expand the research field of international publicity translation, to enrich the connotation of translation research, and to provide theoretical guidance for the national strategy of "going global" of Chinese culture.
    A Study on Interrelations between Chinese EFL Undergraduates' Willingness to Communicate in English, Foreign Language Anxiety and Teacher Immediacy
    CHENG Yan
    2022, 24(6):  143-150.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.017
    Abstract ( 223 )   PDF (1407KB) ( 528 )   Save
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    Previous literature has demonstrated that the willingness to communicate(WTC) of second language(L2) learners is affected by a variety of factors, among which individual difference factors such as foreign language anxiety and classroom contextual factors such as teacher behavior have been the hot topic. This study aims to develop a hypothetical model to explore the correlations between L2 learners' WTC, foreign language anxiety and teacher immediacy. Questionnaire data was collected from 497 non-English-major college students in Anhui Province and processed in a hypothetical model through measurement and confirmation via AMOS 17.0. It was found that when the foreign language anxiety decreases or the immediate teacher behavior increases, learners' WTC, correspondingly, increases. However, teacher immediacy had no direct effect on foreign language anxiety, which means the immediate teacher behavior failed to alleviate learners' anxiety. This finding, to some degree, bridges the research gap by providing statistical testimony on the factors influencing WTC and sheds pedagogical insights for college English teaching.
    Exploration on the Applied Teaching Reform of History Major Courses Under the Background of New Liberal Arts
    SHEN Zhi-fu, BI Xian-ke
    2022, 24(6):  151-157.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.018
    Abstract ( 236 )   PDF (1268KB) ( 452 )   Save
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    History is a traditional basic discipline with strong humanistic attributes, and the applied teaching of its curriculum has a large space for expansion. Under the new liberal arts concept, it is necessary to fully tap the internal curriculum resources of the major, mobilize external teaching methods, and integrate interdisciplinary methods to deepen the applied teaching reform. The applied teaching design of the curriculum should be reflected in many aspects: the design of teaching concept should show cultural confidence; the design of teaching methods should draw on others' advantages; the design of teaching content should highlight the social needs; and the design of teaching objectives should foster family and motherland feelings. In particular, attention should be paid to the excavation of ideological and political elements of teaching content, the integration of multiple disciplines and the multilevel application of teaching forms.
    On the Idea, Meaning and Value of the Nobility Spirit of a Good Teacher with "Four Characteristics"
    LIANG Xiu-de
    2022, 24(6):  158-164.  doi:10.12152/j.issn.1672-2868.2022.06.019
    Abstract ( 299 )   PDF (1458KB) ( 405 )   Save
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    Good teachers with the "four characteristics" are the hopes of developing our education, building China into a country with advanced education, a modern socialist state with Chinese characteristics, and realizing the Chinese nation's great rejuvenation. The "four characteristics" are good teachers' basic accomplishments. The nobility spirit that a good teacher should possess is the concentration of the "four characteristics". The nobility spirit is the first and primary standard and accomplishment, and is the core of teachers' morality. The questions a good teacher with nobility spirit should clarify are:"What is the nobility spirit? What kinds of nobility spirits should a good teacher possess? And how does a good teacher possess these kinds of nobility spirits?" So, it is necessary to explore the idea, meaning and value of a good teacher's nobility spirit.