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Zhang Zhizhong's Kuomintang-Communist Cooperation Thought and Practice(1924-1949)

College of History and Culture, Hunan Normal University, Changsha Hunan 410081   

  1. College of History and Culture, Hunan Normal University
  • Received:2019-06-22 Online:2019-09-25 Published:2019-11-29
  • Contact: SUN Yang
  • About author:SUN Yang

Abstract: Zhang Zhizhong was an outstanding statesman during the modern history of China. The most important one of his many ideas was the thought of Kuomintang -Communist cooperation. His thought of Kuomintang -Communist cooperation centered on opposing civil war, separatism between Kuomintang and Communist Party,patriotism and love for the people. Its formation was not accidental, but the outcome of interaction of many subjective and objective factors. He always practiced this idea. He made great efforts to promote the cooperation during the period of democratic revolution. His idea had certain progressiveness, but it also had some limitations.Through reviewing the existing research results in the field, it is found that there is still much room for research on Zhang Zhizhong's Kuomintang-Communist Cooperation Thought and its practice. In order to fill in the gaps, this paper uses the method of literature collation to examine his Kuomintang-Communist Cooperation Thought and practice in detail. This is not only conducive to an objective evaluation of his historical status, but also has great practical significance. 

Key words: Zhang Zhizhong, Kuomintang-Communist Cooperation Thought, practice

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