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Construction of the Provisional Capital and Urban Imagination Based on the "Isolated Islet": The Young Companion and the Chongqing Bombing

1.LIANG Si-xuan:School of Arts and Humanities, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute;2.LIU Zhu-yan:School of Chinese Language and Literature, Lanzhou University   

  1. 1. School of Arts and Humanities, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing 401331; 2. School of Chinese Language and Literature, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou Gansu 730000
  • Received:2021-09-14 Online:2022-03-25 Published:2022-06-26

Abstract: The Young Companion was engaged in the mental construction of the provisional capital and envisioned the urban Chongqing from the perspective of a third party. The Chongqing bombing was not the focus of the report, or rather the report was a strategic narrative based on the setting of the agenda. Due to the coexistence of the big bombing and the Chongqing landscape, "two Chongqings" appeared to be separated from each other. However, to the readers of Shanghai as an "Isolated Islet", the two were not contradictory. The scenic Chongqing and the bombed Chongqing were behind the "visor effect" mentioned by Jacques Derrida, and they both conveyed similar implications, i.e., the big bombing would not affect Chongqing's status as the provisional capital nor could it have any impact on the overall situation of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. What the readers, represented by the "Isolated Islet" people, had to do was to follow the values conveyed behind the "visor effect", i.e., absolute confidence in the victory of the war of resistance, and more importantly, they must approve of the deployment of the Chongqing National Government for material and spiritual resources to ensure winning the war of resistance. This orientation was not only the commonality of some anti-Japanese newspapers and periodicals, but also the result of the special perspective of The Young Companion as one of the "Isolated Islet" anti-Japanese newspapers and periodicals.

Key words: The Young Companion, Chongqing Bombing, provisional capital, urban imagination, "Isolated Islet" Shanghai

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