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Exploration and Practice of Constructing Specialty Courses for IoT Engineering Specialty in Engineering Education

HUANG Gui-lin,ZHANG Zheng-jin,JIANG Jia-bao,et al:School of Information Engineering, Chaohu University   

  1. School of Information Engineering, Chaohu University, Chaohu Anhui 238024
  • Received:2022-03-28 Online:2022-05-25 Published:2022-09-08

Abstract: The teaching content of specialty courses is the carrier of talent training objectives, and the theoretical teaching and practical teaching of specialty courses should have the teaching design suitable for the specialty. Therefore, the canvas of teaching knowledge points, principle simulation and incremental development are put forward to realize the establishment of teaching content, theoretical teaching design and practical teaching design for specialty courses. Firstly, canvas is used as a tool to establish the teaching content for specialty courses and their prerequisite courses; the teaching content fully reflects the objectives of talent training; specialty courses have all the knowledge foundation acquired by prerequisite courses, which fundamentally guarantees the teaching achievement and realizes the goal orientation of engineering education. Secondly, the grouping task in theoretical teaching simulates the working principle of the IoT (Internet of Things)subsystem corresponding to each specialized course. The simulation process promotes the internalization of knowledge, and the simulation effect presents teaching problems in a comprehensive way, which makes the continuous improvement of engineering education more targeted. Finally, the practical teaching decomposes verification-type projects, and gradually develops the IoT subsystem corresponding to each specialty course from the core to the outer layer, which reduces the difficulty caused by non-technical factors, guides students to deeply participate in the practice project, and highlights the student-centered engineering education. Guided by the concept of engineering education, strengthening the construction of specialty courses can help improve the quality of talent training.

Key words: engineering education, IoT(Internet of Things)engineering, specialty courses, teaching design

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