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Analysis and Forecast on the Coordinated Development of Human Settlement Environment and High Quality Economy in Hefei under the New Development Concept

School of Tourism Management, Chaohu University   

  1. School of Tourism Management, Chaohu University
  • Received:2019-08-14 Online:2019-11-25 Published:2019-11-25
  • Contact: School of Tourism Management, Chaohu University, Chaohu Anhui 238000
  • About author:School of Tourism Management, Chaohu University, Chaohu Anhui 238000

Abstract: Based on constructing the evaluation index system for the coordinated development of human settlement environment and high quality economy, entropy weight method, coupling coordination degree model and dynamic coordination degree model were used to evaluate the development level of human settlement environment and high quality economy and analyze the characteristics of coordinated evolution of the two systems in Hefei. The obstacle degree model was used to analyze the obstacle factors of its coordinated development. Finally the grey GM(1,1)model was used to predict the future dynamic coordination degree of the two systems. The results show that: (1)The human settlement environment and the high-quality economic development level show the same time sequence characteristics in Hefei from 2012 to 2017; the development process can be divided into the lagging stage of human settlement environment and the lagging stage of high-quality economic development.(2)The degree of  coordination  increased year by year; its value increased from 0.2732 in 2012 to 0.6525 in 2017; the growth rate of coordination
degree showed a trend of slowing down; the coordination state has experienced the transformation from the primary disorder to the primary coordination; the degree of dynamic coordination has been increasing steadily.(3)Sulfur dioxide content in the air, per capita housing construction area, per capita daily life water consumption, balance of financial institutions loans, per unit GDP electricity consumption, total import and export development speed are the main obstacles to the coordinated development of human settlement environment and high quality economy in Hefei.(4)In the next few years, dynamic coordination degree will show a trend of continuous improvement.

Key words: new development concept, Hefei, human settlement environment, high quality economic development;coordinated development

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