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Type Analysis and Inheritance Strategy of Military Cultural Heritage around Chaohu Lake in the Three Kingdoms Period

1.CHEN Kai:School of Business Administration, Chaohu University,2.CHEN En-hu:Library, Chaohu University   

  1. 1. School of Business Administration, Chaohu University, Chaohu Anhui 238024; 2. Library, Chaohu University, Chaohu Anhui 238024
  • Received:2021-07-02 Online:2021-09-25 Published:2021-12-09

Abstract: The Chaohu Lake area was the most important battlefield during the Three Kingdoms period, which left a large number of famous military relics, forming a series of belts rich in military cultural resources. The military cultural resources of the Three Kingdoms period in Chaohu Lake area have a complete and clear structure in geographical distribution, which can be summarized as "four cores, three belts and two districts". The types of the military cultural resources are abundant and comprehensive, which include ancient barracks, ancient battlefields, ancient engineering, ancient relics, ancient tombs, military traffic, military thoughts, historical stories, famous images and historical events. Studying the types of military cultural heritage in the Three Kingdoms period around Chaohu Lake can help promote the inheritance and protection of military cultural heritage.

Key words: Chaohu Lake area, the Three Kingdoms period, military culture heritage, geographical distribution, resource type

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